Electronic Cash Registers Manufacturing in South-Eastern Europe

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South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine presents top manufacturing companies in the region as a history and scope of activity


Carat Electronics
Carat Electronics was originally established as a plant for memory devices in 1969. In 1983, due to a change in its field of activity, the company’s name was changed to "Systems for Teleprocessing and Networks" (STN) and keeps the same name until the beginning of 2005. In 1997 the company was privatized and since the year of 2000 its major shareholder is Zlaten Lev Holding JSC. Thanks to its innovative approach and successful trading policy, the company made its reputation for one of the leading producers of microprocessor-based electronic devices. Acting in the conditions of a dynamic high-tech products market, Carat Electronics offers high-quality electronic devices under the "Carat" trademark, which enjoy a considerable market share in the Bulgarian and foreign markets. The well-established distributor network in Bulgaria and abroad is a guarantee for fast and comprehensive customer service.

The products manufactured by Carat Electronics include: electronic cash registers with fiscal memory, fiscal printers, electronic taximeters with fiscal memory, electronic electricity meters, etc.

Our specialists use a licensed version of the "SOLID WORKS" three-dimension design program for the precise manufacturing of each detail, which greatly increases the quality of the finished product.

The company has long-standing traditions and rich professional experience in the field of electronic products assembly. Two mutually-interacting technological processes are applied for PCB assembly - SMD (surface mounting) and conventional (manual) assembly. For that purpose, the company has implemented two robotized production lines for SMD assembly and three lines for conventional assembly and the number of the conventional production lines may be doubled if necessary.

The professional qualification and training of the company’s personnel is of great importance for the high quality of our products and the dynamic R&D activity. We have achieved a 25% yearly renewal of the production. 70% of the staff possesses university or college degrees and the specialists with university education make 37% of the company’s whole staff. The larger part of our engineers is occupied with development, invention and launching of new products and technologies and constant improvement of already manufactured products and applied technologies.

The modern technical equipment of Carat Electronics provides possibility for the production of instrumental and molding equipment - injection molds, cutters, blast forms, press forms and also a wide range of different size and configuration of metal products, products form thermoplastic and thermo reactive polymers, produced through molding and pressing - for home or industrial use.

Many of the products manufactured by Carat Electronics were awarded Gold Medals from Plovdiv International Fair. The last prize "Innovation product of 2011" was awarded to Carat Leader-KL, the latest model of electronic cash register, designed and produced by the specialists of "Carat Electronics" AD. In accordance with the international requirements, Carat

Electronics adopted a Quality Management System and in 2003 the company was awarded Quality Control Certificate ISO 9001:2001.

Daisy Technology
Daisy Technology is specialized in development, manufacture and distribution of electronic products. The company is among the leading manufacturers of cash registers, POS systems and equipment, electronic meters and systems for remote reading of energy consumption, equipment for petrol stations, taxi and other devices. Daisy Technology has built a distribution network throughout the country, including several hundred representatives. More than 15 years, Daisy Technology is actively present on the market of cash registers in Bulgaria. Daisy Technology is the largest exporter of fiscal devices and meters in Southeastern Europe and former Soviet Republics, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The company currently offers different models of fiscal devices - mobile and stationary cash registers, fiscal printers, which fully comply with recent amendments to Regulation H-18 remote connection to the NRA, and POS equipment and software - and non-fiscal territories labeling principles, Printers mobile commerce, barcode readers, scales and many others. Daisy

Technology’s fiscal devices are compatible with all major pharmaceutical, hotel, restaurant and commercial software in the country.

Since its founding firm Daisy Technology is constantly evolving, expanding and improving its business. At the beginning of 2011 company has developed and launched new models of cash registers, fiscal printers, meeting all the latest amendments to Regulation H-18 of the Ministry of Finance in respect of fiscal devices NRA.

Electronica 319 EM
Electronica 319EM is a joint-stock company, established in 1960 under the name "plant Electronica". Immediately after its creation, in 1961 the company begins the production of electronic measuring devices like oscilloscopes, generators, voltmeters and various electric adapters. Until 1972 the company is one of the first and the biggest manufacturers of electronic calculators in Europe - Elka 6521. Later in the year 1977 the factory produces the first in Eastern Europe electronic cash register.

