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Global players on SEE market

Despite the lower level of development of the countries from the Southeast European region, comparing to the Central- and West European countries, they are keeping to the worldwide trends for expanding the application range of servo drives by using them in all the fields of industry. The opening of the regional market in the last years resulted in bigger interest of the big players on the market toward the SEE countries. Today, the leading manufacturers of electric servo drives have strong positions in the region. One of the reasons is the potential of SEE market, which offers them the opportunity to expand their business. We have witnessed that few of top servo drives’ producers have already moved their production capacities to Southeastern Europe. Undoubtedly, this was prompted by the perspectives for decreasing of production costs, i.e. for improvement of the economical benefits. It is worth to mention also that local SEE manufacturers (mainly of units for servo drive systems) have a substantial market share and well-developed structure. Within the material hereby we are presenting the business of few of the top international companies presented in SEE region, as well as some models of servo drive systems, servo motors and servo controllers produced and delivered by them.


is one of the leading producers of electrical servo drives in Europe and the world. The ABBs trade structure in SEE region including own companies in Greece – Asea Brown Boveri S.A. Metamorphossis Attica; Bulgaria – ABB Bulgaria, Sofia; Croatia – ABB, Zagreb, Turkey – ABB Holding, Istanbul; Slovenia – ABB and Serbia&Montenegro – ABB. The large ABB brushless servo drives range serves all the requirements of the industrial automation. Their flexibility allows their usage in different control modes:

  • Digital, absolute and relative positioning;
  • Speed, analog and digital;
  • Torque, analog and digital;
  • Synchronization, position and speed.

Among ABB’s new products in the field of electrical servo drives is Minivector 300. Thanks to the innovative and compact design of the control and power boards, one of the main characteristics of the digital converter type Minivector 300 is the very compact overall dimensions. Minivector 300 servo drives are suitable for the small movements management in all main industrial fields - packaging; robotics; textile; plastic; machine tools; electronics; ceramics; wood; food and beverage; glass and pulp, and paper. Technical characteristics: RS232/RS485 serial connection; motor transducer: resolver; programmable encoder emulation output; 2 dedicated analog inputs ± 10V (speed reference/torque limitation); 2 dedicated digital inputs (enable, brake unlock); 1 dedicated digital output (drive ok); Single/three phase 220V power supply; Auxiliary power supply 220 ac or 24V ac/dc; Internal brake power supply (optional) and Internal or external braking resistor according to different request.


is leading American company in the field of industrial automation. Today, the famous producer ALLEN-BRADLEY is a part of Rockwell Automation company. Rockwell Automation has strong market attendance in Southeast European region. The headquarters of the company for Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Yugoslavian and Romanian markets is in Austria - Rockwell Automation GmbH. The distribution network of Rockwell Automation for SEE market is including the companies Rotec, Bulgaria; Pelmen, Croatia; Indastech, Romania; Tehna, Slovenia; Teri Engineering, Serbia&Montenegro. In Turkey Rockwell Automation operates by its own representative office - Rockwell Otomasyon. Business of Rockwell Automation in Greece is supported via Italy. Rockwell Automation’s distribution network is including partner companies - C.CANETTI&Co, DMS Hellas, ELEKTRAPOTHIKI, INDELEC Europe and RE.CO.

The new digital servo drive of Rockwell Automation Kinetix 6000 allows machine builders and end users to apply their servo drives to demanding motion applications that require higher power. With new power ranges of 1 kW to 11 kW (230V) and 2 kW to 22 kW (460V), the drive can provide functionality for a wide range of applications, including packaging, material handling, and converting. Benefits of the new version include new Line Interface Modules (LIM). Customers can use just one of these compact modules instead of nine individual components, eliminating up to 98 interconnecting wire terminations. The latest release of Line Interface Modules extends the power range covered and adds features that allow the machine builders to handle the generation, protection and control of the power (three-phase for the drives, single-phase and 24V DC for the rest of the application) for the entire control panel. The new LIM features support for up to 16 servo drives and provides 65,000 AIC of branch protection without external fusing. The other benefit is Enhanced Power Rails. The Kinetix 6000 uses a unique power rail that greatly simplifies the mounting and wiring of a servo system. Resistive Brake Module (RBM). The RBM supplies safety stopping solutions by providing electrical separation between drive and motor. Resistive Brake Modules are especially useful when a drive must be shut down while others continue to run. The RBM simplifies the design of safety circuits and can be used with a wide variety of drives and motors.


