HVAC-R industry in Turkey

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The Turkish companies involved in HVAC-R (Heating, Ventialtion, Air-Conditioning-Refrigeration) products has started operation in the 50’s. Since then, except during the crises periods, the Turkish air-conditioning and heating sector has been rapidly developing both in production and capacity and the market is growing. In fact, the increase in population and living stansards has resulted in the need to produce more HVAC-R products. However, the actual market development began in the late 80’s. The number of companies and the type of equipment available on the Turkish HVAC-R market increased rapidly in the 90’s. This was also in line with positive developments in the economy of the country. The percentage of domestic air conditioners being used is assumed to be around 2% of the total population of 73 million people. Though air-conditioning, as well as modern heating systems, is still considered a luxury by the majority of the population, sales in larger urban centers or resort are growing.
In recent years companies in the sector have begun to form joint ventures with global firms that they had previously presented for years, thus creating technology transfer opportunities both for Turkey and HVAC-R sector. At the same time, the corporate activities of Turkish and international investors are opening the gates of internationaldistribution and marketing. Turkish HVAC-R industry products were exported to about 163 countries in 2008. The European Union has a share of 57% in HVAC-R industry exports from Turkey. The main export markets are the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Romania.
Turkish consumers who are always looking for new products, prefer to use home-produced HVAC-R products, though the Turkish market is wide-open to all world products. Turkish HVAC-R producers have created their own brands, which lead to tight consumer-dependence in the domestic market and these brands are gaining ground in foreign markets, mainly in EU countries. Some of the major brands are Arcelik, Beko, Turk Demirdokum, Baygan-Teba, Alarko Carrier, Vestel, Baymak, Aldag, Guven Sogutma, Imbat, Fita Teknik, Karsu, Ontrol, Imas, Imeksan, etc.

Arcelik A.S. has been serving to Turkish Air Conditioning sector since 1970’s. The company accelerated its activities in the sector in 1999 by establishing its production facilities in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey. Arcelik has captured 50% market share since 2003 in domestic market and enlarged its export customer base more than 100 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South Africa.
Arcelik has 54.000 m2 production facilities over 100.000 m2 total area. The company is the first and the biggest AC producer in Turkey. Arcelik has the biggest production facilities of Near East and Europe with annual 1.8 million sets AC production capacity. With new investments, the company has been increasing the production capacity and product range every year.
Arcelik designs and manufactures its products within its own facilities, in accordance with the requirements of target markets. Product range consists of heat pump and cooling only models within the capacity ranges mentioned below:
• Wall mounted, PAC, cassette type and CAC type air conditioners between 7.000 - 60.000 Btu/h capacities,
• Variable refrigerant flowing systems with various outdoor unit capacities and indoor unit types, applicable for the different needs of different spaces.
• Air to water heat pumps, water source heat pumps and renewable energy products
• Roof Top Package AC between 180.000 - 360.000 Btu/h. Conventional and inverter compressors, R-22 or R-410A refrigerants are available.

Since its establishment in 1954 Alarko San. ve Tic. A.S. in 1998, established are equal partnership with Carrier. Alarko Carrier makes business mainly in the following sectors:
Industrial Sector: Research and Development: Product design and development in R&D center.
Production: Air-conditioning centers, fan coil, combi boiler, room heater, heater boilers, boilers, panel radiator, circulation pumps, membrane tanks, water boosters, water cooling groups, water cooling towers, submersible pumps and motors.
Business and Marketing Fields: Engineering and Project Services, System Selling: Central air-conditioning systems, special air-conditioning systems for surgery rooms and telecommunications field, cooling rooms.
Product Marketing and Sales: All air-conditioning products-heating products and accessories, automated control units.
Export: Europe, Africa, Air-conditioning centers, fan coil, combi, room heater, panel radiator, gas and liquid fueled broiler export to Near and Far East with Carrier brand
Representation and Import: Admeco AG, ATAG, Automated Logic Corporation, Criocabin, HCPS B.V., Hygromatic, Kaloric Co., Krishnaveni Carbon Products, Lamborghini, MITA, Stulz, Technair, Toshiba, Trox Turkey representative.
Alarko Carrier’s new Main Plant is in the Gebze Organised Industrial Area. The Panel Radiator Plant, located in the Istanbul, Dudullu Organised Industrial Area.
295 people are employed in Alarko Carrier production facilities, 296 people in management, sales and marketing departments, 37 people in R&D, which sums up to a total of 628 employees.
Industrial activities of the Alarko Carrier are undertaken by the Gebze- Main Plant and Istanbul- Panel Radiator Plant. Alarko Carrier’s Main Plant located on a site of 60.000 sq.mts. in the Gebze Organised Industrial Area (GOIA) is the holder of the ISO 9001 certificate. The plant’s production program for domestic and overseas market: Natural Gas and LPG fired wall hang boilers; Fuel-oil fired domestic boilers
Air handling units- Carrier/ 39 HQ; Fan-coils- Carrier/ 42 FA; Natural gas burners;      Light oil burners; Medium and heavy oil burners; Circulation pumps; Membrane expansion tanks; Submersible pumps and motors;Water boosters.
Alarko Carrier’s Panel Radiator Plant located on a site of 18.000 sq.mts. and a covered area of 11.000 sq. mts in the Dudullu Organised Industrial Region is the holder of the ISO 9001 certificate. Panel Radiators are produced in series and complying with DIN EN 442 through the high-tech computer controlled modern production lines established by Alarko Carrier Panel Radiator Plant. The dies which are used in the production were prepared in Germany. Welding lines and test pool were designed in Switzerland. Surface preparation, coating and painting facilities have the most recent technology. The main casing of radiators is produced from cold rolled steel in the thickness of 1.25 mm in comformity with EN standards.

