Launch of Fronius String Control 250/25 DCD DF

EnergyNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2010

At the end of September 2010 Fronius was launching the new String Control 250/25 DCD DF (DC disconnect double fuse) on the French and English markets. The product has been adapted to conform to local legislation and satisfies the stringent requirements existing in those countries.
The technical specification of the Fronius String Control 250/25 DCD DF matches that of the existing Fronius String Control 250/25, but offers additional safety features.
All-pole fuse protection is provided on the DC side. This means that line fuses are installed in both the DC+ and DC- paths to detect and protect against every conceivable error. Another innovation is the integrated external DC disconnector, which allows the PV generator to be safely isolated from the inverter. A safe and de-energized working environment is the main advantage for service and maintenance engineers.
An optional external Type 1 (direct lightning protection) or Type 2 (indirect lightning protection) overvoltage protection component, designed for snap-on rail mounting, can be fitted as an additional safety feature.
The Fronius String Control 250/50 DCD DF monitors strings continuously, and also provides all-pole fuse protection for up to 25 strings. It is ideally suited for use alongside Fronius central inverters. The rugged aluminium housing is now protected to IP 55. Modules with positive or negative earthing can now be connected and monitored.