LEM, SEEIM - issue 4, 2012


Dawn of a new

intelligence for

current measurement


Conventional current transducers are

over. The age of intelligent, interactive

transducers begins with the dawn of

th e p r o g r ammab l e HO. S e t i t s

operational characteristics using a

simple microcontroller interface to

meet your applications’ needs. Its

outstanding performance gives you

bet ter control and improves the

ef ficiency of your system whilst

mi n i m i s i n g i nve n to r y wi t h o n e

configurable device.

The future starts now!

• Three programmable ranges:

8 ARMS, 15 ARMS, 25 ARMS

• Single +5V or +3.3V power supply

• Through-hole and SMT packages

• Up to 8 mm creepage and

clearance distances + CTI 600

for high insulation

• Half the offset and gain drifts

of previous generation

• Overcurrent detection with

programmable thresholds

• Programmable slow (6 μs) or

fast (2 μs) mode

• Up to 4 programmable internal

reference voltages

• Access to voltage reference

• -40 to +115°C operation

At the heart of power electronics.