Baymak with its 43 year history on heating and cooling systems is keeping its place as one of the leading producers of Turkey. Company has a 60.000 meter square production plant in Tepeoren and with above 600 staff.
Baymak has joined to the BAXI Group in April 2002. Its 50% of the shares of the company belongs to Baxi Group and other 50% to the CEO, Dr. Murat Akdogan. Baxi group is the 3rd great group in Europe in heating sector with its endorsement exceeding 1.3 billion Euro and about 6.000 staffs and with its 15 huge brands in England (Baxi UK), Italy (Baxi Spa), Germany (Brotje), France (Baxi-France), Denmark (Baxi SP), Spain (Baxi Roca) and Turkey.
Baymak&Baxi group has 5 brands use in national and international markets. These are Baymak, Brotje&Baymak, Falke, Dolcevita and Lambert.
Baymak developing new reforms in production, distribution, after sale service and general management areas, has not only increased the standards in Turkey in recent years but also focused on export. Today Baymak exports to over 70 countries as Germany, Denmark, Poland, China, New Zealand, Australia, Malta, Austria, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, Canada, Egypt, India and Pakistan.

Vestel Home Appliance Air-conditioner factory was established in Vestel City in 2000. The factory itself has a production capacity of 600,000 units per year with a total area of 15,750 m2. Main product range consists of wall mounted split cooling only or heat-pump type of air-conditioner varying from the cooling capacity of 7000 Btu/h to 30,000 Btu/h and floor standing type having 42000 Btu/h and 55000 Btu/h capacity. The factory is capable of producing with three refrigerants; R-22, R-407C and R-410A. With its experienced R&D power and staff, air conditioner division has developed new and creative approaches to existing engineering systems and has made significant contribution to R&D activities in Turkey.
Vestel air-conditioner factory succeeded to launch A Energy class series and the first DC inverter unit to domestic market, which is designed by Vestel Engineers in 2008. This new technology has an energy efficiency advantage of 20-30% in comparison to a nominal on/off type A class air-conditioner. In addition to these, air-conditioner factory has achieved to design and launch super tropical type of air-conditioner which can work over 52 degrees with cool-injection technology, owing to their market oriented R&D staff, they added last year a new type of unit which has the capability to work efficiently under -5 degrees for North European Market. Lastly, Quadro design that can make 3-D cooling and heating has been awarded in 2008 as "Good Design" in Design Turkey contest.

DemirDokum, which deals with businesses on Heating, Water Heating and Air-conditioning sectors, has realized productions of cast radiator, boiler, stove, central heating boiler, gas water heater, electrical storage water heater, panel radiator and wall hung gas boilers (WHB) and has become identical to "heating comfort", as being the first company in Turkey.
Turkish consumer has been introduced with many devices, systems and services through DemirDokum. Since the establishment; DemirDokum contributed to develop of Turkish industry, effectuated many new investments, presented high technology to his consumer and improved the quality of sector with each passing day.
DemirDokum, who celebrated its 55th foundation anniversary this year, is one of the the leaders in heating sector with 228 dealers, 329 authorized services and over 2.000 sub dealers. By joining into Vaillant Group, who is the one of the towering companies in the world’s heating sector, DemirDokum adds his important rush in export to the leadership in domestic market with these group synergy. DemirDokum exports now to 53 countries from China to Chile.

ALDAG A.S. was established in 1967 at Topcular, ISTANBUL. Since then it has been one of the leading local manufacturers of Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning products. Due to increasing capacity, Aldag has moved to Kartal, Istanbul at 1994 and enlarged the plant area up to 11000m? and gathered production planning, purchasing, product development, finance and marketing departments at the same location. Aldag has Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Adana Sales Offices. There are 56 authorized services all around Turkey. Aldag is exporting to several countries like Netherland, UK, Romania, Ukraine, Bosna&Herzegovina, Algeria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Iraq and Syria.


