Farnell launches new range of accessories for Cinterion Wireless Modules

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 5/2009

Farnell has announced the availability of a new range high quality accessories to support Wireless M2M applications based around the market leading Cinterion Wireless Module Range. The new range of products includes innovative solutions for integrating Cinterion Modules on the PCB, IP67- rated antenna cable assemblies and GSM antenna, and an IP67-rated industrial enclosure ideal for pilot programs in M2M applications for remote monitoring and control, tracking and tracing, and security and smart metering. By using a combination of Farnell’s IP67-rated antenna and bulkhead panel connectors on the antenna cables, a waterproof solution that protects equipment from damage due to moisture and dust ingress can be achieved. The new range of PCB mounting solutions offered by Farnell for Cinterion Wireless Modules provides reduced cost-of-ownership, additional grounding and robust module PCB placement.
The newly designed PCB integration clips provide design engineers with a secure mounting solution that improves reliability in high vibration environments without the need for screws to attach the module to the PCB. The clips incorporate ventilation features to allow effective heat dissipation from the module. They also include an easy module insertion / release feature to lessen the risk of damage to expensive modules during insertion or removal operations. The new clips are available in two configurations allowing them to be used with MC75i, TC63i, TC65i, and MC55i Cinterion modules.