Electronic scales production in Bulgaria

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The market review "Electronic Scales Production in Bulgaria" covers a large number of manufacturing companies. Its purpose is to outline the current status and trends in the production of electronic scales in Bulgaria.

ATARK is specialized in manufacturing, importing and maintenance of weighing systems and is a representative for Bulgaria of world-famous companies such as Cardinal/ Detecto Scale Co. - USA, CAS Corporation - South Korea, Rice Lake Weighing Systems - USA, KERN - Germany and others.

Its product portfolio includes truck scales; tailroad truck scales; еlectronic platform scales; crane scales; band scales; systems for batching and control. The company also offers laboratory equipment and packing machines, vacuum machines and meat mincing and slicing machines produced by Medoc and Braher, Spain.

BDM ENGINEERING was founded in 2006 as a direct successor of "Balance" - Lyaskovetz. The company employs professionals with over 40 years experience in scales production.

BMD Engineering provides design, installation, maintenance, repair and modernization of all types of electronic and mechanical truck scales, industrial scales and weight. It offers absolutely full range scales from 30 kg to 60 t, which have passed the tests at the National Centre of Meteorology.

BIMCO Electronic Scales Factory is established in 1990 by experienced professionals in the area of computing and measuring equipment. BIMCO produces electronic scales with a range starting from milligrams to hundreds of tons.

 BIMCO resolves any engineering issues in the area of weight measurement. BIMCO has a Certificate № 038-282 / 10.06.2011 for Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 and Manufacturing Quality System Approval № BG-Q-07-003 / 12.11.2007, rev. A. This allows the company to perform the testing and the marking (the initial verification) of it’s manufactured non-automatic instruments. Also BIMCO has several EC Type-Approvel Certificates.

Daisy Technology is specialized in developing, producing and distribution of electronic products. The company is a leading provider of electricity metering solutions for residential and commercial customers, from static meters to data collection and intelligent metering solutions for utilities.

Its energy meters and AMR systems are successfully running in over 25 countries around the world such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Bangladesh etc.

Daisy Technology is one of the biggest producers and integrators of complete retail equipment solutions comprising of latest generation electronic cash registers, fiscal and POS printers, POS equipment, electronic retail scales in South Eastern Europe.

DATECS was founded in 1990 by a group of research specialists from the Institute of Applied Cybernetics at the Bulgarian Academy of Science. Its product range includes cash registers and electronic scales, working in conjunction with a cash register and label printer; fiscal, "kitchen", label and ESC/ POS printers; POS Related Equipment, ect.

Elicom electronic was founded in 1993 by a group of young engineers specialized in design and manufacturing of digital electronic devices for weighting and control. In 2000 company launched series of retail digital scales EVL with range from 3kg to 30kg.

The retail scales were followed by platform scales with max load of 5,000kg and also truck scales with max load of 80t. In order to fulfil its portfolio of digital scales the company introduced pallet scales, transpallet scales, crane scales and dosing scales for the industry.

In 2001 the whole process from designing to manufacturing was certified with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems, which confirmed with the quality of the products manufactured by Elicom electronic Ltd.

According to the European Directive 90/384/EEC in 2007 the products manufactured by the company received CE - "European metrological certificate" allowing Elicom electronic Ltd. to sell its products in all countries members of the European Union.

ESIT is a leading company in the field of weighing. Company manufacturers electronical systems used in industrial applications: platform scales; truck scales; railway scales; axle weighing scales; monorail scales; tank weighing systems; conveyor belt scales; check weighers; filling, discharging and batching systems; bagging systems and various custom weighing systems.

Libra Instruments is  specialized in manufacturing, installation, commissioning and service of industrial weighing scales & systems.

The company is able to deliver a wide range of high quality products thanks of the partnership with leading weighing equipment suppliers like Flintec, Dini Argeo, VEI, S-E-G, Leon Engineering and others.

Its product portfolio includes: Beltweigher & flow scales: beltweigher for different belt widths, flow scales on Coriolis principle, impact weighers;

Bench & floor scales: floor scales pitless and with pit, low profile scales with ramps, pallet scale, heavy industrial floor scales, floor scales for long materials, reconstruction and modernization of existing one;

Mobile & on-board scales: crane scales, pallet truck scales, forklift scales, wheel loader scales; Truck scales: axleload scales (stationary or mobile), full lenght mobile truck scale with steel ramps, reconstruction & modernization of existing mechanical or electronic truck scales to the latest technology;

Railway scales: reconstruction & modernization of existing mechanical or electronic truck scales to the latest technology;

Hanging scales: crane scales, dynamometers, monorail scales; ATEX scales for hazardous areas: bench and floor scales, crane scales, pallet truck scales, weighing components;

Weighing components: loadcells, weigh modules, weighing indicators, remote displays, junction boxes, overvoltage protection devices;

Reference weights: single weights from 1mg to 20kg and weight sets (accuracy class M1, F1, F2, E2) with calibration cerificate (option), manipulation accessories.

