IT Industrial Technologies

Electronics Technical ArticlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2015


Hybrid Integrated Circuits

The company was established in 2005 and is working as a contract electronic manufacturer and EMS supplier. In 2007 the company was approved by Siemens for service of Siplace SMD machines for Bulgaria and near countries. In 2009 it became an authorized dealer and service of Kirsten Soldering AG Switzerland for their products, covering Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia.

IT Industrial Technologies offers production of ready projects up to ready device including:
Assembly of boards and soldering of SMT components with solder paste or glue, single or double sided; DIP and POP assembly; automatic optical inspection AOI; wave soldering of SMT and TH components; manual placing and soldering of components that are not designed for automated placing; mechanical and final assembly; treatment of cables and cable forms; testing; packing; PCB design; consultations and optimizations.

The company operates the following equipment: 3 SMD lines; DIP and POP equipment; reflow ovens; screen printers; wave soldering machines; automatic optical inspections; ultrasonic welding machines; laser marking machine. Recently IT Industrial Technologies bought a new factory building in Sofia for when it will move its production in the beginning of 2016.