Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) on South-East European Market

IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 2/2009

Electronic Manufacturing Services are among the most rapidly growing industries in the electronic production area. The development is due to a complex mix of reasons. Companies in the field broadened the spectrum of services they offer - from manufacturing of boards to more intricate manufacturing services. Now most of the EMS companies can provide all of the manufacturing resources for an OEM, reduction in working capital, shortened time for availability or the acquiring of the new technologies and ability to offer after sales services. Further, non-traditional end-use markets that are promptly embracing outsourcing strategy, such as medical, industrial, aerospace and defence, are in increasing exposure these days and EMS offers them profitable potencial in terms of future opportunities. Among the traditional EMS hotspots as Asia-Pacific and Latin America, Eastern Europe have emerged as one of the main outsourcing places. We present information about few of the leading regional companies specialized in Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Design, Test, Manufacturing and Repair Services of electronic modules and assemblies. All the data used in the article is based on materials provided by the companies or published on their web-sites.

Slovenian company ATech serves a broad portfolio of market segments including home appliance, industrial, HVAC, telecommunications, medical and military electronics.
Company’s activities include lead-free ready; SMT automatic assembly, reflow in inert gas atmosphere; PTH manual assembly, wave soldering in inert gas atmosphere; Product assembly; Box-build, packaging and worldwide delivery; ICT & functional testing; Quality certification; Development and building of custom testing devices. "EMS market in Slovenia is in intense price competion. There aren’t much companies with extensive customer support from product concept to product life-time support", stated Gregor Franic, Marketing Director of Atech Elektronika.

Carat Electronics AD is one of the main Bulgarian manufacturers of electricity meters and electronic cash registers with fiscal memory, integrated POS terminals and systems, fiscal printers, electronic taximeters with fiscal memory, electronic tachographs, electronic electricity meters, information systems for control and electronic reading of electric energy and others.
The company has modern SMD assembly equipment and capacity for fulfillment of large series of orders for SMD and conventional assembly of printed circuit boards.
Besides the high-tech equipment for the electronic products manufacture, Carat Electronics provides possibility for the production of instrumental and molding equipment - injection molds, cutters, blast forms, press forms and also a wide range of different size and configuration of metal products, products form thermoplastic and thermo reactive polymers, produced through molding and pressing - for home or industrial use.

Bulgarian company Centillion was established in 1998. Company’s activities and expertize include development of products and production technologies; production of electronic modules, devices and systems; representation of leading companies for electronic assembly, test and repair equipment; training and consulting in surface mount technologies. Centillion utilizes approved processes for product development based on the ISO 9001 standard. The operations include research and analysis; development; production of prototypes and preparation of manufacturing (pilot series); serial production. In manufacturing processes company rely on advanced technological equipment for automatic assembly of components with 0201, fine-pitch, BGA, µBGA and flip-chip package forms. In order to guarantee the process of test and inspection of the product’s functionality, Centillion develops test strategies, programs and systems; Instructions and methods for testing and qualifying; test devices, technical formulations and equipment.

Comet Electronics was established in 1991 in Bulgaria. The main activity of the company is concentrated in the import, export and distribution of electronic components for industrial purposes. The commercial activity of the company covers Bulgaria and the Balkan region. The volume of annual turnover, the support of a great variety of items included in the Line card, the regular supplies from over than 50 world known manufacturers and distributors determine the leading role of Comet Electronics among the Bulgarian distributors of electronic components. Comet Electronics serves more than 5000 middle and small scale manufacturing and trading companies. It is the main supplier of the basic industrial companies in Bulgaria. The company also performs special supplies of items not included in its Line card for R&D, for manufacture of prototypes and pilot series. Apart from the distribution activities, Comet Electronics  recently established its own EMS production facility in the new building.

