Endrich demonstrates the process of developing connected "smart" devices, applying E-IoT in practice, through the "smart" doorbell project. More about this interesting technology initiative you may learn from the latest issue 1/2022 of SEEIM here...
How does the pandemic accelerate the shift to machine learning and edge IoT? Rod Drake, vice president at Microchip Technology, answers this interesting question especially for the readers of SEEIM here...
The Turkish electronics industry began to develop rapidly in the second half of the 80’s. Today there are approximately 2033 manufacturing companies in the field of electronics in the country. More about the current state of PCB manufacturing in Turkey read in the newest issue 1/2022...
The editorial "Equipment and services for electronics production in Bulgaria" overviews some important historical and process-specific factors to the electronics sector, as well as current production and market statistics. Read the article here...
The industry has come a long way in understanding how electronic devices are impacted by electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). More on the topic read in the detailed article here...


Connected "smart" devices – Applying E-IoT in practice – The "smart" doorbell project
Using an NB-IoT SIM card we can send in the status of the push switch to the Cloud Database at every moment the button is pushed. Our app on the ... more
Sibel – high quality materials for production of PCB
Sibel offers CDM materials with high temperature resistance, good fabrication qualities, chemical resistance, electrostatic dissipative properties and properties allowing sensor detection ... more
nvSRAM – the non-volatile SRAM memory in the Endrich program
The non-volatile SRAMs from Anvo-Systems combine two technologies, CMOS-SRAM and SONOS (Silicon-Oxide-Nitride-Oxide-Silicon) non-volatile memory into a new technology that has better features than the two standalone technics together. ... more

LATEST issue 1/2022

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As a technology company driven by technological innovation, Antelope Audio strives to create a product that brings back what has been lost in the analogue world without losing what has ... more

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Cable harness manufacturing in Bulgaria

Cable harness manufacturing in Bulgaria

The activities of the major part of the companies operating in Bulgaria are directed towards the manufacturing of cable harnesses for the automotive industry with main clients such as Volkswagen ... more
PCB and EMS Industry in Bulgaria

PCB and EMS Industry in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian electronic industry has longstanding traditions and is supported by experienced and highly qualified workforce. The Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) is a dynamically developing pillar of the Bulgarian electronic ... more

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