In the following years, till 1988, Electronica Inc. produces 16 and 32 bit minicomputer systems, graphic stations, and on their base - systems for the automatic design (CAD). Electronica Inc. is with over 40 year old tradition in the production of electronic devices, and over 70% of its production is exported. The quality of the manufactured products is guaranteed by the quality control certificate ISO 9001:2000. The company’s activities range from designing, production, marketing and service of: independent and system electronic cash registers with fiscal memory; fiscal printers; taximeter registers with fiscal memory.

The company offers a wide range of peripheral devices for connection with cash registers. It has formed a network of over 180 service and sales representatives with rich experience. Electronica Inc. has a good reputation in the country and abroad. It has a rich experience in managing cooperated import-exports and in the creation of joint companies.

Eltrade is a Bulgarian company established as a reliable producer of fiscal cash registers and mobile devices for the Bulgarian and the global market. Since 1995, Eltrade has been gradually expanding its range of activities, and today the company provides professionally developed software with applications in management of small, medium retailers and large retail chains. Backed with a team of highly qualified engineers, Eltrade offers complete solutions for the management of retail stores, restaurants, canteens, entertainment parks, sport centers, and service centers. The POS systems provided by Eltrade are characterized by integration of own high quality hardware, including the products of Eltrade’s partners - NCR, EPSON and Motorola. Eltrade’s software is designed with flexibility in mind, and can be adjusted to meet the particular needs of any retail business. Eltrade’s brand is also available through the network of over 300 distributors in Bulgaria who are also certified service centers. To our customers and distributors we provide information, consulting, maintenance and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Eltrade Ltd. personnel comprises of more than 140 employees. Our teams of design and implementation engineers, after-sales support, project managers, sales and marketing professionals are continually researching and enhancing existing product range, according to market needs. Eltrade guarantees maximum reliability of the services and products provided.

Incotex Systems
Bulgarian company Incotex Systems is a part of Incotex Group - consortium of companies with main activities in the area of design, manufacturing, sales and servicing of electronic devices.
Manufacturing is done at the purpose-built facility INCOTEX Plant in Botevgrad (located 50 km north-east from the capital Sofia) where highly qualified professionals work. Production quality is guaranteed by the last generation SMD equipment, delivered by "JUKI" Japan, as well as the optical inspection by "Marantz Business Electronics". The range of products manufactured by the Incotex Systems consists of Fiscal cash registers, fiscal printers, ESDs and whole solutions for fiscal and trade equipment.

Incotex Group was awarded with golden medals for its unique and patented solutions - "PLC-modems" and "LED running lines". The consortium is official partner of Analog Devices", "Microchip", "Atmel", "Epcos", "Rohm", "Philips", "Seiko Instruments", "Avnet", etc. Following the company’s strategy to cooperate with such partners, Incotex products are of highest quality, reliable and are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. Incotex Group is ISO 9001:2008 certified by Tuv Rheiland and implements their standards across the board.

The Company "Integrated Systems Laboratory - ISL" was founded in 1995 as a Limited Liability Company. In the present profile, the short name - ISL will be used. The initial company’s line of activities has been assembly of computers, trade and service of PCs, electronic cash registers with fiscal memories and POS systems. Consequently, the company has begun to develop various fiscal or non-fiscal devices, relating to the information service of business.

At the present, the company’s focus is on manufacturing and trade with full assortment of fiscal devices and accessories, as well as after-sales activities related to devices’ service, professional consultations, programming etc.

Within the company’s centre of business policy real customer/client with their working conditions, their identified requirements on product or service requirements is being placed. Company’s intention is to provide customer with quality products at maximum effectiveness for their business.

After successful accomplishment of 3900th series of fiscal devices (ISL3940.01, ISL3918, ISL3921, ISL3916/Amadeus) and POS priters(ISL3941, ISL3919, ISL3922 è ISL3917), the company starts selling out the new 5000th series of devices. The assortment of 5000th series includes electronic cash registers, fiscal printers, POS fiscal system and GPRS terminal (ISL750) providing communications service of the fiscal devices. Every 5000th series’ device has an integrated GPRS communication and control journal placed within a memory stick.

