IHB develops its production range to meet the needs of the market

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IHB develops its production range to meet the needs of the market

IHB Electric is a global supplier of electric motors, hydro generators and related with them repair activities and services for HPP. The company is one of the founders of electrical-mechanical engineering industry in Bulgaria and the biggest manufacturer of rotating electrical machines in the region. We have manufactured over 500,000 electric motors and hydro generators for Russia, former republics of the CIS, Eastern Europe and also for many countries form Western Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

We from IHB Electric propose effective, flexible and economic solutions of our customers. In the company work highly qualified specialists and a lot of customers rely on our services and cooperation as for their new projects and also for effective maintenance of the implemented equipment and manufacturing.

In the past years we from IHB Electric invested in new technologies, some of them are unique in the sector as system for automatic production of rotor coil for hydro generators, highly effective unit for induction brazing of different profiles from non-ferrous metals, line from four manufacturing areas for construction of insulation system by the technology Global VPI, fast acting punching machine for rotor and stator sheets, CNC machine for precise laser cutting of details, test station with modern measuring digital instrumentation and other.

In 2015 we bought a laser cutting machine type TruLaser 3030 Fiber with solid-state laser source type TruDisk 3001, characterized with optimal energy efficiency and increased capacity for production of details from different sheet materials and thicknesses which filled the existing production capabilities.

We develop and increase our production range in order to meet the utmost needs of the market. We designed, manufactured and supplied the biggest so far in Bulgaria three-phase induction (asynchronous) electric motors for high voltage with squirrel cage rotor for Maritsa East 2 TPP. The electric motors are destined for voltage 6 and 6,3 kV and give useful power and continuous operation up to 6 MW.

Depending on the conditions and place of operation, the motors have degree of protection IP 44 and IP 55 as well as different method of cooling  -  IC 01, IC 511 and IC 611. Synchronous speeds vary from 500 to 1000 min-1. The weight of some of the motors reaches up to 15 tones.

In the past years we from IHB Electric developed and own series of standard synchronous and asynchronous hydro generators with power up to 5 MVA with which to respond to the increased demand in this market segment. Hydro generators are with distinctive, contemporary design, optimized and unified modular constructionand increased efficiency and reliability in operation. In addition, our customers receive a shortened delivery time and facilitated process for selection of additional options at a competitive price.

We from IHB Electric aim to be a recognizable and preferred manufacturer of motors and hydro generators through the delivery of quality, reliable and trouble-free machines at competitive prices, as well as introducing the latest technological innovations in the sector. We aim to assist our customers with qualified, technical and service personnel.

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