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The Serbian machinebuilding industry produces every kind of machinery and equipment required for food and beverage manufacture and most parts and accessories. Bakery and pasta making machinery, industrial machinery for food and drink preparation, machinery for extraction/preparation of fats and oils, cacao and confectionery machinery, fruit juice and beverages, pasteurizers and sterilizers, bottling systems for the entire spectrum of packaging applications, packaging machines for various types of products (powder, granular, liquid, creamy and other products), several types of mills, conveyors and mixers, dairy machinery, cream separators and brewery machinery are the main food and beverage processing machinery and equipment produced in Serbia.

The majority of food and beverage machine manufacturers range from small to medium sized companies. The line of products manufactured by the companies varies substantially from highly automated equipment to manual and basic models. Moreover, food and beverage machinery manufacturers are increasingly focusing on research and development in an attempt to comply with the demand for more sophisticated machinery and greater flexibility. The article lists major Serbian manufacturers of food and beverage machines, information about each company based on company’s websites and a short review of their product portfolio.

Carbo Concept is production-exporting company with over 20 years of experience. The company is specialized in engineering and production of PET stretch blow molding machines. Its production program has three basic models: automatic machines "Compact A4", "Butterfly 1200" and half automatic "Semiautomat" machine. By modification of these three basic models, the company successfully meets even very specific customer’s requirements with references in over 37 countries all over the world.

Serbian company Dukareli is special purpose equipment manufacturer for food industry: conveyor systems, chocolate and coating coolers, conveyors for packaging purposes, sweet and salty minicracker preporation lines, gum and jelfeeding equipment, waffle slicer, powdery product filled bags’ formating and seeling equipment, cocao cream production system, etc.

Serbian company Masing was founded at the beginning of 1990 with the main purpose to give services in the area of production and repairing of industrial machines, devices and tools.
During the period of 10 years, from the small workshop the company raised to the modern small factory, which is organized to give services from ideas, design and manufacturing to building in equipment, animation of equipment and services. Company continuously cooperates with Mechanical faculty in Kragujevac.

OmniProjekt from Novo Selo, Vrnjacka Banja is one of the most successful companies in the field of F&B machinery in Serbia. Company is specialized in manufacture of packaging equipment for pharmaceutical, food, confectionery, chemical-technical and cosmetic products, as well as confectionery processing equipment. The data published on the company’s web site says that Omni Projekt is working on a broad range of product markets and installes many machines in Europe.

The product range of Omni Projekt company includes fillers for powders, liquids, creams, pastes and slurries devoted to food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries; form fill and seal machines; vertical form fill and seal machines; bottling systems - complete bottling systems for the entire spectrum of packaging applications; shrink wrap equipment - complete line of shrink wrap equipment: from small to semi-automatic high production systems; conveyors - modular, expandable, conveying systems and conveyor parts; and processing equipment - a range of small scale process equipment - highly automated, reproducible and energy efficient dosing and dissolving systems for raw material batching.

Based in Kragujevac, PAK PROMET is one of the most well-known food machine manufacturers in Serbia. The company  is specialized in research, development, design, production, placement, engineering and services for various types of filling and packaging machines for liquid and grain products - milk, yogurt, juices, creams, powder materials, cheese, grain, mayonnaise, honey, etc.

In the 2011, the company started with the production of PESET 6000 MG line, designed for disinfection, filling and closing of PET bottles for non - carbonated and carbonated juices and syrups. In 2012, the company started production of MONOPAK 1500 10P clean, a production machine for the cream filling buckets of 0,7 - 1 liter, as well as TERMOPAK 12000 W for collective packing in the thermo shrinking foil with the capacity of 12000 per hour ( wraparound ), both of them for the company "Meggle". Current innovation in manufacturing is MONOPAK 1500 10 SS T UP clean for packing of fresh cheese in a bowl of 0,50 - 1,00 a kilogram.

The company was established in 1997. It employs 20 personnel. PROTEHEL is specialized in designing and engineering of distribution systems, transformer stations, industrial gear, equipment for local and remote supervision and government, as well as the automation process, etc. The company is offering production, installation and maintenance of completely automated CIP (Cleaning in Place) process with one, two or more washing lines with automated dosage of acid and soda. Among its special products are feed mixers used for addition of products, such as fruit, juices and fruit mash into milk or dairy products (fermented or raw cheeses). PROTEHEL’s equipment is used in all distinguished juice enterprises and dairies in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, etc.

SIGMA PROCESS was established in 1993. The decade of activity and a high level of knowledge, quality, design, reliability and professionalism have resulted in numerous awards, which rank the company among the leading manufacturers of machinery in Eastern Europe.
Its product range consist of automatic horizontal packaging systems; automatic horizontal flow pack packing machine; automatic vertical packaging machine; automatic X - PACK machines for packing biscuits, wafers; automatic X - PACK machines for cellophane; semi-automatic packing machine; process technology and equipment for the confectionery industry, etc.

Privately owned company Tehnomatik was established in 1995 its headquarters is in Novo Selo, near the Vrnjacka Banja in Serbia. Core business of the company is production of machines for processing, pumping, dispensing and packaging of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry products. Most of the products are exported in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, Germany.

Tehnomatik production program is focused on systems for production and packaging of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry products and is very diverse in terms of individual machines and in the field of production lines which round out the complete technological process in centers for packaging. The basis of its production program consists of automatic and semiautomatic packaging machines for various types of products (powder, granular, liquid, creamy and other products), and several types of mills, conveyors and mixers as well as thermo tunnels, welders, inflation machines, cellophane machines, etc.

is based in Dasnica, near Aleksandrovac. The Serbian company is specialized in production of processing equipment for the drink industry. It produces bottle cleaners; filling machines; capping machines; labeling machines; shrink tunnels and the complete lines.

Company TRASING was founded in 1984. In beginning its main activity was repairs and maintenance of components for mobile machinery and industrial plants. In subsequent years company went on to manufacture hydraulic and transmission parts for heavy machinery: loaders, excavators, bulldozers, dumpers etc. In 1995 company entered into area of internal material handling and, step by step, developing different types of conveyors. In following years company specialized to solve material handling problems and gradually extending sources in that direction: establishing design dpt., building plant for conveyor production, building plant for assembling and testing, and establishing partnership with world leaders in area of conveyor components.

Text and picture source: listed companies websites

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