is leading manufacturing company, based in Germany, which is specialized in producing of CNC units, servo drives, servomotors, gearboxes, etc. In Bulgaria is the head office for the Southeastern Europe. The daughter company of AMK in Bulgaria supports Serbia&Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, etc. Among the new products of the company is the double servo drive KWD. Two drives in one enclosure. This represents a low-cost and extremely compact solution for servo drives with low power ratings. Features: Power ratings up to 4 kVA. Very compact dimensions. Cooling in cold plate technology. Precise and highly dynamic control of all three-phase motors (synchronous/ asynchronous motor, torque/ spindle motor, linear or rotary). Safeguarding to protect against undesired motor start-up (Safety Category 4) via output stage enable (EF) handshakes. Accommodates 2 CPU cards (KW-R03 or KW-R03P or KW-R04), no option cards (cards must be ordered separately). Technical data: Input voltage: 540 - 650 V DC; Input current: 3.8 / 7.6 / 15.2 A; Rated output voltage: 3 x 350 for sinusoidal currents V AC; Output frequency: 0 - 800 Hz; Rated output power: 2 x 1 / 2 x 2 / 2 x 4 kVA; Maximum output power (for 10s): 2 x 2 / 2 x 4 / 2 x 8 kVA; Rated output current: 2 x 1.65 / 2 x 3.3 / 2 x 6.6 A; Maximum output current (for 10s): 2 x 3.3 / 2 x 6.6 / 2 x 13.2 A; Efficiency: > 97 %; Weight: 3 kg; Dimensions: Width (H = 333, D = 255): 55 mm.


is well-known electrical equipment and automation producer in Europe. In the region of Southeastern Europe BARTEC has well-developed structure, including companies: BARTEC VARNOST in Slovenia, Panel Elektro in Turkey, HOBBIT Industrial and BARTEC in Romania, Addtech in Greece, Bright Engineering in Bulgaria. BARTEC motors are appropriate to the specific operating conditions in mining, motors being deployed have to fulfil high demands. Explosion protected three-phase, asynchronous motors designed by BARTEC according to the “flameproof enclosure” type of protection provide optimum preconditions for this kind of application. They are particularly used in mining, gate roads as well as auxiliary ventilated mine openings. BARTEC mining motors are characterized by their high capability at narrow dimensions and light weights; low energy consumption due to high efficiency; mechanical strength even under extreme conditions and consistent cooling due to optimized cooling system.


is well known in European countries Italian manufacturer of speed reducers, fixed speed gearmotors, electrical motors, mechanical speed variators, etc. The global structure of BONFIGLIOLI includes local representative companies in Germany, Australia, Canada, England, France, India, Sweden, etc. In the region of Southeastern Europe the company BONFIGLIOLI has a representative company in Greece - Bonfiglioli Hellas. For the rest of SEE countries BONFIGLIOLI is operating through partner companies - ULMER in Bulgaria, TEHIMPEX in Slovenia, OMEGA ENDUSTRIYEL SISTEMLER in Turkey, S.C.EXSTEEL SRL in Romania, KONCAR MALI ELEKTRICNI STROJEVI in Croatia. Series BCS servo motors are the permanent magnet type and will allow an approx. 400% peak torque over the rated torque. The particular construction guarantees extreme smoothness in operation, even at low speed. Other interesting products from BONFIGLIOLI are the renovated V series servo motors features a brand new speed setting mechanism that optimizes the operation, extending the lifetime of the core parts, and allowing the speed variator to run cooler and smoother than ever before. Also available with the additional helical reduction and in combination with most Bonfiglioli’s gears. Speed Setting - manual through a handwheel and remotely controlled through a servo mechanism. Speed gauging kit c/w display is an option.


is producer of position controllers, position indicators, linear encoders, rotary encoders, etc. In Bulgaria technical equipment of ELGO is offered by ECD company, Bulgaria. The partner company of ELGO in Slovenia is PS Logatec and in Turkey - ANT Muh.San. ve Tyc. The product portfolio of ELGO ELECTRIC includes wide range servo controllers. The company offers overfull range servo drives with synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. The modular design of the servo drives guarantees the most optimal technical solutions.


