Galika, SEEIM - issue 1, 2015


Technology and industrial equipment

GALIKA is the official representative

for Bulgaria of the following

machine tool manufacturers:

• EDM die-sinking and wire cutting machines

• Laser ablasion and surface structuring machines

• Vertical high performance, high speed and standard

milling centers MIKRON. A part of GF MACHINING

SOLUTIONS Industrial Group


• External and internal cylindrical grinding machines

for cylindrical, contour and profile grinding

Schaudt Mikrosa

• Centerless grinding machines for plunged and through,

cylindrical and profile grinding

• Cam and cam-shaft grinding machines


• Flat and profile grinding machines for tool shops

and industrial production

• Highly productive single- and multi-spindle turn-milling

centers, flexible and highly productive

• Transferring machining centers for milling and turning

operations; dedicated for high volume production

• Milling centers for flexible multi-axis high dynamics

machining of big sized components

• Heavy-duty high-accuracy portal milling machines,

horizontal and vertical turning machines, shaft-grinding

machines for big-sized workpieces

A part of HERCULES Industrial Group

• Horizontal boring and milling machines

A part of HERCULES Industrial Group

• EDM Wires for wire cutting machines - performance,

standard and economic type

• Rotary table machining centers for turning and milling


A part of DVS Industrial Group

• Gear hobbing and cutting machines;

• Machines for milling, grinding and honing of profiles

A part of DVS Industrial Group

• Big-sized milling and turning machining centers

• Technologies and machine tools for turbine blade

and impeller profiles manufacturing

A part of GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS Industrial Group

• High-precusion and high-speed waterjet cutting

machines for small to medium sized components

• Spotting and try-out presses for manufacturing,

testing and repair of moulds and dies

• Industrial furnaces and automation lines for

heat treatment of components for industrial

and mould making applications

• Optical and multi-sensor coordinate measuring

machines with laboratory and industrial applications

for measurement and gauging

• Machine tool oriented modular CAM system with factory

built-in postprocessor for development of machining jobs

and NC-code generation

Galika-klon AD

6-B 6-ti septemvri Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 981 0976; Fax.: +359 2 980 5317