MachinesIndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2014

ELMAKSAN was established in 1957 as a workshop for repair of broken electric motors, by electrician Mustafa Ertekin. After joining of the well educated sons of Mr. Ertekin, company strarted to produce own submersible pumps and electrical motors which can work under the water. The manufacturing activities created new trademark. Elmaksan produced submersible pumps under the brand name of Elmaksan.

"The location of the factory makes it easy to sell pumps, because Sanliurfa is the biggest pump market of the Turkey. Our pumps fulfilled the needs of domestic farmers who are irrigating cotton yarns. Also, well produced products reduced technological dependence of the country and prevented monopolism of the well known companies. Geographical location helps us to export 30% of our products in Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Turkish Republics near Russia.

Elmaksan has 23000 m2 open field and manufacturing building on 4600 m2 covered area. In that building we produce pumps by the corporation of 70 people containing engineers, technicians, workers and experienced apprentices. We give great importance on continuous educating of the stuff. Also we have TSE (Turkish Standard Institute) and ISO 9001 quality certificates. Our ISO 9001 certificate is validated by RWTUV System GmbH. Additionally we produce pumps according to CE concepts.

In 2004 we used governmental aids and appreciated to employ qualified technical stuff. Then we started to use CAD-CAM technologies in production line and increased the quality level of our products. Innovative philosophy and well educated stuff created successful models and developed the product range of the company. We claim that we are defining the standards of the pump industry in Turkey.

Elmaksan has automation system for production, CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, etc. We also help manufacturers for their metal works. Our experienced operation team manufacture our customers metal works rapidly, economically and cheaply for reducing technological dependence of the industry. We also produce moulds for plastic injection machines", the company said.