Industrial Automation at Hannover Messe 2012, 23 - 27 April

Automation & RoboticsEventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2012

Technology meets progress
In 2012 HANNOVER MESSE, one of the world’s most important technology event, will showcase ground-breaking innovations in the context of 8 international flagship fairs. One of them is Industrial Automation - leading Trade Fair for Process, Factory and Building Automation Systems and Solutions. Automation solutions play a key role in boosting efficiency and productivity - and in securing success in world markets. Industrial Automation creates a platform for all the relevant disciplines - from energy-efficient power transmission to ultra-precise measurement and control systems.

MicroTechnology - Smart Systems for Automation
As one of the high-tech hot spots at HANNOVER MESSE, the special MicroTechnology display showcases the full range of applications-oriented microsystems technology and laser technology for micromachining. Main display categories at MicroTechnology: Microsystems technology, Laser micromachining of industrial materials; Microproduction technology; Microfluidics; Microactuators; Microsensors; Micro-/nanotechnology applications for surface finishing

Wireless Automation & M2M 2012
With demand for wireless communication and mobile automation solutions growing fast, HANNOVER MESSE is once again putting a major spotlight on this up-and-coming field in 2012. The Wireless Automation & M2M display area within Industrial Automation which is part of HANNOVER MESSE as the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology.

Under the umbrella of this leading trade fair exhibitors will be showcasing components and solutions for communication technologies such as ZigBee, Bluetooth and WLAN. Also featured will be WirelessHART, which delivers a cost-effective basis for wireless communication in the process industry.

In 2012 the spotlight will be on machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. In view of the increasing range of applications being developed for wireless M2M it is clear that this is a market set for further growth. The exchange of data between devices via public wireless networks or user networks helps to optimize business processes and resource management. This means increased potential for manufacturing industry.

Mobile Robots & Autonomous Systems
The mobile robots and autonomous systems display is a perennial trade visitor magnet at HANNOVER MESSE. Visitors can watch live demonstrations of mobile robot systems cleaning solar panels, driverless transport systems making production and logistics more flexible, and robots assisting people with physical disabilities to cope better with everyday living. High-tech components - from sensor solutions for indoor navigation to contactless energy transmission - complete the range of exhibits in Hall 17.

Specially created "Mobile Areas" present mobile systems and components to potential users - live and in action. Friendly service guides, autonomous sweepers and other mobile robots cruise the aisles of the hall and offer an impressive demonstration of the vast potential for mobile robots, to the delight of potential customers in industry, the public sector and the services sector.

Identification, Tracking & Tracing
Innovative technologies for product marking, tracking and protection play a pivotal role in boosting the efficiency of production, logistics and maintenance. Such technologies eliminate errors and reduce costs. "Identification, Tracking & Tracing" will focus on integrated solutions - for example, smart vision systems that identify components and verify their quality; RFID tags, barcodes and Data Matrix codes that route parts reliably to the next assembly station; built-in labelling systems designed to combat product plagiarism; and product and know-how protection solutions that safeguard corporate competitiveness.

Industrial IT - Embedded Systems, industrial PCs, servers, etc.
The importance of server- and network-based IT solutions for the world of automation has grown rapidly in recent years. Industrial Automation has responded to this trend by focusing on key themes at the display category Industrial IT.

The exhibition category Industrial IT is a new focal point at the heart of Industrial Automation, and will present all relevant production-related IT topics. In addition to cost-effectiveness, important issues such as fail-safe capability, efficiency, quality enhancement and, not least, IT security will play a key role at Industrial IT.

Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes
Energy efficiency has long been the subject of public debate and in 2012 it is expected to be an even greater focus of interest. The Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes exhibition area and forum showcase the importance of energy efficiency to industry and commerce for both cost savings and climate protection, and the feasibility and cost effectiveness of energy efficiency projects.

Two platforms are available at "Energy efficiency in industrial processes": the first is a compact exhibition area, the second a top-flight forum - the Efficiency Arena.

Pumpe DE PUMPplaza
The Pumpe DE PUMP Plaza offers a high quality, casual atmosphere of communication, in which the receipt and exchange of information are at the center - a meeting place for all involved in manufacturing, research, development and application of pumps and pump systems.

In this special display area the manufacturers of pumps and pump systems present their products and services. The Pumpe DE PUMPplaza is surrounded by companies with the following main categories: Pumps and pump systems; Fittings; Pumps components; Technology for powering pump systems; Instrumentation for pump systems; Maintenance and Frequency converter.

Metropolitan Solutions - Urban Infrastructure Technologies
Globalization, climate change and increasing urbanization are presenting new challenges for cities and conurbations worldwide. The key to resolving these issues lies in the expansion and modernization of infrastructures. The areas requiring the most urgent attention are energy, water/sewerage and mobility infrastructures as well as climate protection.

The market for sensors, measuring technology and automation with its own AMA Center for Sensor, Measuring and Testing Technologies, the AMA Association for Sensor Technology sponsors a compact and concentrated event for the 22nd time at the Hannover Fair.

The exhibitors are showing under the motto "Finding instead of searching" practically everything from sensor elements to measuring technology to system solutions. This is where you will find the information forum on current technologies dealing with basic automation elements. The show is complemented by products and services in sensor, measuring and testing technologies as well as by microsystems with the aim of comprehensive practical realisation and documentation.