Electronics and Electrical Engineering Industry of Slovenia

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 3/2007

Bs.c.El.eng. Janez Renko

General - introduction

The Slovenian Electronics and Electrical Engineering Industry boasts a long industrial tradition in the field of design, development and production of electrical components, electrical machines and devices as well as electronic components, appliances and systems. Considerable professional expertise in the fields of modern, up to date technologies and product development as well as that of highest international quality standards and specifications rendered possible a successful presence on both European and world markets.

Supported by its own expertise, this industry has been successfully filling international market niches, particularly in the fields of electrical motors and electric machinery; household appliances; telecommunication equipment; electronic measuring, medical and optical equipment; than power distribution equipment and control systems; and electronic components.

The mastery of both the entire quality process as well as environmental issues is reflected in numerous issued certificates of conformity according to standards ISO 9000 and 14000, as well as VDA 6.1 and QS 9000.

The Slovenian Electronics and Electrical Engineering Industry is today included in global supply chains and technology partnerships with its customers in automotive industry, industry of white goods, electronic systems and apparatus producers as well as in installations and power supply management systems. Its products fulfil all the demanding regulations concerning environmental regulations regarding product technology (EU directives RoHS, WEEE and EuP) as well as established quality standards (ISO; VDA; etc.)

Economic data

The Slovenian electronics and electrical engineering industry, characterised by its predominant export orientation, recorded, in 2006, a total foreign market trade revenue of 2,566 billion EUR (according to current exchange rates), which represents a share some 20% of the total export of goods and services by the Slovenian manufacturing industry.

The share of net sale income within the total revenue generated by export is 71%, compared to the respective share of 29% in the selling on the national market.

The staff of 36,588 people of the 782 companies, of which 46 are large, 28 medium and 708 small sized enterprises generated a total income of 3,721 billion EUR in 2006.

As regards the exports, the electronics and electrical engineering industry predominant orientation are the most demanding markets of the industrialized countries both in EU zone and globally. The operations on the markets of South-Eastern Europe, and in particular Russia, as well as of the Near and Middle East and in Central and Eastern Europe are gaining momentum.

Companies – long tradition on world markets

Several companies such as Gorenje; than companies which were once constituent parts of Iskra, i.e. Iskra-Avtoelektrika, Iskraemeco, Iskratel, Iskra Sistemi, Iskra-Kondenzatorji and others; ETI Izlake, Domel, Kolektor Pro, Rotomatika, etc. have all achieved market recognition, many of them through their own trademarks, which along with the guarantee of high quality products represent the key elements of long-term success.

Present on the world markets are companies in complete Slovenian ownership (Gorenje, Iskra Avtoelektrika, Domel, companies members of Hidria Corporation, etc.), Slovenian companies under mixed ownership (i.e. Iskratel), which were the result of a long partnerships with foreign multinationals, and companies in complete foreign ownership, i.e. Danfoss Compressors, ETA Cerkno, BSH Hisni aparati, Nazarje, Danfoss Trata, Hella Lux Slovenija which are respected members of international corporations.

In addition to large companies, also small and medium-sized companies are present on world markets, either as suppliers of their own finished products (for instance Metrel Horjul, Hyla Crnuce, LE-TEHNIKA Kranj, Optotek) or as producers of components for automotive and electronics industry (AKA PCB Lesce; Intec Tiv, Iskra Mehanizmi, Atech, Iskra Bovec and others).

Product range overview

The electronics and electrical engineering industry manufactures the following types of products:

• electrical machines and apparatus: asynchronous, small all-purpose and DC motors, electronically commutated motors, brush-less motors, transformers, static inverters;

• telecommunication devices and equipment: digital public and private telephone equipment (HW &SW), ISDN telephone exchanges and networks, GSM equipment, equipment for optical communications, radio and encoded communication equipment;

• electrical household appliances: washing machines, cookers, freezers and refrigerators, heating devices, vacuum cleaners and small household appliances;

• electrical equipment for motor vehicles: ignition devices, motor vehicle electronic devices, drive motors, lighting fixtures, mobile hydraulics, alternators, starters for road vehicles;

• measuring devices: electricity power meters, automatic scales, electronic digital and analogue measuring instruments, other measuring equipment;

• electro-optical devices and systems: industrial and medical lasers, laser measuring devices and other optical and medical devices;

• electrical and electronic components: capacitors, resistors, fuses and automatic circuit breakers, safety switches, contactors, relays, varistors, sensors;

• satellite receivers, aerial systems and equipment;

• lighting fixtures, luminaries and wiring materials, electrical hand-held tools;

• lead batteries, dry cells;

• process automation systems, robot-driven cells, measuring and regulation equipment;

• power grid control equipment, road and railway traffic control systems;

• electronic manufacturing services: design, procurement & manufacturing of electronic sub-assemblies, functional blocks. Production programs.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering Association

The Electronic and Electrical Engineering Association operates in the framework of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and represents interests of vast majority of all size companies towards governmental and other institutions in the Republic of Slovenia and towards trade unions as employers association. The association is member of EU trade associations and confederations (e.g. Orgalime) representing electrical and electronics industry on European and global level which regards technical an environmental regulations, technical standards, trade conditions and trade protection measures (IPR, anti- counterfeiting measures) and other issues to support better competitiveness of the industry. Association promotes the technological and innovation process through connecting companies for technology research programmes, promoting also technical professions in engineering and updated skills training programmes. It also supports trade and promotion of its members on various levels, especially when entering new markets.

Author Mr. Janez Renko, Bs.c.El.eng. is director of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Association, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

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