Interview with Encho Pondev, CEO of TAURUS-93 Ltd.

Electronics InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2012

The most important characteristics of our company policy are responsiveness to customers’ needs, production flexibility and high quality products

Interview with  Encho Pondev, CEO of TAURUS-93 Ltd.

Dear Mr. Pondev, could you please briefly present the product portfolio of the company?
The products of the company are used in wide range of applications - medical equipment, machines with CPU, programmers, controllers as well as machines for entertainment industry. TAURUS-93 Ltd. uses screen printing for the production of labels, stickers and signs for different appliances. Another service offered by the company is the development of high quality web sites and components required for them.

What products in the field of medical electronics are manufactured by TAURUS-93 Ltd.?
TAURUS-93 Ltd. is company based in Plovdiv, established in 1993. Our main field of operation is design and manufacturing of control boards and keyboards made of polycarbonate or polyester foil, that are implemented as components in the control units of electronic devices and machines in various sectors of machines construction. The control of medical equipment utilizes keyboards and control boards manufactured according to modern technologies that are available in the company.

Could you please describe in details the specifics of the control boards and keyboards offered by the company?
TAURUS-93 offers control boards for LED indication made of polycarbonate foil as well as control boards for LCD indication made of polyester foil. The thickness of the foil can be 0,175 mm or 0,250 mm. For the colors selection, we use a sample or a color selected form a RAL catalogue.

Control board design should be presented in CorelDraw (.cdr) format and all fonts should be converted to curves. The design can also be created by our company specialists according to instructions provided by the customer.

The company specializes in the production of touch sensor keyboards with polycarbonate or polyester foil according to the indication used. The keyboards we offer are with contact plates, ’popcorn’ type, placed on a hard base (PCB). In order to prepare the PCB either an electrical diagram is provided or a ready CAD file. The thickness of the base may vary from 0.5 to 2.0 mm. We also manufacture keyboards with micro-switches instead of contact plates.

What technological equipment does the company have and where is the manufacturing unit located?
TAURUS-93 has all technology machines required for the production of control boards and keyboards. The company has screen printing machines, printing machine - grafopress, UV varnishes and PANGOLINE inks drier; squeegee blades sharpening machine and all other small tools and equipment required for the production and installation of touch sensor keyboards and control boards.

The production technology is based on screen printing over special foil types (we use mainly polycarbonate and polyester foil), plastic materials and PVC. The components used include PCB, adhesive and double-adhesive foils, contact plates, connectors, ribbon cables, LED and LCD indication.

Fundamental point in the Taurus-93 product policy is the usage of high-quality materials for all products offered by the company. In such a way we guarantee minimum problems with product servicing and our customers’ satisfaction.

The team of the company have long years of experience in the production of keyboards and control boards and all tasks are implemented precisely, in high quality and reliability. The manufacturing unit of the company is located in Plovdiv, in the yard of ex-Balkan plant.

At which markets do you realize your production?
TAURUS-93 supplies a lot of Bulgarian companies manufacturing medical equipment, like Kentamed, MDM, Altantis, Alned Medical etc., which companies export some of their products in Europe and overseas. We also realize direct export for Serbia, Greece and some other countries.

What is the characteristic of TAURUS-93 that makes the company stand out from the competition?
The real strength of TAURUS-93 is in its own niche - manufacturing of small to medium series, which are not profitable for the big manufacturers. The responsiveness to our customers’ needs, production flexibility and high quality products are the most important characteristics of our company policy.