Electromagnetic lock from Comitronic

NewsSouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 6/2005

The SUPER MAGNET, created by the producing company of Comitronic - BTI, has been designed to lock a door while an integrated electronic switch controls its position. The switch uses the unique entirely electronic process known as ACOTOM 2 based on an electronic decoding system, which guarantees real fraud protection. The SUPER MAGNET is mainly used for the light doors in different applications such as machine safety, fire doors or bank airlocks. Connected to our AWAX safety module, it can reach the category 4 according to EN954-1. This system is reliable and performant as there is no mechanical parts in movement, then no wearing effect.

The compact size of the SUPER MAGNET is adapted to standard metal sections and it can be plugged very easily and quickly by means of a M12 metallic connector. Moreover, unlike the mechanical locking systems, the waterproof SUPER MAGNET does not have any interstices for a better life expectancy. The holding force of the SUPER MAGNET is 20 KGs for a strong maintain of the door in closed position.

Two models are available depending on the applications - E version (unlocked under voltage), mostly used for machine safety and R version (locked under voltage), and mostly used for fire doors.