Electron Consortium JSC was established in Bulgaria in 1991. The field of activities of Electron Consortium includes transfer of technologies and know-how, industrial cooperation, engineering, agency and trade activities in the field of telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electronics and radio equipment, security systems, production of electronic tools, special and civil equipment, etc. The company has research and development facilities, equipped with modern measuring equipment, and highly technological production facilities for assembling PCBs.
Production activities of the company includes assembly of PCB’s, modules and whole products.
The assembly includes SMD and conventional (THR) assembly. The production line has a possibility to take limited series, as well as mass production. The production equipment allows flexibility and fast change of the produced items. The company makes the whole technological preparation from the file of the PCB, which includes the information about the placement of the components and the corresponding mark and value/type of the component.

EMS-ELECTRA is a Romanian company providing electronic manufacturing services, from prototype to medium quantities, based on the specifications and requirements received from the customer purchasing of the materials from the global market; materials and cables preparation; automatic assembly of the SMD components; lead-free reflow soldering; assembly of the THT components; lead-free wave soldering; microcontrollers programming; functional testing (intermediate and final); final assembly of the products and packaging. The production of the PCBs (single and double layer) and the injection of the plastic cases can be done in the companies which belong to the group. "The small and medium EMS companies from Romania have several times more capacity than it is needed for the Romanian market", commented Mr. Sorin Popa, Manager of EMS-ELECTRA SRL, about EMS market in his country.

EPIQ Electronic Assembly was established in 1997. Its principal business is the production of electronic modules for automotive (Ford, General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, Delphi, Valeo and others.), Telecommunications (Sony), household (Tefal, Roventa, Seb Group, Calories etc.) sanitary and medical equipment (IEM, Tefal), and sensors. Epiq’s main processes include automatic and manual saturation of printed circuit boards, surface mount and open production of specialized sensors, interim and final electrical test produced by the measuring equipment, chip-on-board assembly, production tooling and injection molds.
Equipment and production facilities of Epiq include 12 000 square meters production area, 1000 sq.m. clean room class 10 000, 5 lines for surface mounting with a total capacity of 90 000 comp./hour, 5 machines type seam waves, open assembly machines, laboratory qualification tests, Intranet management system for documents and data. Production, sales, warehouse and financial activities of the company are managed by specialized software BAAN IV. Epiq successfully develop activities on the U.S. and West European markets.

Hybrid Integrated Circuits Ltd.(HIC) was established in December 1996 on the bases of the Hybrid Microelectronics Department of the "Institute of Microelectronics" (IME - Sofia). HIC manufactures custom hybrid IC’s, resistor networks, high-voltage resistors, PCB assemblies. Company also performs SPC and FMEA with customer participation if necessary to guarantee the customer interests. HIC supplies a great variety of SMT components as well as connectors, displays and other through-hole components. Company offers all standard passive components, the most common active components from stock and the complete kit of components needed for assembly of hybrid or PCB on request. The production is export orientated - more than 90% of HIC’s products are exported to Western Europe.

INTEGRA Solutions, Belgrade, Serbia was founded in 2004 as a small private-owned Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. In the very beginning its main business was manufacturing of lightning control equipment for the UK partner. In following years, Integra Solutions was gradually increasing capabilities and expanding number of clients. Today, it is one of the fastest growing EMS providers in Serbia. In order to enhance services and deploy new technologies, Integra Solutions continuously invests in training, development and education of employees, improvement of technological processes and equipment and supplier network building.

IT Industrial Technologies Ltd was established in 2005. The company is working as a contract electronic manufacturer for its clients in Austria, Germany and Bulgaria. IT has a flexible production which allows them to produce small series (less than 100 boards) and big one up to hundreds of thousands boards. Depending of customer’s needs the company is able to offer PCB design, preparation of production technology, development and production of testing equipment, production of the device, leaded or leadfree soldering of the components. In 2007 IT Industrial Technologies Ltd was approved by SIEMENS and signed a contract for service of SMD machines produced by SIEMENS for Bulgaria and near countries.

