Elica Elevator , SEEIM - issue 3, 2017


The installations by Elica-Elevator optimize the manufacturing processes

Elica-Elevator LTD was established in 2007, yet the production line has been running since 2000. The manufactured equipment is presented by this trademark at local and international exhibitions, such as AGRITECHNICA (Hannover, Germany), INDAGRA (Bucharest, Romania ), International Technical Fair Plovdiv (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), etc.

The headquarters and the warehouses together with the whole manufacturing process are based in a small town in the Northeastern part of Bulgaria - Silistra. Elica-Elevator LTD designs, manufactures and delivers equipment for transporting, cleaning, sorting, grading, dehulling, seed treating, cooling and packing grains and other materials in bulk.

The company offers full installations and individual machine including bucket elevators; chain, screw and belt conveyors, sweep conveyors for silos; fine and pre-cleaning, grading machines; color sorting machines; cyclones, and storage bins/hoppers operate at full capacity in over fifteen countries. The engineering team of Elica-Elevator also develops grain flow systems with pipes and valves for distributing and redirecting the transported material in bulk.

The installations built by Elica-Elevator LTD achieve optimal mechanization and optimization of the manufacturing processes throughout the whole production line. The large range of sizes and capacities of the great performance machineries enables our clients to completely personalize their installations. Thus, they improve their product quality while increasing productivity and lowering costs.

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