Hermle, SEEIM - issue 2, 2010


1.Combined milling/rotational machining from Hermle

2. Dynamic machining centers with integrated rotational function

New from Hermle AG - MT as in Mill/Turn: CNC C 50 U MT dynamic and C 42 U MT dynamic machining centers now with fully integrated rotational machining function for complete manufacturing

Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG, the midsize machine tool manufacturing company from Gosheim, Germany, has accelerated the pace of its innovation to respond to the enormous challenges faced by users currently and in the future. Accordingly, Hermle AG is not only presenting, in the form of the new CNC 5-axis high-performance machining centre C 42 U dynamic, a practically oriented addition to the C series, which has been successful worldwide; the development engineers have also turned their power to creating significant added value for users. The best example of this is the further development of the CNC 5-axis high-performance C 50 U dynamic machining center with an MT version (MT stands for Mill/Turn) which features a fully integrated rotary table. This machining center allows for challenging milling and rotational machining in one clamping. The C 42 U dynamic machining center which has just been introduced, also benefits from this innovation. It is also available immediately as a C 42 U MT dynamic in the Mill/Turn version.

The other MT concept of Hermle AG

The very high quality standards of the manufacturer Hermle AG and of users in all sectors of industry adequately demonstrate that an MT machine of Hermle AG - as part of the CNC 5-axis machining centers of the C series which are internationally recognized as highly precise and very powerful - is not simply an upgraded derivation. Accordingly, the technology and safety requirements that apply to lathes were taken fully into account during development for the MT versions of the C 42 U MT dynamic and C 50 U MT dynamic as well. This applies, for example, to the housing (EN 12417 applies in this case to machine tools/machining centers, while EN 12478 applies to machine tools/large lathes) as well as dimensioning of enclosures. Since all rotational machining operations can be performed with the C 42 U MT dynamic and C 50 U MT dynamic and for swivelled table, and thus not just in the horizontal 90° position (which incidentally opens up entirely new machining options and provides more usage flexibility), the upper enclosure area including the machine roof was also included in the safety concept.

Fully integrated rotary technology

The familiar modified gantry design essentially provides ideal conditions for integration of the combined swivelling axis (A-axis) with the rotary table axis (C-axis). The A-axis is supported in the machine bed and ensures extremely high rigidity, especially since the motor rests directly on the drive train of the gearwheel. Instead of one simple NC rotary table designed for workpiece positioning, a fully operational NC swivelling rotary table now rests on the (A-axis). In the C 42 U MT dynamic it turns at maximum 800 revolutions per minute and in the larger C 50 U MT dynamic at maximum 500 revolutions per minute. High-performance torque motors provide drive optimized for comparatively high speeds, making it possible to perform challenging rotational machining and combined milling and rotational machining in the form of roughing and finishing operations. The clamping surface for the rotary table of the C 42 U MT dynamic is 750 mm in diameter and nominal table loads of 600 kg are permitted. For the C 50 U MT dynamic the clamping surface has a diameter of 1000 mm and the nominal table load is 1000 kg. The highlight of the MT concept of Hermle AG is that rotational machining can be performed not only in the 0° and 90° positions of the NC swivelling rotary table, but also in all positions in between. This makes it possible to use very short turning tools. The main spindle is locked in place during rotary operations. It features HSK-T design in sizes 63 and 100. It is important to note that the full scope of milling functionality is retained.

Maximum safety through integrated balancing system

The main spindle is locked into place so that even larger torques can be transferred with no problem and the turning tool can always be precisely and reproducibly positioned. The proven 5-axis concept of the C series shows its practical advantages in the MT versions as well. Compared to competitors‘ machines, Hermle C 42 U MT dynamic and C 50 U MT dynamic machining centers have a significantly larger maximum collision contour in the spindle traversing range, which means in practical terms that correspondingly larger workpieces can be machined with combined milling and turning in one clamping. To ensure no problems occur due to the inertial torques that arise during rotation/turning, Hermle AG is introducing a new feature, a balancing system integrated into the rotary table. This system can also be used for precise balancing of maximally large and heavy workpieces including workpiece clamping equipment, thus ensuring absolute operational safety up to the limit speed.

Technical features for complete process-safe machining of precision parts

There is also a new tool measuring and tool breakage monitoring system. Milling tools are measured by laser and turning tools are scanned mechatronically from two sides for safety by 3D probes. To ensure combined milling and rotational machining even on the technical tool level in the form of complete manufacturing, a goal which is increasingly becoming standard, Hermle AG has developed modular additional magazines which feature a compact design, easy docking with all Hermle machining centers, large holding capacity in comparison to the space requirement, and finally an operating concept designed to make work easier. Designed as rack magazines, they are installed behind the machining centers: The operator has unrestricted access there at ground level with an ergonomically optimum loading and removal height. Of course drilling, milling and turning tools can be changed during machining. The new additional magazine has room for a maximum of 42 tools (41 + 1 = magazine pockets plus setup station). Tools may be up to 250 mm in diameter, 430 mm in length and 30 kg in weight. The additional magazine is delivered ready for assembly and use. It can be installed with no problems and placed in operation quickly without any additional conversions.

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