L-TEK d.o.o.
L-Tek is a Slovenian company specialized in software and hardware development covering different information technologies, telecomunications, microcontrollers and special upon customer requests. Company’s portfolio also includes PCB board assembling / SMT and classic technologies for small and middle quantities including testing and packing on customer needs; manufacture of special power ressistor components, etc. In cooperation with its subcontractors L-Tek produces various electromechanical parts and plastic parts, punching tools and tools for plastics, mechanic construction. Company has SMD assembly line, ceramic burn ovens, resistor trimming-measuring, silicon coating, point welding, screen printing, plastic injection, molding, metal punching, etc.

Micron-20 Ltd is a Bulgarian company for PCB design and manufacturing established in 1991. The company is specialized in manufacturing of prototypes, small and large series. Its production capacity is approximately 800-1000 types of single-sided and double-sided as well as multi-layer PCBs monthly. In order to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction Micron 20 has developed and installed new factory located in Gabrovo, Bulgaria with high capacity - 5000 sq.m. monthly double sided PCBs; lead-free technologies; automatic SMD assembling of prototypes and small series; stencils manufacturing and high-frequency materials treatment technology as Rogers, Arlon, Neltec, Taconic, etc.

OPT HELLAS was established in 1980 and is located on the outskirts of Athens, Greece. Over the past 22 years Opt Hellas has developed a broad line of custom designed frequency control products for various markets such as military, avionics, commercial, wireless and instrumentation. OPT HELLAS general capabilities are: monolithic crystal filters in all polynomials and package configuration from 4 MHz to 120 MHz with fractional bandwidths 0.03 % to 0.3%; discrete crystal filters in all polynomials and package configurations from 1.4 mhz to 200 MHz with fractional bandwidths of 0.01% to 2 %; LC filters of all types in all polynomial and package configurations from 1.0 KHz to 3000 MHz with fractional bandwidths of 2 % to more than 100 %; coil assemblies designed in toroidal coil assemblies pot core assemblies and any other form of coil assemblies, etc.
The majority of its business is custom designed and standard filters with improved characteristics such as stringent group delay, ripple and/or intermodulation specifications.

Bulgarian company Prima Tech Pro is specialized in PCBs and Electronic devices assembly and test with customer’s components and assembly specification - CE Manufacturing; screen printing of panels, boxes, stickers, stencils; technological projects for PCB assembly, procurement of equipment and consumables, training, etc.

Rommtech-3S Ltd. is 100% private Dutch- Bulgarian joint venture created in 2007 by Rommens Instrumenten-en Apparatenbouw B.V. and Security Smart Systems Ltd. Both companies have more than 15 years experience in developing and manufacturing electronics and electromechanical products. ROMMTECH-3S Ltd is situated in Vratza, Bulgaria. Its scope of activity is manufacturing of electronic and electromechanical devices; assembly of PCB’s- conventional and SMD assembly of electronic components; engineering and setting up on Printed circuit board (PCB); software loading and test of products; coupling cables, final assembly and packing; ESD protected area for electronic production; manufacturing in accordance with IPC-A-610 standard; cutting and crimping cables; injection moulded plastic (thermoplastic) details up to 1600 gr. and metal products (incl. punched parts up to 3mm thickness). "We are the only one manufacturer in this region who produces electronics, injection moulded products and metal sheet boxes. We offer final assembled high-quality products and complete solutions for clients’ projects", stated Nadya Stoyanska, office manager in Rommtech-3s Ltd.

Saturn Engineering, Ltd. is a full service engineering design, product development and contract manufacturing company located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was established in 1998. Its area of expertise covers the industrial, medical and consumer markets. The company provides complete, solutions for OEM customers in a broad range of fields, including industrial, dental, medical and laboratory. It’s a well known Bulgarian provider of electronics manufacturing services, including PC board assembly, using surface-mount or through hole technology, electromechanical assembly, cabling, final assembly. Saturn Engineering PCB capabilities are complex double-sided PCB assembly; Continuous flow SMT lines; Through-hole and mixed technology assembly; Lead-free assembly; No-clean and water soluble wave and reflow solder processing; Complete electrical and functional testing and in-circuit and chip programming and verification.

