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Electronics InterviewSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 4/2013

We are striving to provide the best customer service by applying all possible means for improving the existing production facilities and introducing new solutions

Hristina Kovacheva, owner of Micron-20

Dear Mrs Kovacheva, please present Micron-20 as a history and scope of activity to our readers?
Micron-20 is the first privately owned company in Bulgaria for PCB design, manufacturing and assembling. The company was established in 1991 and its production capacity and wide range of clients have been growing ever since.

This is being achieved through the efforts and hard work of its young and enthusiastic staff whose top priority is mastering cutting-edge technology and innovations in the field.

What is your production capacity?
Micron-20 has specialized in whole range - from prototypes and small series to middle and big volumes, meeting very tight deadlines for shortest possible periods of time. That is why we pride ourselves on being flexible and able to compete on the market.

We produce monthly approximately 1000 types of single-sided and double-sided as well as multi-layer PCB.
100% of our production is made in Bulgaria in our two factories - in Sofia and Gabrovo.

What kind of assembly and surface finishing technologies do you use?
We use two Pick and Place machine model PLM 2000 with approximate capacity 4000 comp/h and cappabilty of populating wide range of components.

For surface finishing we use the standard and proven processes - Hot air leveling (HAL), both Lead and Lead-free, Organic Surface Preservative (OSP), Galvanic Nickel/Gold for edge connectors. Next year we plan to invest to Immersion Nickel/Gold, which will improve the assembly process.

Who are your main local and foreign customers?
Micron-20 is striving to provide the best customer service by applying all possible means for improving the existing production facilities and introducing new solutions. Our list of clients includes over 1500 local and foreign companies.

Our printed circuit boards can be found all over the world, in wide range of devices, from Telecommunication to Food industry, from Medical to Space industry. We increased significantly our export to countries from EU, offering good quality combined with options like purchasing of components, free shipping etc.

What are your main advantages over the competition?
Our clients have very strict requirements in terms of quality standards and new technology approaches and we are proud to assert that we have always met them for the last 22 years.

We are a team of experienced professionals working to maintain and improve quality processes and procedures in all aspects of company operations to yield total customer satisfaction. The advantages when turning to us are on time delivery, competitive prices and constant high quality.

Do you have any new services to offer?
In our website the customers will find online calculators for PCB production and assembling. They can make online orders taking advantages like discounts and free delivery.

All the parameters of the production process, payment methods and even courier company can be easily checked. Our goal is to facilitate our customers and to save their time and efforts.

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