Interview with Mr. Dimitar Rachev, CEO of Futurel

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We are trying to increase the significance of the electronics and electronic industry in Bulgaria

Interview with Mr. Dimitar Rachev, CEO of Futurel

Dear Mr. Rachev, for 20 years now Futurel is one of the leading distributors of electronic components in Bulgaria. How do you assess the presence of the company at the Bulgarian market?
The operations of the company started by necessity, and to certain extend by chance and during the early stages of the company existence there were some critical moments, which eventually we did overcome, stabilized the company and managed to establish ourselves as one of the leading suppliers at the electronic components market in Bulgaria.

For some years we use a comfortable office located in ATM Center and keep a storage facility with more than 5,000 items on stock. We work with our colleagues for about 10 years and I believe we do posses the qualities and characteristics that can describe us as one "good family". We continuously expand out range of our suppliers and customers. All the above guarantees consistency in our development and stability of the company. I believe that for the last 20 years Futurel earned a deserved recognition as a serious, responsible and professional company with excellent knowledge and know-how in the field of components base, we gladly share with our customers enhancing their experience.

Who are your most important and successful partners? Do you consider expanding your portfolio offering products of other manufacturers?
Our most important partners are well established and dynamically developing manufacturers of electronic components and devices. I will mention some of them: Silabs (ARM and 8051 microcontrollers, ICs for wired and wireless communication, isolators etc.), Supertex (drivers for LED and ultrasound control, HV power supplies etc.), Mornsun (the largest Chinese manufacturer of AC-DC/DC-DC power supplies), EA Elektro-Automatik (high quality laboratory power supplies), Electronic Assembly (intelligent LED displays), Distrelec (the most dynamic catalogue distributor of components and devices) and KEIL (R&D systems). One of our principles is to constantly expand the range of our partners in the field of electronic components, as well as in the field of devices, R&D systems, measuring and laboratory equipment.

Who are your key customers in Bulgaria? Which are the most interesting projects, developed by your customers in partnership with Futurel?
Currently, the number of our customers exceeds 1,000. We are working most closely with manufacturers of electronic systems in Bulgaria, as well as with companies, that manufacture custom PCBs (OEM).

We consider our customers as our partners and we are doing our best to help their development, so their production and sales to be effective and competitive. Recently we observe more intensive cooperation with the branches of established international companies, like ABB, Woodward etc. The long term projects which we are developing in cooperation with Bulgarian customers are in the field of energy and communication targeting towards Bulgarian and international markets.

What kind of electronic components are with highest demand in our market? How did the market change for the last 20 years and what innovations do you expect for the future?
In order to be able to answer to this question, I am going to split the evolution of electronic components market in Bulgaria in three stages. During the first years after the democratic change, the market was demanding components that were required to be delivered at any cost, because the existing import channels were destroyed. The next stage can be characterized with demand of components at lowest cost, which lead to "meet" with products with inferior quality and reliability, undefined origin, fake products etc. The stage the market is currently in is characterized with demand of quality components, offered at reasonable prices and delivery terms. Following these market trends, Futurel offers to its customers’ only components with high quality at the most competitive prices.

What are the current challenges in front of Futurel in Bulgaria and what are the plans of the company for the years to come?
The most basic challenge is, together with our customers to withstand to the foreign competition, to preserve and increase the significance of electronics and electronic industry in Bulgaria. Only then we can ensure the future of our company. We have chosen this sector to be part of our life. Our plans include constant expansion of our partners, manufacturers and customers.

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