Guven Refrigeration has over 25 years of experience in Refrigeration/Air Conditioning/ Ventilation area. On the way of becoming a fast-growing global brand, especially with its products that have penetrated the markets in the European countries, Guven Refrigeration is in collaboration with the prestigious companies in Europe and maintains its production flow in accordance with European standards.
Guven Refrigeration has expanded its production site (including storage, sale, and research and development) from 35 square meters to 5000 square meters.
Guven Refrigeration is proud with its manufacturing equipment - its products are cut by precision machine tools, and processed by CNC machines, and welding applications are performed by automated welding machines. After being tested for water-tightness and precision measurement, the products are painted through the railed system of electrostatic powder painting.

IMBAT Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Industrial Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Sector in Turkey since 1991. In 1997 having the technical experience and financial strength IMBAT has started to produce Industrial Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Units with its own brand "MBT". Within the short period, by offering high performed products with the price solutions based on total quality, IMBAT has increased its market share rapidly & MBT became one of the well known and preferred brands in Turkey. In 2005, IMBAT has completed its modern factory at Kemalpasa Industrial Zone in Izmir having 7500sqm area.
As a result of its rapidly growing figures IMBAT has aimed to introduce its products in the global market and within the last 3 years MBT products were exported to Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Jordan, Iraq, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and finally to Saudi Arabia.
With its continuously growing and updating strategies emphasizing on quality and customer satisfaction, IMBAT carries on investments systematically and gives the importance to R&D by modifying, improving models, developing new products and performing quality assurance control at every stage of production.

FITA TEKNIK, which is one of the leading production companies in HVAC sector of Turkey, was founded in 1952. Its production activities are realized in Gungoren and Hadimkoy factories with a total personnel of more than 100. These factories are situated in Istanbul. Fita products are used  in more than 30 countries besides Turkey.

Since thirty-five years, Karsu works in the field of "industrial refrigeration contracting". Company’s central office and its factory is in Hadimkoy, Istanbul. And also, Karsu have got one branch office in Hadimkoy. The success of Karsu is well known widely in the world, thanks to its projects in Denmark, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. Karsu gives service to food sector and the other sectors that need refrigeration. Today, the company has got more than 500 references about ammonia and freon plants in Turkey and abroad.

Ontrol offers a complete package of HVAC control systems ranging from simple room thermostats to complete building management systems. In addition to production, Ontrol distributes products from selected manufacturers to achieve top quality systems with optimum cost. A wide variety of sensors are produced, while humidity, pressure, air quality and carbondioxide sensors are imported from manufacturers such as Beck, Sontay and Telaire. The range of final control elements include fan coil valves, control valves, ball and butterfly valves with actuators, damper actuators, actuators for fire dampers and VAV controllers. Electronic controllers are optimised for use in HVAC applications and offer wide flexibility and easy commissioning.

IMAS Co. has been established in 1967 in IZMIR. Since 1967, IMAS Co. is taking a place in air conditioning, refrigerant and ventilation market in Turkey. Basically, the company is the distributor of some of the European Companies in Turkey: CLIMAVENETA S.p.A. - one of biggest producers of the air and water cooled chiller groups in Europe; NICOTRA S.p.A - producer of industrial fans; SPORLAN -producer of refrigerant circuit equipment with the high quality in England; WIELAND-WERKE is producing copper and copper alloys products in Germany. KRUGER - dehumidifiers, etc.Besides this, Imas also manufactures some air conditioning and special type of laboratory and industrial units.

Imeksan who has been in production since 1979 was established as an limited liability firm in January 1995. Since establishment registration her main concern has been the production of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment. Air supply and return equipment such as grilles and registers, diffusers, outside air louvres, backdraft dampers and control and regulating equipment such as circular and rectangular volume control dampers, flow rate regulating equipment and iris dampers are included in her production program. Imeksan has launched the production of central station air handling and air conditioning units in 1996 and since then her main target has been to increase the scope of production. Since 2003 ideal comfort diffusers, diffusers with adjustable blades, low displacement diffusers, VAV & CAV terminal units, heat recovery units, low profile units, hygienic air handling units & thermal-bridge-free air handling units have been added to her production program. At the present production is being realised in two facilities composed of 14,000 m2 covered area. At the 9,600 m2 closed premise located at Izmir-Ayrancilar Region the production is being performed whereas in the second facility of 5000 m2, offices, VAV-CAV calibration laboratories and storage-despatching facilities are located.

Source: IGEME-Export Promotion Center of Turkey, ISKID-Turkish Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Manufacturers’ Association, Listed companies’ web-sites.