IFAT Eurasia’s next edition moves to Istanbul

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IFAT Eurasia premiered for the first time during 2015 in Ankara, Turkey. For its next edition, this Turkish version of the world`s leading trade fair for environmental technologies will be held in Istanbul, between February 16 and 18, 2017. The chosen venue is the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), which for the first time will be the hotspot for products and solutions specifically tailored to the environmental market in Eurasia.

IFAT Eurasia
IFAT Eurasia is an international trade fair that focuses on popularizing and showcasing solutions for the water, wastewater, waste disposal and recycling sectors in the Eurasian region. The event is organized biennially by Messe Munchen and its subsidiary MMI Eurasia.

The first edition of IFAT was organized in 2015 in Ankara and was visited by a total of 10,977 people representing 75 countries. Additionally, 228 exhibitors from 19 countries participated in the major event, and a total 362 companies were represented at the venue. A post-show report shows that the 15,500 square meters of exhibition space was completely booked. Taking this in mind, the organizers have moved IFAT to a new exhibition venue that offers more exhibition space so as to do justice to the high level of demand from the exhibiting companies.

Seven country pavilions in planning
For 2017, the organizers from Messe Munchen expect a strong international presence. Many country pavilions are already booked for the show, seven of which are currently being organized. Each pavilion groups together exhibitors from a specific country or region. They are as follows: Austria, Germany, France, China, South Tyrol, Switzerland, and the US. The German Water Partnership (GWP) is also putting on a presentation at its own booth.

Isanbul as the new venue
"Istanbul is the ideal location for IFAT Eurasia. This city on the Bosphorus is Europe`s most populous city and it ranks among the world`s mega cities. Here especially there is a high demand for technologies for the segments of water, wastewater, waste disposal and recycling," commented Stefan Rummel, Managing Director of Messe Munchen, highlighting on the benefits of the new event venue.

A geographical location serving as a convenient link between Asia and Europe, Istanbul is additionally a central marketplace and interchange, which offers an excellent basis for expanding international business relations, added Rummel. The metropolis is inhabited by 15 million people and is almost three times as big as Turkey’s capital city Ankara.

This, naturally, makes Istanbul’s importance for foreign trade enormous, point out the IFAT organizers. According to data by the country national statistics authority, Turkstat, more than half of the Turkish exports and imports are generated exactly in Istanbul. The city’s convenient location and international hub status for travel and transport is another factor that makes it very easy to reach for both visitors and exhibitors.

"With the first event in Ankara we succeeded in making IFAT Eurasia known also in government circles. Building on this, in 2017 we will certainly be able to achieve further growth in the heart of Turkey`s economy, the Marmara region, which covers almost 80 percent of the total exports of Turkey," explained Osman Bayazit Genc, Managing Director of MMI Eurasia, who also sees the move from the capital Ankara to Istanbul as positive.