IWE Istanbul Water Expo 2016 will present smart water solutions

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The first and only B2B event in Turkey focusing entirely on the water and wastewater industry - IWE Istanbul Water Expo - will take place on September 1-3 this year. The Istanbul Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Exhibition and Conference will bring together a comprehensive range of the latest technologies and developments in sustainable utilization of water resources, water management, water and wastewater treatment and reuse of water on the same platform.

One of the main global issues the event is concerned with is the need to use domestic and industrial water more efficiently due to the rapid reduction in renewable water resources. The increasing population, global warming, groundwater depletion, urbanization, industrialization, requirement for new infrastructure and inadequate resource management also urges the need for sustainable water systems all around the globe.

However, since treatment of wastewater for re-use requires better infrastructure and engaging new technologies, these aspects will also be inspected at Istanbul Water Expo 2016. The forum is open for exhibitors and visitors interested in chemical water treatment, physical treatment, disinfection and deodorization, sewage pre-treatment, biological treatment, clarification systems, desalinations systems, sludge treatment and other water treatment.

The event organizers from ITE Turkey list the country’s well developed IT and satellite systems, the availability of qualified and experienced human resources, the well-informed of environmental issues municipalities, as well as the laws and legislations that comply with EU standards as some of the main competitive advantages of the country. Exhibitors will also benefit from Turkey’s accelerated economic growth and increase of national financial resources, potential for self-financing for utilities projects, strong nationwide communication and publicity channels, and many other factors.

In 2014, Turkey was ranked the 24th most attractive foreign direct investment destination and is projected to be the 9th largest economy in the world by 2050. Turkey is also one of the largest markets of the world for water and wastewater solutions according to EU reports. An estimated EUR 33,9 billion will be invested until 2023 for new and rehabilitation projects.

Turkey’s current water amount per capita is around 1,500-1,750 m3 which is expected to drop to a critical level of 1,042 m3 in 2030 when the population is to reach 87 million.

According to country reports, 58% of Turkey’s environmental expenditures goes to water sector investments. The number of water treatment facilities in Turkey is 258 and there are treatment facilities in 124 of 215 Organized Industrial Zones (OIZs). However, an increase in private sector investments is expected as result of the laws and regulations for new and rehabilitation wastewater treatment plants in OIZs.

"It is possible to meet the 10% industrial and agricultural water requirements by collecting and reuse of rainwater. Plenty of projects to obtain water from sea are also in their preparation phase," point out the organizers from ITE Turkey. "Rehabilitation of the existing treatment plants in industrial areas is required as 20% of the water used contains biological, chemical and physical pollution which exceeds the critical limit. The country’s goal is to increase the current 35% utilization rate of water reused in manufacturing industry to over 50% in 10 years time."