Frigomech SRL

MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2018

Frigomech SRL

Frigomech SRL is an engineering - contracting company specialized in industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning, industrial ventilation and cleanroom systems. The company prides itself on its longstanding experience in the food and pharmaceutical industries.



Frigomech has know-how in air conditioning, ventilation and cleanliness needs for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as for microelectronics, printing industry, water & soft-drinks production plants, winery & brewery and refrigerated logistic centers. It is a part of V. Bougatsos SA group, a leading Greek air-conditioning company, operating since 1988. V. Bougatsos SA has executed a number of projects for the pharmaceutical & food industry in Greece, South-East Europe and Africa.

Since 2002 Frigomech has completed substantial industrial HVAC & Refrigeration projects for various factories in Romania, such as CHIPITA SA Clinceni Ilfov (7days products), Cream Line SA Clinceni Ilfov (Finetti products), Karamolegkou Bakery Romania (Toast Bread products) Popesti Leordeni Ilfov and Best Foods Productions SRL, Bucharest (puffy snacks: Loto, Bestini), and continues to strengthen its activity offering innovative solutions in the Romanian market,” inform company representatives.