JGL opened its new eco-friendly facility Pharma Valley

Automation & RoboticsNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2015

JGL has finished the construction of its Pharma Valley complex, which marks the end of the first stage of the Croatian pharmaceutical company’s biggest investment yet. The new eco-friendly facility ranks JGL among the leading manufacturers of sterile pharmaceutical forms in the European Union.

Pharma Valley is built on the basis of advanced technological and environmental solutions, and with the maximum possible energy savings in future exploitation in mind. The investment worth EUR 48 million will enable annual energy savings of 3,641 MW/h and significantly lower CO2 emission in the amount of 855 tonnes per year.

The eco-friendly factory uses a ventilation system that controls the use of fresh outdoor air depending on the temperature, and a power plant with a highly efficient cooling tower (1 kW of electricity provides 9 kW of cooling energy).

Another innovation implemented in Pharma Valley is the fully automated, robotized storage facility that does not require the presence of people, as everything is controlled by the storage facility software. The transition from serial to continuous production is also in line with the company’s strategy for flexibility and increased overall efficiency.

”This project increased JGL’s production capacities by 45 million product units, so they now amount to a total of 104 million product units. This will ensure JGL’s growth for the next ten years at least”, explained Pharma Valley’s project manager and JGL executive director for pharmaceutical and technical operations Mate Poropat.