Grundfos implements an energy labelling

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2005

Press event for journalists from Central and Eastern Europe organized by Grundfos

By Amelia Stoimenova

From 22nd to 23rd of June journalists from Central and Eastern Europe participated in press event, which has been organized by company Grundfos. The event was held in Grundfos Center, near to small Danish town Bjerringbro. The basic theme of the event has been the Grundfos’ initiative to implement a new European energy labelling of circulator pumps.“Why are we making this effort to lower energy consumption worldwide? It’s about thinking ahead toward the future while being responsible in our daily activities. The energy label will help create a shift in the pump market toward innovative products that take responsibility for our energy. With time, this movement will phase out older, more energy-consuming models. This benefits everyone”, said Mr. Jens Jorgen Madsen, Group President and CEO, Grundfos.

"The labelling scheme covers the entire EU. This has not been a simple task, as requirements and traditions for heating vary considerably among the individual European countries. It has taken 4 years to prepare the calculation methods used to determine whether a particular pump should be placed in one category or another. The pump industry has undertaken to develop the energy-labelling scheme. The labelling scheme complies with the principles of other EU energy labelling schemes with categories ranging from A to G and indicated by means of coloured arrows", said Group Executive Vice President Soren Sorensen.

"So far, 4 European pump manufacturers have committed themselves to furnish all of their circulator pumps with energy labels, however, the labelling scheme is expected to gain such great importance for consumers’ choices that other manufacturers will decide to join the agreement as well. In addition to Grundfos, the Danish pump manufacturer Smedegaard, Wilo from Germany and Circulating Pumps from the UK have acceded to the new standards. In total, the 4 companies cover approx. 80 per cent of the European market for circulator heating pumps", said Mr. Sorensen.