IDT unveils 10G serial buffer for wireless services

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2006

The IDT 10G serial buffer provides intelligent monitoring and control circuitry that automatically identifies and compensates for dropped data samples to maintain data synchronicity – replacing a function that would normally need to be custom developed and external to the memory. This function is vital for the performance and the quality of service essential to the delivery of value-added services that depend upon high-data rate communications. When coupled with the previously announced IDT pre-processing switch (PPS), this wireless chipset solution offers an optimized interconnection that accelerates DSP performance by up to 20 percent, thus enabling the cost-effective delivery of advanced DSP-intensive wireless services, such as mobile video, to end consumers. The 10G serial buffer is the most recent offering in the IDT commitment to provide leading-edge baseband solutions. In addition, IDT will target other DSP-intensive applications, such as medical imaging and high-speed communications applications, as well as radar, data-acquisition and sampling.