TLL Media will dedicate the November issue (4/2019) of SEEIM to the topic "PCB PRODUCTION AND ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY SERVICES IN BULGARIA". Learn how to participate in the article HERE...
Zero-Drift Amplifiers offer superior precision at the cost of time domain performance. More on that topic you can find in the newest issue 3/2019 of the South-East European Industrial Market magazine...
IFA Berlin showcased the latest innovations in consumer electronics.More on the highlights of the trade fair you may find in the latest issue 3/2019 of SEEIM here...
With the rapidly accelerating growth of IoT endpoints and increased concerns around security breaches, design engineers are looking for solutions. Find more here...
For some time now, passive matrix OLED (PMOLED) displays have been hugely popular, for example in the industrial sector. More on their specifics and advantages you may read here...


Design separately, integrate seamlessly
System developers designing high-end embedded control applications with multiple software teams can now benefit from a new family of dual-core Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) in a single chip, enabling easier ... more
Horticulture lighting
Horticulture lighting refers to the illumination of plants with artificial light to achieve both faster and targeted growth; specifically aimed, for example, at bud development and fruit ripening. Light stimulates ... more
The power of autonomous peripherals: achieving low-power in real time
With CIPsthe microcontroller doesn’t need to interact with the Central Processing Unit (CPU) to executing tasks. ... more

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LATEST issue 3/2019

issue 3-2019


It is much more complicated to calculate how does a certain cooling fan act in a specific system arrangement. To step forward we need to know the non-linear relationship between ... more
Full range service portfolio covers product development, proto manufacturing, production series and product maintenance ... more
Rommtech-3S will be exhibiting for 6th consecutive year in Munich. ... more
Largonet Ltd. is a family company, founded in 2005 in Varna, Bulgaria. ... more

We expect further growth in the EEU area

We expect further growth in the EEU area

Endrich is a mid-size German family owned company with over 40 years experience in the business, holding top 10 position among Europe’s component distribution. ... more

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