Interview with Filip Shkembov manager of the Bulgarian company IKIS-SL

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The future is in replacement of old laser cutting machines with new ones equipped with fiber optic source

Dear Mr. Shkembov, please present the new business activity of IKIS-SL to our readers.
In order of production diversification of our range as well as using our full production capacities and the potential of our engineering team IKIS starts in 2011 development, design and manufacture of a new generation metalworking machines. Our laser cutting machine with fiber optic source is designed using last generation fiber optic source produced by JK Lasers. Our partner is a global leader in design and manufacture of industrial lasers. JK fiber laser used in our cutting machine offers wide variety of solutions for productivity increase of different industrial manufacturing and precision applications. These lasers combine single-mode beam quality, high efficiency, high cut quality and patented processing technologies.

What was the reason to start metalworking machines production?
The client is interested in buying high technology and quality metalworking machines. The access to new technologies increase the production effectiveness, decrease production costs and have a positive effect on the work organization. The great advantage for the new production division is my personal experience in using leading processing technologies in metalworking machines. All of the machines in our production areas were renewed during the last 5 years with high effective CNC machines, which increased the productivity and work organization. Using of this kind of machines in a production line increases the efficiency of a whole production process, which is a precondition for achievement of high productiveness.

What are the market perspectives for your machines and where do you plan to realize them?
The main goal of every company is to reduce the production costs by investments in high technology and effective equipment. The future is in replacement of old machine equipment with new high tech one in order to achieve higher productiveness in particular - replacement of laser cutting machines using old technologies with new ones with fiber optic equipment. Our future plans for realization of laser cutting machines are connected with development of laser cutting machine with 2kW laser source which will meet the high productiveness requirements on Bulgarian market as well as EU market.

Your machine won a gold medal at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria last year. What are the most innovative features of Gladius 400?
The Gold metals at Technical Fair in Plovdiv are prize for products, which cover EU quality standards and are a novelty in their field. The international technical fair is not only the fair, but it is a place where innovative ideas are presented. Our machine wins a prize in sector Machinery construction against the leader in metalworking machines manufacturing Ingmar BG - TRUMPF TruMatic 3000 Fiber. The Gladius400 advantages are possibility for cutting of different kind metal sheet material, system for purification of gases, possibility for different shuttle bed size according client demands, high safety class for working with radiation covering EU standards, ergonomic, compact construction, low energy consumption, etc.

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