Japanese Tool Maker Moving Regional Office to Ljubljana

MachinesNewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2011

The Japanese power tools maker Makita is moving its head office for Eastern Europe from Vienna to Ljubljana. The company decided to move because it wanted to be closer to its clients and its goal markets, Makita regional CEO Minoru Tanaka told the press at the 44th Trade Fair MOS in Celje.
“While Vienna is reasonably close, Slovenia is a far more ideal location for accessing the Eastern European market, which is very important for us. We see an especially great potential in the eastern and southeastern parts of Europe”, Tanaka said. He moreover said that Makita has received quite a few job applications for the 30 posts the business daily Finance reported recently the company would open in the beginning. Tanaka added that his company has not yet researched the
Slovenian economic market, but “the past experience shows it is a good environment”.
Makita, which has been present on the Slovenian market since 1991, was established in 1915 and has since expanded to more than 150 countries to employ some 12,000 people around the