Helen Su, Shihlin: Our main target is to become one of the major Low-voltage switch suppliers in the local area

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Mrs. Helen Su,
Regional manager for Europe at Shihlin

Dear Mrs. Su, would you please present Shihlin’s scope of activity, history and corporate structure?
Founded in 1955, Shihlin Electric has accumulated profound experiences in manufacturing, R&D and quality control, enabling the company to take the leading position in Taiwan’s electric industry. In Taiwan, Shihlin Electric means absolute quality assurance.

Currently, Shihlin Electric has production and R&D bases in Taiwan, Vietnam and mainland China with sales operations dotting North America, Australia, China and Southeast Asia. For the corporate structure, Shihlin Electric is a listed company, the third largest in the electric industry.

The shareholders meeting takes up the very top position of the structure followed by the Chairman and President while the staff units such as financial, human resources, information and quality technology are in charge of the managing the operation of the company; heavy electric systems, breaker & switchgear system, automobile parts system and factory automation system are in charge of the production, R&D and quality control; sales division is in charge of sales and marketing.

You are entering the European markets for the first time through your cooperation with DTS. What is the significance of your joint activities with the Bulgarian company for the successful launch of Shihlin’s business in Europe?
For all the manufacturers dealing with low-voltage switchgears, the European market represents the customer base at the top of the pyramid as the European clients have globally unparalleled strict demand on quality and specifications. The entrance of our products into the European market is a tremendous honor for us.

Therefore we are very grateful for the full efforts put forth by DTS in promoting our products. Reciprocally, we will give our full support to DTS by investing the biggest portion of our resources as we understand that we will be facing the hardest trials and the most difficult challenges if we are to claim a spot in the European market.

What production facilities does Shihlin have at its disposal worldwide? Which are the key products and solutions in the company’s portfolio and which of them do you plan to promote on the European markets?
Shihlin has a total of 18 production facilities in Asia, 2 in Vietnam, 12 in China and 4 in Taiwan. Shihlin has a wide range of products, the key products are classified according to our four business units.

Heavy Electric System - power transformer, oil immersed distribution transformer, cast resin distribution transformer, 161kV SF6 GIS, switchboard, current transformer /voltage transformer, etc.

Breaker & Switchgear System-air circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker, earth leakage circuit breaker, miniature circuit breaker, magnetic switch /contactor, manual motor starter, surge protective device, etc.

Factory Automation System-inverter, servo, human machine interface, programmable logic controller, temperature controller, etc.

Automobile Parts System-alternator, starter, fuel pump, fan motor, ignition coil, wiper motor, DC motor, etc.
The main products we are planning to promote to European market are our breaker & switchgear system’s products.

You were officially presenting your company and the novelties in your circuit breaker range to the Bulgarian business at the Technical Day seminar in Sofia. What are your impressions of the event?
We are very thankful for DTS invitation, let us have this good opportunity to introduce Shihlin Electric, we also thank all the participants who have attended this seminar. In addition to the enthusiasm witnessed during the activity, we have been much surprised by their seriousness in inquiring about the products. Thus, we have felt a greater responsibility to scrutinize the quality of our products with the highest standard because we know, in here, there is zero toleration for any bit of a quality defect.

It is a great pleasure to see that so many people are interested in the products of Shihlin Electrics. We have felt a very strong hospitality from the locals. In return for your support, we will provide the products with the best quality.

How do you plan to grow and develop on the Bulgarian market and which segments are you aiming at? What joint projects with DTS are you planning to implement in future?
Our main target is to become one of the major Low-voltage switch suppliers in the local area based on the product development ability which can satisfy the requirements from various market sectors in providing a complete set of solutions and flexibility of meeting our customer’s demands. Shihlin’s policy is one agent of one country in order to keep the agent’s profit and market price and also for better market coverage.

So we plan to cooperate for long time and to have strong business relationships by offering more complete solutions to the market based on the services approach which to be complementary with the sales of our products. We’d try to focus on a complete marketing policy by organizing seminars dedicated to complete low-voltage product ranges of Shihlin, by WEB activities and also by optimizing our database for local internet search engine as google.bg e.t.c.

It’s now too early to appoint the exact projects we’d joint with DTS but we surely should have to start developing our local organization for the future activities.

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