Endrich`s presence on the display and embedded computer market

Electronics Company articlesSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2018


Dipl.Ing. Zoltan Kiss Sales manager East Europe, Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH


How is Endrich’s presence in the display market?

Endrich is a leading electronic component distributor and design-in house with a long history of over 40 years, based in Nagold, Germany. We are listed among Europe’s top ten distributors on this field, and our presence in the EEU countries is also growing in importance. We act as the local technical department of our suppliers, do component distribution, being able to offer technical solutions to our clients as well as tailor-made logistics services.

Endrich is one of the major display solution provider on the market offering solutions from simple monochrome segment base or graphics LCD glasses, a big range of TFT-modules (without touch, with resistive or projective-capacitive touch), as well as OLEDs. The portfolio includes industrial and sunlight readable TFTs with a long term availability.

Recently Endrich extended its portfolio with embedded solutions. In the range of embedded boards we offer Single Board Computers as well as Computer-on-Modules. All types have a good long-term availability. Being active in the Bulgarian market since 12 years, we have long term relation with number of local companies, and we expect to exceed the turnover of 1.5 MEurs in 2018 with conventional components, our plan is to create also remarkable success with our display solutions.

Can you describe the technical support you are able to offer?

All our sales people are educated electrical engineers. We continuously offer trainings to them as well as we put emphasis to educate our customers. We often organize technical days, and recently issued a book, a collection of my technical articles addressing the electronic design engineers to help them finding right solutions for their everyday challenges. We have also a number of readers in Bulgaria, and hope for having more of them, as we distribute this book free of charge in print and as on-line media. We offer to our customers technical material, discussions, solutions, usually free product samples, later professional logistics support and reliable long-term partnership.

On what kind of products does Endrich earn main part of turnover, and what are the ones for the future?

We distribute components of a large variety, from simplest passive components to high standard sensor solutions. Our main activities are focused on five area: passive components, optoelectronics, sensors, electro-mechanics and high frequency components. Number of Bulgarian companies consider using our parts already and we work on enlarging the interest.

As being recently active on the display and embedded solution field, I would like to emphasize one of our special product families, which is the DLOGIC Smart Displays. This technology helps in achieving fast time-to-market to manufacturers of several end products, which need a reliable human - machine interface, a bright and vandal proof display with a capacitive touch panel embedded.

What does phrase ""Smart Display"" mean?

In traditional equipments engineers used to integrate TFT panels, that require a certain level of knowledge of both hardware and software design, production experience and usually require special care to build in. It is easy to make mistakes or failing design. With using smart displays, - which are in fact Linux based panel computers - the need of hardware design can be minimized, the ""look-and-feel"" of the human-machine interface solution can be optimized with software only.

The development time reduced and the professional display will satisfy all the users. The solution is robust, reliable and easy to implement. It is able to offer a 21st century ""keypad"" solution with video streaming and other fancy possibilities making able to use them in harsh industrial environment such as car wash, manufacturing hall, nautical or in outdoor wending machine or even laboratory / medical applications.

These closed embedded solutions are available in patented aluminum-housing as well as different performance levels of the ARM Freescale CPUs

What if customers do not require ARM technology, but prefer x86 based Intel solutions?

For a lot of our customers it is not enough to have a smart display board, they require more calculation power, Windows support , larger industrial screens , and run their own programs on an industry standard panel PC. Therefore Endrich started a partnership with Faytech, a reliable manufacturer of industrial grade panel PCs and extreme reliable touch monitors. We provide access to our customers to the broad line of Faytech Industrial product such as industrial docking computers and docking LCD touch panels and we also provide technical and design-in support. This revolutionary Touch PC technology is the perfect solution for any industrial applications. With the closely fitting 100-pin docking station connector on the back-case, the PC is connected to the LCD Panel and held in place by magnets. The strong fitting metal frame on aluminum case and the edge-to-edge cover glass on the display make the device neat-looking and modern.

Every touch display model is built for reliability and extended service (at least 30,000 hours). The unit has an industrial HD LCD panel with energy-efficient LED backlight technology, A+ quality, wide viewing angle and equipped with multi touch panel, which in combination creates a perfect interactive solution for machine control or any other related application. The small industrial PC is powered by the brand new fay-003 industrial mainboard with Intel® Atom™ Apollo Lake N3350 processor and Intel® HD Graphics chipset. It has pre-installed Linux Ubuntu, integrated Wi-Fi, USB ports, serial connectors, as well as several audio, video and many more connector ports.

I would ask the readers to inquire more information from our office, we may also offer local trainings and live demonstration on site about the possibilities of this technology.