Sectron Electronics is specialized in design and development, production, assembling, sale and servicing of electronic devices - VHF and UHF Alarm transmiters, safe protectror  (vibration detector), perimeter protection systems. Also company specializes in the design and distribution of security systems such as: CCTV, Intruder alarm, Access control, Fire-alarm, Fire-suppression, Hotel security, Police equipment, Perimeter protection and Radio-Telecommunication. Sectron is an official representative of some of the most prestigious manufacturers of security equipment. Company policy is to close the cycle of sale procedure - design, sale, installation, service and support. In a move to widen its distribution network, Sectron has own branch offices in Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Rousse, Blagoevgrad, Pleven, Pazardjik, Bulgaria adding to the long lists of partner companies that cover almost every region in the country. Furthermore, Sectron’s expansion takes place beyond the Bulgarian border. Two separate companies by the name of Sectron exist in neighboring Serbia (since 2001) and Macedonia (since 2005). Both companies demonstrate high growth facilitating both the distribution function of its parent company. In order to use its sales potential effectively, Sectron has also successfully exported security equipment and know-how to Moldova, Romania and Kosovo during the years.

Bulgarian company Software Products and Systems is specialized in special purpose hardware production; PCB production; Drills and Routers for PCBs; Assembling SMT and THT,etc.
The company is manufacturing single, double and multilayer PCB from FR4, CEM1 and aluminum corn; mechanical detail and boxes from sheet metal; hard alloyed drills and routers for PCB production and dental technique.

STS Electronics Ltd. is one of the leading Bulgarian companies in the automation equipment manufacturing. The company portfolio is including inductive switches designed for wear-free and non-contact detection of metal objects; photoelectric switches; capacitive switches designed for non-contact and wear-free detection of metal (electrically conductive) and non-metal (electrically non-conductive) objects; magnetic field sensors which are actuated by magnetic fields and are especially suited for piston position detection in pneumatic cylinders; counters and tachometers. STS Electronic also produces ultrasonic sensors which use ultrasonic waves for non-contact and wear-free detection of a large variety of objects without matter whether the object is transparent or opaque, metallic or non-metallic, or of liquid, solid or powdery consistence.

Teletek Electronics JSC is a Bulgarian high-tech manufacturer of a full range of intruder and fire alarm systems.The company disposes with 2 hi-tech SMD lines consisting of DEK Ela screen, PHILIPS Topaz-X Pick and Place machines and ERSA Hotflow5 oven. With capability of placing over 30 000 components per hour. The Pick and Place machines enable to mount fine pitch components, BGA components and micro BGA components as well as Doublesided Reflow Soldering. Company activities also include PCB assembling with SMD components; PCB assembling with conventional components and final product assembly, functional testing of already finished products according to our customers demands.

Videoton is the largest Hungarian industrial group in local private ownership offering manufacturing and related services for industrial firms. Company is integrated contract manufacturer and a professional regional EMS provider being the 21st largest EMS company globally. Headquartered in Szekesfehervar (Hungary), Videoton has 10 locations in Hungary and 1 in Bulgaria (Stara Zagora). The Group employs 9600 people and so it is the 8th biggest employer in the Hungarian industry. On a total built-in production area of 600 000 square meters with 25 specialized medium sized subsidiaries Videoton provides its business partners complex manufacturing services from part manufacturing through final box assembly and system integration to transportation or distribution of products. Besides design and engineering services, complete industrialization of new products also belongs to Videoton’s core competencies.
Based on its comprehensive service portfolio Videoton can support industrial firms to run a flexible and cost-effective operation in Hungary and offer tailored business solutions and setups.
In its Bulgarian location Videoton offer a long-term manufacturing solution for its business partners since 1999. The operation activities cover assembly & testing of complete products, mechanical and electromechanical units, supported by in-house part manufacturing.