ISL Ltd has an open information policy towards the market. The company is open as well for outsourcing - development, according to the partners or customers’ orders for various devices. ISL Ltd also may provide the market with competitor’s products, according to its intention for maximum customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the aspiration for constantly increase of manufactured devices’ functionality and reliability; distinguish the company as a valuable partner by customers, software and system developing companies and distributors.

Orgtechnica JSC was founded in 1964 and for many years it was the only one manufacturer of electronic calculators and copy machines in Bulgaria and Eastern European. In the early 80s the company began production of microprocessor systems and fiscal cash registers.

Today, Orgtechnica is one of the leading Bulgarian producers of electronic - calculating and recording equipment and cash registers - cash and taximeters, fiscal and line printers, mechanical structures and plastic parts, assemblies and electromechanical devices, non-standard tooling and more.

The Orgtechnica accounts for a large market share of cash registers in Bulgaria, but the vast majority of production is exported. Major foreign markets of the company over the years have been Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Malta, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania and other.

Tremol Ltd. is based in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria’s old capital city, located on the Yantra River, in the heart of Bulgaria, on the main Sofia - Varna (West-East) Road, some 230 km from the new capital - Sofia. Historically, over the period 1992-2000, the joint activity has marketed and sold over 100,000 fiscal cash registers and fiscal printers over the territories of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Moldova, Monte Negro.
In July 2006 Tremol SMD Ltd. - contract manufacturing company, part of Tremol Group Bulgaria - started manufacturing of middle-scale production of electronic modules for Electronic Cash Registers and POS systems for Tremol Ltd. The company has its own building of 2300 sq.m. with 1460 sq.m. production site and 840 sq.m. administration and engineering site and PTH assembly division in the town of Svishtov. Tremol SMD employees are highly educated and committed in the production site and it uses the potential of Tremol Ltd. for R&D, Electronic Design, Electronic Test, Mould and Plastic Parts Design, Plastic Injection, Mechanical Parts Design and Production and etc.

Tremol offers a wide range of electronic cash registers with fiscal memory and fiscal printers with varied applications (shops, restaurants, exchange bureaus, fuel stations, etc.). They have been developed in a number of versions according to specific customers’ requirements ranging from battery-operated portable cash registers to varying sizes of desktop cash registers with capacity for operating with electronic scales, barcode scanner and fiscal printer mode, managed from a PC.

Current marketing positions and developing tendencies: international developed markets: constant work for expanding and maintenance of the market share and offered devices; international markets: affirmation of the Company’s positions by way of development of new cash registers, fiscal printers and POS devices designed for other countries; expansion of market share of the newly developed wireless communicating devices; building of next generation devices based on new hi-tech platform.

Its future plans include development of Tremol Ltd’s products matching the mainstream in hi-tech sphere. Permanent goal about every product is: user-friendly interface, reliable and easy to integrate in any kind of systems. Tremol also develops many software applications for easy diagnostics and programming of devices, as well as libraries and tools for further developing of user software.

Company’s closest goal is to carry out communication through wireless media and completion of the basic range of POS products.

Z.I.T Computing Machinery Works
Z.I.T Computing Machinery Works was established in 1967 as a state-owned, Bulgarian-Japanese venture in the field of electronics and it was the first local producer of computers. Until the introduction of market reforms in 1990/93, the company was the Eastern European high-tech electronics leader. Its products were well known in the former USSR, China, India, Cuba, Finland, Arab World and all East European countries.

The products manufactured by Computing Machinery Works were with civilian application. The USA DOD and DOC officially tested and evaluated our production in 1984 at the Computer Center of Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis; in 1990 at the Computer Center of Western Geophysical in Houston; in 1990 at the premises of Computing Machinery Works.

In 1997 the company was transformed into PLC, since 2000 when on the base of privatization was established ZIT EOOD company. At present, the company manufactures electronic cash registers with fiscal memory for the Bulgarian and Romanian and Serbian market. ZIT EOOD is exporting also cash registers in Montenegro and Kenia. The company has recently diversified its services by establishing a Laboratory for Certification and Testing of electrometers. Laboratory clients are Bulgarian and British electrometers’ manufacturers. The company headquarters, research, development and manufacturing facilities occupy 1305 square meters, conveniently located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, near the international airport and major roads. Z.I.T Computing Machinery Works is certified with Quality Management System ISO9001-2000 by Lloyds.