is global player in wide range of industrial activities. The trade and service structure of the FANUC in the region includes daughter companies - FANUC Bulgaria (from which FANUC supports Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia) and FANUC Servis ve Ticaret in Turkey. FANUC provides high-performance digital AC servo and spindle systems, including an advanced line of linear motors. FANUC servo systems are unique in that all control loops-current, velocity, and position- are closed in the control, said from the company. This approach reduces setup time and delivers significant throughput advantages even in the most challenging applications. Among the servo systems of FANUC are series Alpha and Beta. The high-performance Alpha series are available in a wide range of sizes for use with Fanuc’s CNCs. Serial feedback, smooth operation, and excellent acceleration characteristics are the hallmarks of these motors. High productivity with high quality machining throughout the cutting range is provided by superior construction, and a unique skewed magnet arrangement that delivers high-acceleration to high-speeds and smooth operation and high-torque at low-speeds. Advanced 1-million and 16- million count-per-rev encoders insure smooth acceleration and precise positioning with the security of absolute position feedback. A wide range of motors, ratings and types, are available to fit the toughest applications. The Beta series servo motors are built on the superior technology of the Alpha series servos, but with reduced cost and size, for lower performance applications. The reliability of these servo motors will provide you the production flexibility and quality you are looking for.


is a leading German company, specialized in technical development and production of electrical servo drives. In the region of Southeastern Europe the company has operated with play-mating company: in Bulgaria - Melsicon, in Greece - Mangrinox S.A., in Croatia - NORD-Pogoni d.o.o., in Romania - S.C.MOTRED S.R.L.SIBIU and in Turkey - NORD-REMAS. The NORD’s SK9055 and SK9155 conveyor drive reducers are interesting products from GETRIEBEBAU NORD product range. Designed to be a mounting flange and output shaft drop-in for existing overhead conveyor drives. The NORD conveyor drives, like our standard industrial products, offer heavy-duty construction and precise machine components. By adding a mounting pad, the standard NORD unit becomes an intelligent drop-in product. These drives also incorporate the standard NORD VLIII flange, which features a larger bearing span and a dry cavity. NORD uses the standard gearing and housings for these Conveyor Drives. By doing this, they are able to offer the wide range of ratios, high torque, overhung and thrust load capacities. UNICASE Construction refers to an overall design concept used in all NORD’s products. The critical characteristics to reducer performance are proper alignment of the gear meshes and the bearings. All the main components are contained in a one-piece housing. All bearing bores, pilots, and registers of the housing are machined in one setup. By manufacturing by this method, the accuracy of the housing is based only on the accuracy of the machine that made them. This assures positive bearing and gear alignment. In no case is a bearing bore split axially, even if it is internal to the reducer.

Coupling Input For Flange Mount Motors. NORD supplies reducers with special couplings that eliminate the need for quill-type input with NEMA and IEC frame motors. This allows superior input shaft alignment and smooth torque transfer, reducing incidents of bearing, shaft and key failures. Smaller reducers use a proprietary one-piece coupling. This is a nylon curved tooth gear coupling with a bronze insert. These materials were selected for their ability to accommodate misalignment as well as corrosion protection. The bronze insert eliminates steel-to-steel contact, allowing ease of motor disassembly even after years of service.


is leading Austrian manufacturer, offering overfull range of power electronics and motors in DC, frequency inverter and servo technology designs - gearboxes and geared motors - clutches and brakes. In the Southeast European region the company has a serious market position. For the business activity of the company in Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia are responsible daughter companies, accordingly Lenze Pogonska Tehnika, Lenze Antriebstechnik Pretsavnistvo Skopje and Lenze Antriebstechnik Predstavnista Zagreb. The office in Macedonia covers also Bulgarian market. The trade and technical support for Romanian market is realized per Lenze Antriebstechnik, Austria and for Greece - per the George P. Alexandris company. In Turkey LENZE has been doing business with partner company LSE Elektrik Elektronik Makina, Otomasyon.

New 9400 servo system from LENZE is driven by innovation - new and practical ideas that make it faster to install, faster to get running; driven by flexibility - design modularity, which means you order only the functions & performance you actually need; driven by usability - design features that are user friendly include the software, the keypad and options for remote maintenance and driven by compatibility - the right interfaces, ratings and approvals for worldwide use. The 9400 servo system is part of the Lenze’s L-force portfolio of integrated automation products. Technical specifications: Single and multi-axis models with 32-bit bit high performance; Rated currents 1.5 to 23A in 7 models (104A coming soon); Peak current 6 to 59A (208A coming soon); New L-force Engineer software for easy programming; Safety-in-the-drive option simplifies machine safety systems; All popular fieldbuses supported and option for ETHERNET Powerlink; Approvals for use and support worldwide and Matching motors and geared motors.

