Filip Shkembov, IKIS SL: We are investing in the development of a modular system for LED lighting fixtures

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Filip Shkembov, Manager of IKIS SL

Please present your company briefly: production, activities, product range.
IKIS SL is a company that was incorporated 16 years ago with the idea of providing customers with a new approach to lighting equipment. Our main activities consist in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling lighting fixtures.

The main advantages of these products are their European origin and high quality at a reasonable price. Combined with modern light sources, they remain unequalled on the market. As a reference for the technical characteristics of our luminaries, I would point to the fact that many lighting designers use them to demonstrate the possibilities to achieve high energy efficiency to investors.

A competitive advantage for our company is the close cooperation with PHILIPS Lighting. Our OEM partnership allows us to incorporate PHILIPS’ innovative solutions in our products. In view of increasing our competitiveness and modernizing our production, we gradually replace our equipment by highly productive and efficient high-tech machines.

Tell us about your latest investments in production.
Trying to always have an adequate response to the market demand, IKIS SL invests in the development of new models of lighting fixtures that use the latest generation light-emitting diodes by PHILIPS.

Right now, we are investing in a project for development of a modular LED lighting system of fixtures that can be connected in series to cover larger areas. Furthermore, we work on developing an innovative production process that simplifies the design of lighting fixtures and prevents the use of unnecessary materials and parts, thus reducing the assembly cost. We are also working on introducing new systems for faster, cheaper and safer assembly of lighting fixtures.

Which international markets have you already conquered?
Our company is the main supplier of lighting fixtures for the Burger King chain of restaurants. This project is of key importance to us as it presents the company in many countries, including Germany, England, the Netherlands, Malta, Kazakhstan, and so on.

How do you see the development of lighting equipment offering in respect of products and services?
Unfortunately, the criteria for demand and supply of lighting equipment in Bulgaria follow the world trends with a delay of 2 years. Much of the manufacturers in the industry rely on the cheapest and most showy solutions that are not always professional. The good thing is that in recent years more and more Bulgarian companies are visiting world exhibitions of lighting equipment and are trying to complete their product ranges with modern and innovative products.

Which are the principal criteria that investors and end users apply to the selection of lighting equipment?
Investors’ choice of lighting solutions is based mostly on the following criteria: application, initial investment cost, operation, and maintenance of the equipment. In respect of application, the desired level and quality of illumination is of key importance. That is where new technologies are useful as they allow creating specific illumination levels using the net power of the lamps.

Not less significant are the initial cost and the operation and maintenance costs, as most high-luminosity and long operational life lamps are expensive. Here investors’ choice relies mostly on energy efficiency, environmental impact, dimming capacity and cost-effectiveness. The number of investors who pay attention to the origin and to the EMS (Environmental Management System) certification of manufacturers is increasing.

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