KSM Engineering, SEEIM - issue 3, 2017


Our main activity is special machine-building - design, manufacture and installation of machines and production lines, according to customers‘ needs

KMS Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1997 as a private family-owned company by Mr. Zapryan Mitev, who was one of the managers in KAM Plovdiv, a factory with 4000 people personnel, specialized in machine design for the entire East block, before 1989. This is where the technical expertise of Mr. Mitev as a designer comes from. The main activity of KMS is design and manufacture of special machines, according to customer‘s needs:

·Assembly machines and turnkey production lines

·Processing and packing machines

·Manipulators and handling units

·Automatic screwdriving technology

·Design and manufacture of special grippers for robots

·Custom servo rotary index tables

Additionally, another range of products are the part feeding systems:

·vibratory bowl feeders and linear feeders

·centrifugal and rotary feeders

·step feeders

·drum feeders

·conveyor belts & elevators

·air-cushion conveyors

·other feeding solutions according to the needs of specific projects

Today the company remains family-owned and is managed by Mr. Valko Mitev. It is well established on the Bulgarian market and is constantly working on special projects and developing new solutions in the area of machine design and part feeding systems. In addition to Bulgarian market, we work actively on projects with customers from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Russia.

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