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Primary parameters of the laser cutting G 6060:

•Cutting area size 600 x 600 mm

•Metal sheet size 850 x 620 mm

•Metal sheet thickness 0.08 - 0.6 mm

•Positioning accuracy 2.0 microns

•Software for optimization and control of the cutting process

Stencil with precise laser cutting


High Quality Innovative SMT Solutions from IVAS Tech Ltd.

The geographical expansion of electronic module manufacturers from Western and Central Europe towards Eastern Europe is a fact nowadays. Because of joining the European Union and because of its history and traditions in manufacturing electronic modules Bulgaria has become a key territory for Western investors and firms. To win their place in the electronics market Bulgarian manufacturers and suppliers, they must have the equipment meeting the technical requirements of the leading firms, and quality corresponding to the European standards. In Bulgaria there are several distributors of SMT equipment and only one manufacturer - IVAS Tech Ltd.

IVAS Tech Ltd. is created in the year 2000. For the short time in the Bulgarian and world market the firm earns its place as a reliable manufacturer of automated systems for electronics production. Because of dynamic innovations, guaranteed reliability and high quality our products are highly appreciated both on the Bulgarian and international markets. Our clients are firms from Germany, England, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, China, Argentina and Taiwan. The main groups of costumers that we work with are the small and middle size manufacturers selling their own products, and companies saturating PCBs for their clients.

IVAS Tech offers four main products: PLM200, HBSM, BTO and SPM100

PLM2000 Series Pick & Place Machines

PLM2000 is the first machine designed to answer the needs of mid-volume productions CEM and OEM. A machine to face their manufacturing requirements for reliable placement, fast changeover, flexibility and minimal maintenance. In PLM200 is used maintenance free linear motors for X and Y movement, delivering outstanding performance. They distinctly boost placement reliability and the machines life and cut the maintenance and support expenses.

Great placement accuracy thanks to integrated into our new light-weight placement head precision digital CMOS camera for component and Fiducial mark recognition. The high speed on-the-fly vision processing system enables quick and precise placement of 0201 up to 20x20mm components

Hot-bar Soldering Machines for Luxeon Emitters

HBSM - (Hot bar soldering machine) is a highly efficient and cost effective system for automated consecutively assembly and soldering of Luxeon type diodes. Luxeon is an energy efficient and ultra compact light source. They combine the lifetime and reliability advantages of light emitting diodes with the brightness of conventional lighting. Due to their relatively low recommended storage temperature the standard reflow soldering process for array assembly cannot be applied to them. For this reason the Luxeon’s manufacturers recommend a hot-bar soldering method. This is a process that transfers the heat only to the pins of the LED and avoids overheating the emitter and lens of the device.

HBSM is a highly efficient and cost effective system for automated consecutively assembly and soldering of Luxeon type diodes. Our class of production equipment reflects the industrial developments and quality requirements of high-end equipment manufacturers at a fraction of the capital investment. We use maintenance free Linear motors for X and Y axes movement, proven to be the best in the industry. Implemented into the pick and place head are the glue and flux dispensers, anon-the-fly digital CMOS camera and hot bar tips. In the HBSM soldering temperature, speed of movement and pressure of the soldering tips are adjustable with fine precision. The tips generate a high energy density heat in a short timeframe, preventing opens and shorts. A specifically designed nozzle ensures damage free pick - up of the Luxeon LEDs and holds the component firmly in precisely during the placement and soldering process. Two Archimedean screw dispensers attached to the head deliver precisely controlled amounts of adhesive and flux. In spite of its small footprint, the HBSM will provide you with a big performance / price ratio for Luxeon LED automated placement and soldering; allowing you to implement an accurate repeatable cost effective process.

Full convection reflow oven BTO 62

The BTO has been developed for reflow soldering of hybrid boards, SMT board and curing glue or thick film pastes. The machine is suited for small and medium series of assembly work.

•Low or mid production requirement in the range of 300-600pcs/8hours (A 300x300 PCB is taken as reference).

•Lead-free requirement.

•It is possible to bake some no-PCB products if the requirements for a uniform temperature are fulfilled.

The reflow oven uses a micro-processor control over the temperature, which enables the storage of 16 groups of temperature parameters and adds 2 additional ports for temperature testing.

SPM100 Series Manual Stencil-Printers

The SPM100, manual stencil-printer from IVAS Tech, is designed for middle and small volume production sites. Capable of precise printing of fine-pitch components down to 0,4 mm/16 mill pitch. The Linear bushing guidance ensures vertical separation of the template from the PCB without blurring. The adjustable print pressure of the double squeegee as well as the possibility of the adjustment of the squeegee angle ensures precise printing. Reliable, easy for use and maintain. SPM’s low cost, flexibility (under 5 minutes fast changeover) makes our stencil-printer suitable for small series of PCB’s, designer teams or handling of more than one Pick and Place machines.

IVAS Tech is currently working on several projects including faster pick and place machine and an automatic stencil printer. Our ambition is to become a manufacturer of full line of equipment for automated assembly of PCBs.

In today’s dynamic market the need for innovation, reliability and quality is growing even more. IVAS Tech supplies a wide scale of solutions and service, which will increase the quality and flexibility of your working process. Our goal as firm is to resolve your manufacturing problems and to supply you with the right technological solutions for the progress of your business.

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