The company was rated in the top 100 IT companies as well as in the top 15 electronic assemblers in Bulgaria for year 2003 by Computerworld Magazine (2004). Computing Machinery Works is glad to offer you the following products and services: Hardware and software development of electronic devices; Final assembling of electronic devices; Manufacture of Electronic Cash Registers with Fiscal Memory, utilized for efficient management and servicing of stores, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, shops, etc.


MAT is a European designer and manufacturer of Retail and Secure Public Revenue Systems (Fiscal devices), based in Greece. The firm was mainly founded on the high expertise of MICRELEC Electronics executive ex personnel and the Company continues to offer the same excellent quality and highly functional products as MICRELEC did since many years. MAT has identified key elements and has spent considerable resources in developing innovative products that are targeting specific needs in different countries. The Company is vertically integrated and controls all manufacturing aspects plus the design and development. Controlling all manufacturing aspects translates to superior quality, unparalleled flexibility and high speed in supplying the market with new products.

MAT is mainly specialized in designing, developing  and manufacturing, on behalf of their partners, fiscal terminals and more particularly,  Fiscal Electronic Cash Registers, Fiscal P.O.S. Printers, Fiscal Electronic Signature Devices(ESDs), Fiscal Taximeters and Fiscal P.O.S. (All in One). There is a strong global trend towards using modern technology to collect and audit taxes in all aspects of the economic sector.  Becoming a recognized leader in this expanding field will make MAT both a respected brand as well as a valued partner to high-profile distributors. With this in mind MAT aims at becoming a world leader in the Secure Public Revenue Systems market.


Accent was founded in 1995 as a small private company with a main activity development of software for small businesses. Nowadays the company designs and manufactures fiscal products, computer products, hardware, automation solutions, etc. The company is located in the center of Skopje, near the city park. Accent with a partner network has established 12 service centers with over 100 service. Servicing and maintenance is covered the entire territory of Macedonia.

Duna Computers
Duna Computers is a leading Macedonian IT company, which provides complete integration and maintenance in companies, mobile solutions and document management. During its last 17 years, Duna Computers has developed itself into an expert on corporative projects and has become known for its software solutions. Duna Computers is an exclusive importer of world famous brands - Apple, RICOH, OKI, Psion, Clasus Interactive Whiteboards, Brahler ICS, Tentnology; distributor of Garmin; HP preferred partner; Adobe and Corel partner; manufacturer of fiscal cash registers Bravo; developer of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and Records Management software ULTIMA.

Since its foundation, the main activities of Duna Computers have been shaped and adapted to the requirements and needs of the customers, with the aim to create a complete system which will be continually upgraded. The scope of operation of Duna Computers includes: computer engineering, application and specialized software development, automatic identification and data collection systems development, sale of computer systems and components, programming, execution and maintenance of computer networks, distribution of printers, multifunctional devices, copiers, fax machines, sales of navigation devices, training, installation, service and support of all products, production, distribution and maintenance of cash registers, GPS devices, sales and rental of conference systems and simultaneous interpretation systems.

Since the adoption of the Law on Fiscalization in 2002, Duna Computers has been manufacturing fiscal cash devices for the

Macedonian market.With high quality and extremely durable, Duna Computers’ cash registers have been the prefered choice to more than 5000 small and medium enterprises, as well as large multinational corporations operating on the

Macedonian market.
The fiscal cash registers feature great flexibility and mobility, thus can be used in various working environment. They can be used outdoors or in stores, as well to be incorporated in vehicles and meet all technical requirements prescribed by law. Further on, the cash registers are integral part of Duna’s advanced solution for mobile sales and distribution that enables security and improved efficiency in the daily operations.

ElektroSOFT was established in 1991 in Skopje, Macedonia. The company is a manufacturer of two models fiscal cash registers - 500T Handy Euro and Euro 2000 T Alpha. They are designed for small businesses, easily transported from one sales area to another and are easily transferred to another location in case of malfunction of the checkout register as a replacement. Despite the small size, registers are extraordinarily technically equipped, offering great flexibility with the ability to connect with more peripheral units. They can be connected with PC, bar code scanner and electrical balance. Registers are programmed with licensed software which is easy to install.


