Food and beverage machine manufacturers in Serbia and Montenegro

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Machine building for food and beverage industry in Serbia and Montenegro currently consists about 20 companies. As everywhere these are different as size and ambition companies, but as it is typical for the region they for sure rely on highly educated and qualified technical engineers. Excellent quality and technical level and good price are typical for Serbian machines for food and beverage industry, said professionals in the field.

"This business in Serbia and Montenegro is still in a growing stage. I strongly believe it will seriously develop within next two years", said Mile Milanov, Manager of one of the most successful companies in Serbia and Montenegro - Mikro Kontrol, official OMRON distributor in the country and engineering company in the feild of industrial automation and power installations.

One of the most successful companies in the field of F&B machinery in the country is

Omni Projekt

from Novo Selo, Vrnjacka Banja, said local market experts. Company Omni Projekt is specialized in manufacture of packaging equipment for pharmaceutical, food, confectionery, chemical-technical and cosmetic products, as well as confectionery processing equipment. The data published on the company’s web site says that Omni Projekt is working on a broad range of product markets, and installed over 300 machines in Yugoslavia, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia (last site info updated in the end of 2000).

The product range of Omni Projekt company includes Fillers for powders, liquids, creams, pastes and slurries devoted to food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries; Form Fill and Seal Machines; Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machines; Bottling systems - complete bottling systems for the entire spectrum of packaging applications; Shrink Wrap Equipment - complete line of shrink wrap equipment: from small to semi-automatic high production systems; Conveyors - modular, expandable, conveying systems and conveyor parts; and Processing Equipment - a range of small scale process equipment - highly automated, reproducible and energy efficient dosing and dissolving systems for raw material batching.

A company from the same place - Novo Selo, Vrnjacka Banja, also named as one of the most respectful in the country, is


The company activity includes manufacture of machines and production lines for food and chemical industry. Among the topics of Tehnomatik product programme are process lines for production and packaging, automated lines for dosing and packaging, semi-automated machines for dosing, others as automated labeling machines, mixers, elevators, etc.

Based in nice Kragujevac,


is one of the mostly well-known food machine manufacturers in Serbia&Montenegro. Company PAK PROMET is specialized in research, development, design, production, placement, engineering and services for various types of filling and packaging machines for liquid and grain products - milk, yogurt, juices, creams, powder materials, cheese, grain, mayonnaise, honey, etc., says one of the best done web sites of the companies in this business. According to the info published, recently on the 72nd International fair of Agriculture in Novi Sad (14-21 May 2005) company had presented apart of MONOPAK 4500 machine, also a three part automatic line for packaging of milk and milk products into bottles of 0.5 and 1 littler, with capacity of 3000 pieces per hour, which consists of: brand new PERPAK 3000 for cleaning and sterilization of bottles, SEBOPAK 3000 for filling and closing and TERMOPAK 650 for group packaging into thermocontrucing packaging.

One of the most interesting Serbian companies is specialized in production of processing equipment for the drink industry


is based in Dasnica, near Aleksandrovac. It produces Bottle cleaners; Filling machines; Capping machines; Labeling machines; Shrink tunnels and the complete lines. According to the well organized, multilanguage company web site, annually, the firm produces even 5 complete automatic lines from 1000 l/h to 6000 l/h for the production and filling of beverages, in containers made of glass and plastic.

Company from Kragujevac


started in 1990 with the main purpose to provide services in the area of production and repairing industrial machines, devices and tools. For the period of 10 years, from the small workshop the company raised in to the modern small factory, which is organized to give services from ideas, design and manufacturing to building in equipment, animation of equipment and services, says the company web site. Nowadays, Masing is producing machines for: production of "ADING" rolls; banding Al profiles; production of DOYPACK AND CHEERPACK pouches; production of LABELS in the form of tubes; equipment for infusing of beer; cutting and squeezing of cardboard; preparing and dosing of cream.

 List of manufacturers of F&B machines in Serbia and Montenegro
  • CARBO CONCEPT, Pancevo
  • DUKARELI, Coka
  • JEKIC & SIN, Kragujevac
  • MASING, Kragujevac
  • OMNIPROJEKT, Vrnjacka Banja
  • PAK PROMET, Kragujevac
  • PROTEHEL, Beograd
  • SIGMA PROCES, Pozarevac
  • TEHNOMATIK, Vrnjacka Banja
  • TEHNOMETAL, Alexandrovac
  • TRASING, Stalac
  • VELPAK, Kikinda