ELMARK with office in Serbia

EventsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2006

As a result of good achievements last year, Elmark opens an office and a store in Kragujevac, Serbia, announced from ELMARK. Mr. Zoran Milosevic will stand at the head of Sale department in Serbian office. “He has a long experience as a dealer of electrical materials and equipment and good qualification to realize a prosperity of the Serbian branch office”, said from ELMARK.

New office main purposes will be improving the sales and organizing a distribution network in Serbia. Other important tasks are covering of maximum corporative clients and taking a good place in Serbian electrical equipment market.

ELMARK GROUP INDUSTRIES LLC, USA has a wide range of products: circuit breakers, residual current devices, high capacity circuit breakers, AC contactors, magnetic starters for electromotors, electrical switches and sockets, current transformers and other articles related to electrical equipment and low voltage electrical networks. Selling of the Elmark products in Serbia was increased after opening the factory in Bulgaria. “The factory has international certificate for quality ISO 9001:2000, issued by BVQI organization, and the production is tested by authorized laboratories. That made possible prolonging the term of the guarantee of products made in Europe to 3 years.

Circuit breakers, thermomagnetic circuit breakers, sockets, AC contactors and magnetic starters are the best selling products.

“Serbian market is perspective, with high potential and good opportunities. We hope that expected development of Serbian economic will strengthen our efforts and make advantage for achieving stable enlargement of sales in long-term plan”, said Mr. Zoran Milosevic, sales manager.