EM-TEK LTD, SEEIM - issue 4, 2017


Quality CNC Routers at reasonable

price from EM-TEK

EM-TEK LTD, established in 2007, manufacture large work area high quality CNC routers for preffesionals in advertising, woodprocessing, prototyping and many other industries. The company recently introduced its latest addition to their CNC machines. The DeskMASTER DM500 desktop CNC Mill stands out with its unique design. Equipped with a 1.4kW / 18 000 rpm spindle, linear guides, ballscrew and a heavyweight aluminum body, this compact machine boasts enviable accuracy, reliability and precision in handling various materials including - aluminum, plywood, plastics, wood and other. DeskMASTER has built-in 4-axis CNC controller with TFT display, MPG wheel for fast and accurate positioning, automatic tool length measurement function and all the functionality you can expect from high-end machine. Closed design allows isolation from dust. The machine is suitable for both beginers and professionals. It is convenient for drilling, engraving, 2D / 3D milling of PCBs, enclosures for electronic devices, various kinds of prototypes, and any other details that can fit into its working area of 435x285x85mm (X / Y / Z) mm.

Supports a fourth rotating (A) axis.

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