HCP Company was founded in 1998 with previous name MSE (Mobile Sound Electronic). Since the beginning the main objective of the company has been to provide market leading communication hardware systems, mostly based on mobile and hardware technology. In the year of 2003 the company changed the name and legal form and become HCP ltd. Very soon HCP became the partner with very respectful German company and most of its telecommunication devices are sold over Europe. Expecting only the best quality of its products HCP has decided to base all of its products on the Siemens technology and has become the official distributors for the Siemens modules and modems for the region.

In the following years the company became the South East Europe leader for R&D of telecommunication equipment based on GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS and BT technology. HCP is known for being able to provide the complete solution from development to manufacturing of the required systems.

Once the fiscal laws was introduced in Serbia the company was able to develop and manufacture the first and only device, completely developed in the country and was able to give the full support for the device as well as cover the market demand.

Ever since, HCP has developed a number of fiscal devices all adjusted to the needs and demands of its local customers and successfully selled abroad. HCP also develops and manufactures devices for remote control and management industrial systems:
(remote sensing el consumed energy with possibility on/off; remote reading of gas flow; remote sensing of liquid flow rate; remote access control; detection in security systems; alarm in medical devices and other remote manipulation).

Nowadays HCP is a highly professional company with great experience in the communication and ECR technology and with over 50 dedicated employees, which enables the company to resolve the complex requirements of the world market needs.

Company has sold over 200.000 fiscal devices all around the world which makes it the market leader in fiscal line products development in Central-Eastern Europe. During the last few years, HCP has implemented its solutions in many representative systems in this region. Its fiscal cash registers are successfully implemented on strongly filtered West Europe market. Now, its embedded OEM products can be found in several international brands. HCP fiscal products have CE certificate, approval for a wide global systems. At the moment they are one of the best and most wanted fiscal technologies in the region. HCP research team is made of 15 highly educated engineers with great experience in hardware & software fields, ready for all market demands.

The main activity of Serbian company Geneko is design and production of network and communication devices based on GPS, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, HSUPA, RFID and Internet technologies.

Also as an authorized producer Geneko has participated in implementation of Tax Administration system for tax control in retail sale by GPRS terminals and fiscal cash registers. About 40% of all installed GPRS terminals in Serbia are Geneko

Spark terminals.
The company produces fiscal cash registers with integrated GPRS terminal, enabling wireless connection to Tax Administration or customer remote server. Beside basic FCR functions, these devices support centralized management of cash register in customer sales network and solves the problem of everyday data updating on articles stored in the remote cash register. Data are transferred through GSM telephone network and Internet enabling the user to remote monitors all his cash registers regardless of their number or location. Devices are provided with OTP EPROM fiscal memory allowing Tax Administration to do supervision of tax calculation in retail sale. Cash registers have two RS232 serial ports used for connection of barcode reader or communication with PC. Computer data processing software and ECR PLU input software is delivered together with cash register. Built-in Ni-MH battery makes possible operation on sales points w/out mains power system.

Shollex Company was founded in 1990 as an engineering and consulting house. Thanks to the experience and hard work of its founders, the company has made fast progress in three ranges, one of which is engineering, manufacture, sales and servicing of cash registers and POS equipment.

Shollex has its branch offices in Novi Sad, Podgorica, Banja Luka and Bjeljina. The company also has over 35 authorized dealers and servicemen in all bigger towns in Serbia, four in Montenegro and seven in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Galeb Group
Galeb Group is the first registered private company in former SFRY. The company was established in 1977, firstly as a trade shop in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. Over three decades of successful and dynamic development, Galeb Group is consistently winning new business areas.

From the leader in the field of production, sales and servicing of electrical tools and industrial equipment (welding equipment, generators, air compressors, metal cutting and shaping machines), thanks to long tradition in the field of electronics, the company becomes the largest Serbian producer of cash registers and remote data reading units from cash registers, railroad signaling systems, GPS systems, regional leader in a field of metal processing, production and assembly of light and heavy structures and metal and plastic packaging materials.

In the village of Cerovac, near Sabac, Galeb has a production facility for three models of fiscal cash registers and one model of fiscal printers. The capacity of fiscal cash registers, depending on the model, ranges between 2100 and 10 000 products, while the fiscal printer is able to note 65 000 different products. The company has formed seven service centers, and made contracts with 130 service persons from all the larger cities in Serbia.