Scalability - plug-in memory modules allow the performance and functionality to be tailored to your needs. You choose the fieldbus too, and modular options such as keypads and brakes. Installation Concept - The unique backplane concept saves time in building the panel. All the high voltage connections can be easily made before plugging in the drive. Changing a drive takes only seconds. Safety in the drive - optional plug-in safety modules eliminate external contactors and controls saving on purchase cost and build time. The result is a safety system that meets regulations, performs faster and connects to a safety bus. Communications - choose from a range of popular fieldbus such as PROFIBUS or DEVICENET, or for real-time motion control opt for ETHERENET Powerlink. L-force Engineer - Software for project planning through to diagnostics that is user-friendly and takes you swiftly through each step on the way. Matching motors - synchronous and asynchronous motors with electronic nameplate recognition, also pre-assembled cables are available too.


is global player in the electrical world, presented in SEE region by Akhnaton company in Bulgaria and by company Genel Teknik Sistemler in Turkey. Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of servo and motion system products providing solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchronised 96 axis systems. With both standard pulse type output modules and SSCNET bus modules specific application needs are easy to meet. The super series of servo motors and amplifiers takes Mitsubishi Motion Control to new levels of precision with a wide range of motors (all fitted with a standard 131,072 absolute encoder) and wide amplifier range (up to 55kW), said from the company. All Mitsubishi servo and motion system hardware is complimented by a range of software packages allowing easy programming and set-up of the units from the system. Type K motors (0.16 ~ 2.4Nm) from the MELSERVO family has larger motor inertia moment makes this unit well suited for machines with fluctuating load inertia moment or machines with low rigidity such as conveyors. The motors type M (0.16 ~ 2.4Nm) offers small motor inertia moment makes this unit well suited for high-frequency operation directly connected to ball screw components.


Is Japanese company, leading manufacturer of technologically advanced industrial automation products and supplier of application expertise. In most Southeast European countries does not have own sales offices and operates through a network of distribution partners. These are Gemamex and Simel in Bulgaria; Zomel d.o.o. in Croatia; Nik Sistemi in Macedonia, Mikro Kontrol and ICM Electronics in Serbia&Montenegro; MegaTech in Romania; Miel Electronics in Slovenia*. XtraDrive is a new family servo drives of leading company OMRON. Ratings Servo Drives - 230VAC Single-phase 30 to 800 W and 400VAC Three-phase 0.5 to 3.0kW. Ratings Servo Motors - Motors of Sigma-II Series (230VAC, 0.095 to 2.39 Nm. 400VAC, 0.955 to 18.6 Nm); Motors of SmartStep Series (230VAC, 0.095 to 2.39 Nm ) and Linear Motors (230VAC, 13.5 to 280 N. 400VAC, 80 to 1120 N). Main Features - NCT. Patented non-linear technique for tight control; Very low tracking error with no overshoot and zero settling time; Automatic tuning of servo parameters for optimal settling time; OCA. Oscillation Cancelling Algorithm; Integrated programmable positioner; Ideal drive for linear motors control; Automatic motorrecognition of Sigma-II motors; Analogue control for speed and torque; Pulse train control for positioning; Optional Units for system flexibility and connectivity; Profibus Embedded in the drive available; Oscilloscope available via XtraWare tool and Windows based Configuration and commission in.

Schneider Electric

is a French company, based in Rueil-Malmaison, and specialized mainly in the field of electrical equipment. The global trade organisation of Schneider Electric covers 130 countries spanning all over the world. The allotment of the company’s business is - Europe 54%, North America 21%, Asia and the Pacific 18% and rest of the world 7%. Schneider Electric is one of the global players in the SEE region with the most developed commercial structure and the most serious market position. The trade structure of Schneider Electric in South-East Europe including daughter companies in Greece, Serbia & Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia and many distribution companies in these countries. In 2005 Schneider Electric acquires 100 % of ELAU AG. This makes ELAU a company of Schneider Electric. ELAU has focused on two specialized areas. Firstly, ELAU produces customized drives and controllers for the packaging industry. Secondly, the company offers in-depth applications assistance. The PacDrive family servo drives of the company offers a broad power range. It can handle everything from paper converting to palletizing. Each motor has a smart chip inside, which the drive automatically recognizes at setup. Feedback is absolute and extremely precise, as required for Gen3 functionalities and beyond. Intelligent drives perform all the tasks needed for precise motor control. For maximum efficiency, all motion tasks are build in the controller. This is why ELAU can run so many drives on a single controller.

The digital MC-4 motor controller from ELAU is characterized by its compact and independent structure with wall mounting fixtures as well as state-of-the-art technology. The innovative MC-4 has the power supply unit, the power output stage and the software controller for an axis all in one casing, which saves space. As it communicates with the controllers only via fiber-optic cables, it is also suitable for distributed structures. It requires no user program, processes single- or multi-turn encoders in the standard version and configures itself with the help of the electronic type plate in the motor.

