Electricity meter industry in Serbia

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Eng. Goran Jovanovic, Director of Serbian Company Tagor Electronic, comments e-meter business in the country

In the modern world energy saving and management take crucial position in every country’s economy. Before it was necessary for an e-meter to be readable from distance, called AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), but we have now more intelligent and upgraded system, called AMM (Automatic Meter Management), that allows metering and network management, and is closely connected or integrated with billing and payment handling system. Now it is easier than ever to do different data analyses, modify rating and tariff plans, discounting and to have instant fraud detection. This integrated solution is applicable for all meters with pulse output like water, gas or heating energy meters.

Another worldwide trend is implementing of the new DLMS protocol (Device Language Message Specification) to all meters. And currently, many e-meter manufacturers have become members of the DLMS Association.

Last years in Serbia

several manufacturers who follow those trends have grown up. Now Serbia is one of the few countries where we can find AMR/AMM systems working in the field in many cities like: Novi Sad, Ruma, Zajecar, Nis, Kraljevo, Belgrade, Sabac, etc. Main manufacturers, in alphabetical order, are Atlas Electronics, Citi Belgrade, Enel Belgrade, Mikroelektronika Banja Luka, etc.

Atlas Electronics

is leading manufacturer of intelligent e-meters and AMM-solution supplier with over 5 years experience with AMR installations in field. Their system is based on PLC modem and in combination with GSM/GPRS modem from concentrator to center allows system monitoring and control. Their production capacity is up to 400.000 units per year. Atlas Electronics

CITI Co. Belgrade

is the largest producer of energy meters and other electrical energy measurement equipment in Serbia. The factory is completely equipped for integrated production process with two SMT lines. Company also provides service of electronic components surface mounting (SMT 0402 to 150mm components BGA, mBGA). Products and services that CITI offers are: CITI Co.

• Digital electric energy meter (three and single phase);
• Digital tariff switch clock;
• Digital ripple control receiver;
• Automated energy meter test station;
• Reference meter for power, current and voltage (class 0,05 to 0,5);
• Services of electronic components surface mounting;
• Services of authorized laboratory.

Enel Belgrade

is leading in technology e-meter company with AMR based on 485 port and PLC communication systems installed and with high performance industrial meters most sold in the field. Enel Belgrade

Mikroelektronika Banja Luka, BiH,

and their daughter company Sitel Belgrade are well known e-meter manufacturer with leading position in the regional market. They have invested for years in latest technology and they have many installations of intelligent e-meters and several AMR systems in the region based on their technology. The last and the most sophisticated one is in the town of Mostar. System behind metering and controlling have GPRS connectivity and additional features like real-time energy quality analyzing, according to IEC56160. DLMS protocol is also implemented there. Mikroelektronika Banja Luka

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