Inter Expo Center and Messe Frankfurt: We aim to increase sales volume of exhibit space and attendance on behalf of Bulgarian participants

Automation & RoboticsInterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2016

Mr. Ivaylo Ivanov, Managing Director of Inter Expo Center, and Mr. Michael Johannes, Vice President Mobility and Logistics, Messe Frankfurt, for South-East European Industrial Market magazine

Mr. Ivanov, recently Inter Expo Center (IEC) has been selected to be the official representative of Messe Frankfurt for Bulgaria. How do you think your experience would contribute to the success of your collaboration?
Ivaylo Ivanov: We’ve been involved in the business of organizing international exhibitions for quite long, and we do understand the whole process of organization. Every year we hold 25 exhibitions and 300 events on our territory. This experience is of help to properly advise Bulgarian companies how and in which exhibitions to take part in order to identify new markets. We can provide advice or elaborate details such as booths, design, advertising materials that are the heart of a successful participation of the companies during the exhibition.

What are the main competitive advantages that led to the selection of Inter Expo Center as a partner of Messe Frankfurt?
I. I .: For Messe Frankfurt was very crucial to identify a stable and reliable ally for long-term cooperation. We have sufficient resources and knowledge as we cover a wide range of strategic sectors of the economy, we know the companies and we maintain good relations with branch associations and government agencies. All this enables us to develop the potential of the companies that participate in Messe Frankfurt exhibitions.
Inter Expo Center is also the first and so far the only exhibition center in Sofia, annually hosting over 25 international exhibitions and more than 300 events.

What are the objectives you have set as the official representative of Messe Frankfurt in Bulgaria?
I.I .: Our first objective is to engage efforts in increasing the sales volume of exhibit space and attendance on behalf of Bulgarian companies, which in its turn will help us rank the Bulgarian participant higher at Messe Frankfurt, as currently we occupy the 39th position.
We will focus our efforts towards informing the businesses about all Messe Frankfurt exhibitions that are held not only in Frankfurt. The company organizes around 100 trade fairs, 63 of which take place outside Germany at more than 37 locations worldwide.

How are you going to organize your local activity in view of the new partnership?
I. I.: Our teams of experts will provide consultation for Bulgarian companies willing to participate in the fairs, and will also visit a large number of them in order to assist the companies and support our Messe Frankfurt colleagues.

What were the criteria that determined choosing Inter Expo Center as an official representative of Messe Frankfurt in Bulgaria?
Michael Johannes: With Inter Expo Center Ltd. (IEC), we have had an ideal sales partner in Bulgaria since April 2016, one which has more than 50 years of experience organising trade fairs, congresses and conferences. The Inter Expo Center team has excellent contacts with associations and multipliers that we will continue to develop. IEC also operates one of the most state-of-the-art exhibition and congress centres in Bulgaria.

Are you planning on any joint initiatives with Inter Expo Center outside Frankfurt?
M. J.: The sales partner is responsible for Messe Frankfurt’s Bulgarian customers at the company’s events around the globe.

What are your expectations of this new partnership? In which of your projects do you expect to see positive changes soon?
M. J.: With our global event brands and local event concepts, we are opening up new markets for our customers. Bulgarian companies are also using our trade fairs around the world more and more for their international business activities. In order to build further on this, it is important to have a strong sales expert that is firmly established in the Bulgarian market.

With professionalism, commitment and ideal networking connections, the Inter Expo Center team will make an important contribution to the Messe Frankfurt Group’s successful events around the globe.