Industrial Exhibitions at Inter Expo Center Sofia in 2012

Automation & RoboticsEventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2012

28th February - 2nd March 2012
The IFAM, INTRONIKA and PLAST specialised exhibitions will have their Bulgarian premiere, to meet for the first time Bulgarian engineering, technical and managerial audiences. The events are organizers by the Slovenian company ICM doo and Bulgarreklama Agency. ICM already conducts successful exhibitions in the Republuc of Serbia and Slovenia, and is quite ambitious to cover European market, Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and Turkey, sharing with us best practices. The forum includes specialized business modules - Exhibitor’s’ Platform (presentation of products, services, etc.) Education Platform (experts exchange knowledge amongst exhibits), professional visitors and chief executive officers (high-speed communication and achievement of quick results in negotiations), and The Young Entrepreneur Module (support for business starters at stimulating conditions).

28th February - 2nd March 2012
MACHTECH & METAL EXPO is organized by the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Machine Building, the Slovenian company ICM and Bulgarreklama Agency. The exhibition includes the sectors of metallurgy, machine building, foundry and tooling. It will present a wide range of metal-grinding and metal-processing machines, equipment, accessories and machine parts, tools and equipment, steel and pig-iron castings and castings from non-ferrous alloys for constructions and equipment, hydraulic and other equipment parts for machines for the main sectors of industry, machinery and equipment for welding operations, robotic and laser systems and equipment, pumps, compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic components for machinery and equipment, etc.

28th February - 2nd March 2012
The 19th edition of SAFETY & SECURITY international exhibition for safety and security innovation is an initiative of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bulgarreklama Agency, which is conducted under the auspices of the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The exhibition will present new generations of communication and security systems, site control and monitoring devices, fire alarm and fire extinguishing equipment, rescue equipment, transportation  vehicles. The exhibition includes high-tech products , enhancing the security level of each individual, home, office, commercial or business area. The list of participants includes companies ,engineering and manufacturing the latest models of devices - intercom, alarm systems and intelligent video surveillance systems, electronic locking systems, sound equipment, etc., companies for automated car-parking systems , access control systems and automatic drives. One of the highlights will be the software for video surveillance and security, we expect to welcome companies having a  high potential of installers and integrators of real-time video surveillance and safety systems.

28th February - 2nd March 2012
TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS is a B2B Forum aimed at promoting modern transport and logistics chains, specialized vehicles, machinery, equipment and information systems for efficient storage, customs, transport, manufacturing and practical logistics. This promotion will help in optimizing the transport infrastructure, communications and logistics industry, in line with the requirements for even stronger national integration into the European transport and logistics system. The show will also present proposals for innovation in forwarding various categories of freights and for improvement of the standard of the set of service (customs, courier mail, etc.), as well as other activities servicing transport industry.

Modern storage business is of big importance to efficient freight forwarding and logistics services and transport. The latest warehouse machinery and equipment (forklifts, docking equipment, shelving systems, storage structures, automated storage systems, etc..), software, hardware and other innovations for warehouse management and distribution, will show some efficient management solutions.

14th - 17th March 2012
Inter Expo Center is about to open doors from 14th - 17th  March, 2012, for the 12th edition of BULGARIAN BUILDING WEEK (BBW) International Exhibition. This most prestigious national building exhibition will again be conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria. Being a barometer of trends for construction industry, the BBW 2012 increases the emphasis on environmental and energy-efficient construction. The directives on the construction of new buildings or renovations require clear standards for quality construction, and the BBW exhibition halls provide space for demonstration of related  solutions from a number of companies. The exhibits indicate the way to future energy-efficient buildings, facilitate the large scale introduction of green homes and passive houses as buildings of the future, provide benchmarks for quality construction of highways and facilities.

14th - 17th March 2012
AQUA-THERM is a new exhibition format for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water and sanitation, environmental technologies and renewable energy pools ,is going to open doors. The organizers - KDM International- Italy and Bulgarreklama Agency will do their best to take advantage of the prestigious Austrian REED EXHIBITIONS brand in order to attract participants and visitors at IEC from the widest possible range of countries. AQUA-THERM ’s best experience and know-how gained in Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine will be transferred to Bulgaria to intensify partnership in several industrial sectors - construction, architecture, building, plumbing , gas installations etc.

28th - 30th March 2012
The 41st edition of BULCONTROLA will showcase a variety of innovations (devices, equipment, monitoring and prevention systems, automated operations, etc.) associated with the modernization of production and environmental protection. European standards and hygiene control regulations generate new issues for designers, engineers, technologists, environmentalists, experts in the field of metrology and standardization, and other industrial sectors. At BULCONTROLA they can review modern diagnostic and measurement devices, laboratory facilities and equipment, electronic devices and accessories, tools, software and management systems and other automation solutions for control, rational use and environmental pollution prevention. High quality chemicals, reagents, modern equipment for monitoring of key parameters of various resources, foodstuffs, construction sites, storage conditions  and transportation of goods, residential and working  environment, etc. , will provide  specialists with a perfect diagnostic tool for quality control in manufacturing and services.

It will be the sixth consecutive year for Bulgarreklama Agency, WASSER BERLIN and the Bulgarian Water Association to meet at WATER SOFIA 2012 Bulgarian and international entrepreneurs and experts in aquaculture management. As always, the exhibition will showcase new generations of technologies, equipment, installations and systems to optimize the extraction, processing and consumption of water resources. It will put a focus on advanced materials, machinery and construction technologies for rehabilitation and construction of water and sewerage systems at different sites.

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