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Europe’s largest Conference and Networking event in the field of nano and biotechnology, advanced materials and high-tech manufacturing will take place from 9 to 11 April in Athens
Industrial Technologies 2014 focuses on smart growth through research and innovation. It aims to bring Europe towards 2020 -a glimpse to the future is taken by discovering the new opportunities in the Horizon 2020 programme.

The IndustryTech Exhibition is the biggest marketplace in Europe within the field. It gives the visitors a unique chance to network with representatives from industries such as the chemical, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and energy, as well as researchers from academia.
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Industrial technologies 2014 in a nutshell
The conference brings to stage over 150 high level speakers from industry, policy and research. 1200 event delegates will participate in exciting plenaries, sessions and workshops, explore the IndustryTech exhibition and network with the most important stakeholders of the field, especially during the Brokerage Day.

The social events culminate in the Greek Night, awarding the Best Project, Best Poster, FutureFlash!, Smartest Region, and the most innovative exhibitor.
Industrial Technologies is a Greek EU Presidency 2014 event under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Research & Technology (GSRT). It is supported by the European Commission Directorate for Research & Innovation. The event has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.

Research and innovation as vehicles for European competitivness and re-industrialisation by 2020
Industrial Technologies 2014 in Athens is the meeting place for industry, research and policy representatives, such as CTOs, CEOs, senior executives, professors, technology transfer officers and research scientists. The event visitors have unique opportunities to network, lobby and exploit synergies between nano and biotechnology applications, advanced materials and high- tech manufacturing across a wide range of industries.

Giving a glimpse to what the future can offer, Industrial Technologies 2014 highlights the following:
• Opportunities in Horizon 2020 in the field of enabling technologies.
• Regional development through smart specialisation, especially in the Balkan and Mediterranean areas.
• The latest innovations from ideas to products that will change the way we live; moving to a more sustainable, healthier, and resource-and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Industrial technologies 2014 Conference tracks cover a wide range of current topics
In the form of plenary sessions many important topics will be covered in the conference, such as: Re-industrialisation and smart growth through research and innovation in Europe; New technologies impacting everyday life; Improving Europe’s competitiveness through regional development; Horizon 2020, NMP and Regional Funds Research Strategies.

Parallel conference sessions will include:
• Innovating products for regional growth in Europe: Co-evolution of products, processes and systems
• Low-carbon energy enabling sustainable production and technology leadership across Europe
• Fostering EU regional competence and competitiveness through innovation and smart specialisation
• Producing better with less - resource efficient factories
• Biotechnology as a driver for sustainability and new industries
• From a research idea to a finished product - experiences from large companies and SMEs in the value chain
• Advanced processes for efficient, high quality and agile manufacturing
• Sustainable healthcare made possible with advanced materials and nanotechnologies
• Ensuring availability and security of water and food supplies
• Nanotechnology advances and how nano-enabled products change our world and daily life
• Integration of industrial and materials research communities along the value chains: The innovation way to future sustainable products
• Competence-building, education and skills for industrial competitiveness
• Innovative material technologies for energy efficient buildings
• Advanced materials for cleaner transport - lightweight and low emission
• Innovation and up-scaling: From clusters to demonstrators and pilot lines
• Safety of advanced materials and processes
• The smart manufacturing systems of the future: flexible, adaptive and safe

FutureFlash!  - Innovations to touch, feel and see
Innovative science, creativity and design influencing our future and everyday life are in the focus when the FutureFlash! participants have the chance to showcase prototypes and concepts of future products to the event audience, including high-level corporate executives, policy-makers and the public.

These exhibits can be materials with exciting properties, product innovation based on industrial mimicry, exciting samples, robots, 3-D printed objects, OLEDs, sensors, videos, printed batteries, super conductors, prostheses, super glue - the opportunities are unlimited! These will be displayed at the FutureFlash! demo centre at the exhibition area.

The visitors will have the opportunity to see, touch and explore the latest and boldest inventions from new material and 3-D printed objects to robots and sensors and other emerging technologies covering the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials and high-tech manufacturing. The aim is to inspire public, and to entertain and excite students and families on the new technologies that are coming into our everyday life.

Students, scientists, start-ups, SMEs and corporate R&D departments as well as research organisations located in Europe are encouraged to participate, as well as interdisciplinary teams from EU-projects, journalism / media/ film, as well as museums and associations.

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