The main markets of the company are agriculture sector, power generation industry, mineral, coopper and coal mines, chemical industry, food processing industry.

The most innovative product in its scales portfolio are modular beltweighers, flow scales on centripetal force principle, self service terminals for weighbridges. The future plans of Libra includes self verification of non-automatic scales.

Marie Bentz was one of the first Bulgarian companies in the field of industrial weighing and measuring equipment, established in 1990 with site in Burgas. Since its establishment Marie Bentz manufactures and installs high quality truck electronic scales, railway scales and platform scales by European standards.

Major markets for the production of Marie Bentz are Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania. Marie Bentz is certified by international quality standards ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO / IEC 17 025:2005.

Mega Test-Bulgaria is a manufacturer and distributor of trade, technical, industrial, truck and monorail scales.

The company is engaged in the design and manufacture of non-standard weighing equipment, the dosing and automation of production lines. It also manufactures standard scales for control and service needs and also all kinds of software in the field of weighing, dosing and automation.

Its weighing equipment has been certified by MDM CERTIFICARE - Romania.

Mikrosistemi develops and manufactures electronic crane scales with a Bluetooth remote terminal.

The crane scales have been produced with modern and high quality components and technologies. Optimal algorithms are used for ensuring of quickly stability of the weight measurements.

Remote terminal with Bluetooth connection of 100m range provides comfort and mobility at work.

The crane scales are designed and manufactured for work in bad weather conditions with very high reliability. Specialized software for automation of weight measuring is available in addition to the crane scales. The crane scales allow measurings to be made at the time of loading and unloading operations without unnecessary uncoupling and coupling of the load.

The new models of crane scales Titan XX R and Atlas XX R with wider functionality and communication capabilities have been validated for commercial purposes in the EU. They have been approved with type certificate in 2009 and marketed by a certificate of conformity assessment.

Crane scales Titan XXR and Atlas XXR are extremely comfortable for use. They provide high safety operation and have built-in features for automation of the customer activities. The crane scales Titan XXR and Atlas XXR are with 3 years guarantee.

Orgtechnica was founded in 1964. For a long years is only producer of cash registers in Bulgaria and one of the few in East Europe, also copying and multiplying means. At the beginng of the 80-th years the production of microprocess systems and elecronic- recording cash registers has started.

At present, Orgtechnica produces calculating and registering technique - cash registers, calculators, electronic taximeters and scales, fiscal printers, mechanical parts with galvanic coating, plastic details, electromechanical knots and articles, bare and instaled boards nonstandart instrumental equipment .

The main foreing markets of the company are Russia, Ukraine , Belarus, Litva, Moldova, Serbia, Malta, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania etc..

SGK-SKALA was established in 1991 by specialists with more than 20 years experience in weight measuring control and automation of the industrial processes.

SGK-SKALA produces electronic scales - truck, railroad, platform, counting, belt, crane, flow meter, electronic dosing systems, modules and installations for special-purpose, software specialized for research and management.

On the Bulgarian market it also offers load cells from Vishay Tedea Huntleigh, controllers for managing the technology processes from the British company Data Track, crane scales, dynamometers and equipment from the American company Measurement Systems International.

Because of the present time of international technologies and mobile communications, SGK-SKALA moves with the novelties - builds up local networks connected by a radio channel. Basic constructive elements of the network can be any kind of sources for measurement - independent electronic process sensors for measuring the temperature, pressure, volume, electrical quantities, mechanical exertions and mass - electronic truck, railroad, platform, counting, crane, belt weightings, electronic dosing systems.

Tremol Ltd. is based in Veliko Tarnovo. The company started up in partnership with the regional electronic devices producer STN Plc., involved mainly in the research and development of cash registers, electronic scales, taxi meters, etc.

Historically, over the period 1992-2000, the joint activity has marketed and sold over 50,000 cash registers, 1000 electronic scales and 1000 fiscal memory cash registers over the territories of Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Vedicom is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market for high quality non-automatic measuring instruments, which meet the high requirements of the European standards. The most popular models from its product range are the dual-interval price-computing scales VDS 3/6C, VDS6/15C, VDS 15/30C as well as the weighing models from the same series, and the platform industrial scales VDI ranged from 3kg to 3000kg. The main markets of the company are Bulgaria and neighboring countries - Romania, Greece and Serbia.

The most innovative product in its scales portfolio is the new, successfully CE-approved VDI indicator which is suitable for industrial and truck scales ranging from 3kg up to 200 000kg with the special feature allowing weighing to be 10 time more precise.

The company’s short term goal is to expand its presence on the markets where its products have already gained good reputation; successfully introduce and market its latest models to the rest of the European markets by providing the clients with best high-performance to competitive price ratio. In long term Vedicom hopes that its engineering department will manage to introduce upgraded version of most of its products.

Velned company manufactures and markets electronic scales. Its electronic scales are certified for use in the EU. The models are in the full range of 0.001 g to 100 tons.

 The product range includes commercial, platform, crane, car, jewelry, housewares, medical, precision scales, automation, load cells, indicator units and software for electronic scales.

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