Ozak Electronic
Ozak Electronic has started production of cash- registers in 1992. The company has more than 20 years experience in electronics sector, as a supplier of Europe’s biggest TV-sets producers since 1992. Production plant area of Ozak is 12 500 sq. m closed area. With its 700 well-trained staff and machinary resources, Ozak Electronics Inc. has a production capacity of 25 000 unit electronic cash registers at month.

Farimex S.A. is a multinational company with HQs in Geneva, Switzerland, having Liaison Offices in Istanbul, Nairobi and Shenzhen as well as a commercial company in Poland. Its main business is fiscal cash registers and payment systems. The company is serving Electronic Cash Register sector since about 30 years. Farimex has also pioneered the developments in Fiscal Cash Register technologies in many countries. (e.g. the first EJ model ECR in Turkey, the first micro cabinet ECR design for Poland)

Farimex develops and produces the fiscal devices. Its business starts from the designing the outlook cosmetic of the cabinets until the finalization of the approval procedures in customer side.

Company manufactures tailor-made products, fitting perfectly to the customer requirements. Examples are adding electronic journal, PC online communication or built-in GPRS feature to its fiscal products, or modifying the software according to the customer requests. The producer can support most of the languages and different alphabets in printings. Farimex gives full technical support to its partner companies during the software modifications and approval process of its fiscal devices according to the country specific legislations and regulations in every market.

It has own fiscal ECR solutions for Turkey, Poland, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. 
Company has started operations in Africa in the first quarter of 2011, and successfully developed and approved several products for different African countries. It approved 2 different models with Electronic Journal for Kenya market recently. Also it developed and approved new models with in-built GPRS module for Ethiopia and already shipped quite a big quantity to this market. As a new starting country, Farimex is one of the accredited suppliers for fiscal devices in Zimbabwe with its products with in-built GPRS + E-Journal. The company is also participating in start-up processes in many other African countries like Rwanda, Uganda, and Malawi, where the fiscal law will be implemented in near future.

Farimex developed its cash registers and fiscal printers according to the requirements of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro, both with GPRS connectivity. Its target is to establish a new liaison office in year 2012, to cover all countries in South-East Europe region. With this investment company targets to expand its territory and has a closer and proper support to its customers in all Balkan, Scandinavian and ex-Soviet Union countries.

Its main target is to be active in all fiscal countries worldwide with its valuable experience, high quality products, and satisfactory support to partners.

REM Electronics
REM Electronics combines the industrial/consumer electronics design and printed circuit board, device and equipment manufacture under one structure and provides service from its 5000 m2 factory equipped with the latest technology located at the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.
With a dedicated & well-qualified staff, REM Electronics, provides turnkey solutions, from design to manufacture to its customers in the domestic home appliances and brown goods, heating/cooling (HVAC), smart house, and payment system devices sectors. Developments in technology have reduced the cost of payment systems and new payment systems have been developed. These developments have created the impetus for the use of smart cards to be accepted in our daily lives and the birth of new payment methods and systems. With long years of solid experience, REM Electronics has taken a position on an authoritative design center in this field.

From 1993 to today, with 5 separate authorizations for "Computer-Connected Cash Register containing a Fiscal Memory", REM Electronics drew on its proven experience while developing the T-Cash Cash register product family, which answers all the end-users needs with YTL conformity, ease-of-use, ergonomic design and the newest technologies. With T-Cash’s software infrastructure supported by a powerful operating system, combined with the REM design group’s quick application development capability, the ability to meet future user needs is ensured. With optional interfaces, the easily expandable hardware infrastructure offers significant advantages for integration with additional units like EFT/POS, BCR, and others.
Its product range of Electronic Cash Registers was designed to meet the fiscal needs of small and medium-sized commercial operations. It meets the point of sale requirements in an elegant manner with its durable structure and ergonomic design.

Company also provides PC-based Cash Register. In the current market, cash register expectations are rapidly increasing. The requirement for cash registers to work in conjunction with other information systems is growing. Based on this requirement, REM Electronics set out to design a new generation of Embedded Windows and Linux-based, touch screen, LAN connected, distributed cash registers.Text source: The article is based on materials submitted by the companies or their web sites.

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