HANNOVER MESSE to emphasize efficiency, innovation and sustainability

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Nine leading international events at one venue 19 to 23 April 2010, Hannover, Germany

Under the new motto "Efficiency, Innovation, Sustainability", the next HANNOVER MESSE (19 to 23 April 2010) will be showcasing innovations, new developments and technologies, alongside new materials from the world of industry. With its clear orientation towards energy, mobility and automation, as well as industrial subcontracting, HANNOVER MESSE will again embrace the salient trends affecting every branch of industry.

"Next year we are launching two new leading trade fairs in a move that really testifies to the innovative drive and core strengths of HANNOVER MESSE. With MobiliTec we will be putting even greater emphasis on a major energy-related trend -- electric mobility. CoilTechnica completes the lineup of displays geared to the subcontracting and outsourcing sector. We can look forward to another comprehensive and impressive international showcase of industry in 2010," predicts Dr. Wolfram von Fritsch, Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Messe, adding, "An event having the kind of strong international appeal of HANNOVER MESSE has what it takes to give the emerging economic upswing a major shot in the arm."
The show’s underlying motto of "Efficiency, Innovation, Sustainability" does justice to the common interests of every participating industrial sector. As the organizers point out, "every branch of industry faces the same challenges." While innovation is important, the application and exchange of existing know-how is equally significant. The transfer of knowledge between science and business lies at the core of a varied program of seminars, congresses and workshops.

The Partner Country will be Italy
For many years, Italy has been represented at HANNOVER MESSE with one of the biggest contingents of exhibitors. Its presence has thus made a significant contribution to the international success of the event. Italy enjoys a leading position on the global marketplace, proving especially competitive in such sectors as renewable energy, industrial automation, power transmission and electrical engineering. Italy will be reinforcing that position with a strong presence at HANNOVER MESSE 2010.

Nine Leading International Trade Fairs: New Names, New Concepts and the Debut of MobiliTec and CoilTechnica

The nine international trade fairs that form the lineup of HANNOVER MESSE are a reflection of global technological trends in industrial production and development. The issue of energy efficiency is a common theme of all the international trade fairs and special events in Hannover. Attendees will discover a wealth of new solutions for mobile automation, micro-materials processing and lightweight construction technology.
Industrial Supply (formerly "Subcontracting") is being staged under a new name in 2010, and with an additional focus on lightweight construction. No fewer than four exhibition halls will be devoted to innovative materials and future-proof production processes -- as befits the leading showcase for the subcontracting market. Intelligent solutions in lightweight construction are of importance to virtually every branch of industry and can help secure a decisive competitive advantage. In 2010 Industrial Supply will again showcase the entire spectrum of subcontracting with materials, components and systems for the automobile industry as well as mechanical and plant engineering. It will provide an ideal platform for networking, know-how transfer and new business leads.
The new international trade fair MobiliTec bundles together all the mobility-related technologies for the future in the centrally located Hall 27. The International Trade Fair for Hybrid and Electric Powertrain Technologies, Mobile Energy Storage and Alternative Mobility Solutions is located close to another keynote display -- Renewables -- which is part of the trade fair Energy. Here attention is directed to all forms of renewable energy: solid, liquid and gaseous bio-energy, photovoltaic, solar and geothermal energy as well as wind energy and hydropower. It is widely recognized that only by harnessing all forms of renewable energy to power electric motors will we be able to effectively reduce CO2 emissions and achieve the goal of sustainability.

The Energy show presents the energy mix of the future, showing how conventional and renewable energy technologies feed into the entire energy production chain -- from energy generation, supply, transmission and distribution to conversion and storage. For the past two years, Energy has been complemented by Power Plant Technology, the leading trade fair for power plant design, operation and maintenance. Energy providers and exhibitors from the energy sector will be presenting highly innovative concepts for coal, hydroelectric and steam-driven power stations.

As from 2010, CoilTechnica, the new trade fair for Coil Winding, Transformer and Electric Motor Manufacturing Technology, will take place every two years as an integral part of HANNOVER MESSE. Useful synergies with Energy and Industrial Automation can be exploited here to highlight important product areas such as coiling components, manufacturing facilities and insulation materials for diverse user industries, including the automobile, electrical and automation sectors.

Also emerging in 2010 in a new form, MicroNanoTec, the leading trade fair for nanotechnology, microtechnology and laser micro-materials processing, will now address a broader spectrum. In particular it will focus on how the interplay of nanomaterials and microsystems technology facilitates the development of new products and how this impacts on industry. In order to underline the importance of these two future-oriented key technologies, the name of the trade fair has been changed to MicroNanoTec. It remains the only dedicated trade fair for this industrial sector and is thus highly regarded by development engineers, decision-makers and users. Industrial Automation, international trade fair for process and factory automation, again covers the entire spectrum of automation technology. In 2010 a core issue will be industrial embedded systems & PCs. The display category Process Automation showcases mobile robots and wireless industrial communications.

Digital Factory, the international trade fair for integrated processes and IT solutions, will be highlighting developments in 3D visualization and software solutions for complete production processes. As a branch summit attracting international software suppliers and service providers within the industrial process chain, Digital Factory forms the connecting link between the physical factory and its digital counterpart.

Research & Technology is the leading Innovations Market for research facilities, universities and colleges. As a major platform for knowledge transfer between industry and science it attracts researchers, developers and designers from every area of industry, bringing R&D together with potential users. For many years Research & Technology has served as a highly effective interface between industry and research.

Knowledge Transfer at the Highest Level
Numerous special displays, presentations, congresses, panel discussions, seminars and workshops with top-flight speakers add to the reputation of HANNOVER MESSE as a unique international technology event. For scientists and decision-makers from business, politics and industry there is no better place to share ideas, new research findings and practical lessons learned from industrial applications. The WORLD ENERGY DIALOGUE is an outstanding example, with experts coming together to showcase and discuss the latest solutions for energy generation and distribution.

The Fascination of Technology:
TectoYou Captivates a Young Audience
"It is only through the efforts of highly qualified personnel that we are able to achieve what we do in terms of technology and engineering. If we want to perform well in the international marketplace we need a new generation of qualified, well trained young people," remarked Dr. Dietmar Harting, Chairman of the HANNOVER MESSE Exhibitors’ Committee and General Partner of HARTING KGaA (Espelkamp) - a supporter of the TectoYou initiative.
TectoYou - now in its fourth consecutive year at HANNOVER MESSE is aimed at school goers soon to begin their professional training and seeks to generate enthusiasm for careers in engineering and other technical fields. Guided Tours of HANNOVER MESSE, dialogue with industry experts and trainers on real-world practice, as well as the chance to obtain some hands-on experience serve to inspire younger visitors and highlight possible career options for the future.