International Autumn Fair, Plovdiv 2005:Real expectations, world standard equipment and better business manners

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2005

From September 26th to October 1st this year in Plovdiv took place the biggest and most significant fair in Bulgaria – International Technical Fair, Autumn 2005. The 61st edition of the exhibition gathered representatives of the Bulgarian business, who offer industrial wares and services by local and foreign producers. Among the exhibitors were also a lot of companies, who do not yet have representatives on the Bulgarian market. A characteristic of this year’s edition was the huge number of participants comparing it to the previous years. The exhibition area reached 94668 sq.m. Halls of the fairground have been renovated and modernized constantly in the last ten years. The wide variety of exhibition groups makes it difficult to build reliable visitors’ profile. Exhibitors’ satisfaction of the visitors is specific, as it depends on their expectations and the field of activity.

The International Technical Fair exhibit the latest developments of world leaders in machine engineering, automobiles, transport, information technologies, software, electronics, electrical engineering, construction, chemistry, power engineering, ecology, etc. The latest edition includes the International exhibitions - AQUATECH (Water Management and Technologies); AUTOTECH (Transport and Auto Service Equipment); CHEMICAL INDUSTRY; ELTECH (Electronics and Electrical Engineering); ENECO (Power Engineering and Ecology); INFOTECH (Information Technologies); MACHINE BUILDING; STROYTECH - THE CITY (Construction and Architecture) and MOTOR SHOW _ PLOVDIV.

  • AQUATECH was a new exhibition of the International Technical Fair. With the advancement of civilization, specialists are aware that more and more efforts are needed to supply the necessary quantities of fresh water and to ensure the purity of water. Aims of the exhibition, according to organizers, were - attracting the public attention to the problems of water supply and usage; demonstrating new effective technologies for water production, transport and storage; presenting new facilities, equipment and apparatus; attracting foreign investments in the sector and attracting the attention of the financial institutions. Thematic range of the exhibition includes technologies and equipment for water treatment and purification; installations, infrastructure technologies and equipment; water supply and sewage equipment, tools and accessories; laboratory and analysis equipment and services.
  • CHEMICAL INDUSTRTY is traditional exhibition of the International Technical Fair. The first edition of the exhibition was launched in 2004 based on the existing Specialized Salon of Chemical Industry and in compliance with the modern trends and developments in the exhibition industry. Main Exhibition categories were inorganic chemical products, agricultural chemicals, organic synthesis products and semi-products, cleaning agents and detergents Plastics and plastic products, Laboratory appliances and equipment, etc.
  • International Exhibition of Electronics and Electrical Engineering - ELTECH. The first edition of the International Exhibition was held in 2004, demonstrating the progressive development of the companies in that sector. Main exhibition categories were electrical materials, electronic components, electronic, electric and magnetic measuring devices, monitoring and automation, electrical devices and lighting equipment, etc.
  • International Exhibition of Power Engineering and Ecology - ENECO. The number of exhibitors doubled as compared to 2003. Main exhibition categories of the ENECO include power engineering, ecology, refrigerating, ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Heating Equipment.
  • International Exhibition of Machine Building - MACHINE BUILDING. Traditionally, the great numbers of participants in this most prestigious Bulgarian forum of investment goods and technologies are the companies of the machine building sector. Main exhibition categories were machine building, machines, mechanical handling machines, metallurgy, pumps, tools and equipment, industrial oils and lubricants, engineering, technologies and know-how in machine building industry.