Ivo Tonchev, General Manager, Electron Commerce (Bulgaria): We established contacts with German, French and Greek companies

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2006

The company: The main activity of Electron Commerce is the import and export of electronic components and assemblies. We are partners of large distributing companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and manufacturers from China and India.

At Electronica 2006: We have been participating at the Electronica Fair in Munich five times. We are satisfied with the contacts we established; however we need some time to assess the results.

Company’s results: We established contacts with companies from Germany, France and Greece, who were interested in the surface mounted transformers and inductances we exhibited and conventional components for printed circuit boards.

Most interesting products: Top interesting for the visitors were transformers and inductances complying the VDE и CE European requirements.