SEW Euro Drive

is among the most popular manufacturers in the field of servo drives in Europe. The product range of the company includes geared and brake motors, drive system for decentralized installation, electronically-controlled drives, industrial gear units, mechanical control drives, etc. The company’s headquarters are in Bruchsal, Germany. SEW Euro Drive has technical offices in Bursa, Ankara and Izmir, and an assembly plant in Istanbul, Turkey. In the rest of the countries from the SEE region SEW Euro Drive has distribution network, including companies Bever-Drive in Bulgaria, PAKMAN-POGONSKA TEHNIKA in Slovenia, Sialco Trading in Romania, DIPAR in Serbia, KOMPEKS in Croatia and Technical Offices in Greece, supported by Christ Boznos&Son company.

Synchronous DS/CM servo motors by SEW Euro Drive are available in flange version or as geared motors. DS/CM motors are distinguished by sinusoidal current imprint; static torque 1 to 47 Nm and rotors with rare-earth magnets. This provides an especially low moment of inertia, high overload capacity and negligible losses. The motors are almost maintenance-free due to reinforced bearings with life-long lubrication; specially treated sealing surfaces of the radial gaskets and maintenance-free resolver as standard actual-value encoder. If required, the motors can be equipped with a mechanical holding or emergency brake. Non-latching manual fans can also be provided (only CM71...112). The MOVIDYN servo inverter and the MOVIDRIVE drive inverter are available for the electronic speed regulation of permanent-field synchronous servo motors with 400 VAC system voltage.


is specialized in the manufacturing of metal processing equipment, industrial hosting equipment, pump and ventilation controls, paper production machines, etc. The company covers wide production range of servo drives, servo motors and servo controllers. The company’s market structure in the SEE region is including play-mate companies in countries from the region. The distribution network of SIEI in Greece includes KAPPA company. The company SIEI EST from Slovenia is responsible for Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia&Montenegro, Croatia and Turkey. The partner companies of SIEI in these countries are Apronecs, SEC Group, Paralaxa, MLC electronic and Elsim Elektroteknik Sistemler.

Series ARTDrive S - XVy from SIEI includes servo drives, from 1.5kW (2Hp) up to 315kW (450Hp) with technical specifications - 3 x 230Vac, 480Vac, 50/60Hz; Motor powers from 1.5kW (2Hp) up to 315kW (450Hp) and IP20 protection degree standard (external heatsink predisposition for IP54 mounting 15kW-20Hp). Other SIEI ‘s interesting product is SBM Series brushless servo motors. The SBM motors range in continuous stall torque capability from 2 to 442 Nm and speeds up to 4000 rpm. Technical data - Rated power supply voltage: 400Vac (230Vac and 460 Vac option); Rated speed: 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 rpm; Continuous stall torque capability: from 2 to 442Nm and Structure: B5 (B3&B5 option). SHJ Series brushless servo motors are other SIEI’s new products. The SHJ motors range in continuous stall torque capability from 0.33 to 3.8 Nm and speeds up to 8000 rpm. Technical data - Rated power supply voltage: 230Vac and 400Vac; Rated speed: 3000, 4000, 4500, 6000 e 8000 rpm; Continuous stall torque capability: from 0.33 to 3.8Nm and Structure: B5 (F75 and F115 option).


is global player in the field on electrical equipment, including electrical servo drives. Company has well-developed commercial structure in all European counties, including own offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Serbia&Montenegro, Slovenia, Turkey, etc. Technical support of Siemens’ equipment in Moldova has been performed with support of Central Support A&D, Headquarter Erlangen Germany. For the technical support of Macedonian market is responsible Siemens Technicher Support, Zentral, Nurnberg.

SIMODRIVE 1FT6 is one of the most attractive products from Siemens servo drive range. The product has highest workpiece surface quality as a result of the smooth running characteristics and short idle times as a result of its high dynamic performance. It can be simply mounted as a result of the low cabling requirements. For use with high-performance machine tools and production machines with high demands placed on the dynamic performance and precision. Technical features: Integrated incremental and absolute encoders for speed and position control; Improved motor smooth running by sinusoidal current principle; Rated speeds from 1200 rpm to 6000 rpm; Zero-speed torques from 1 Nm to 140 Nm and Developed for digital control technology with SIMODRIVE 611 digital and universal.

Note: The information contained herein is based on official data published on companies’ web sites (available before 1st of September 2005). It may contain inaccuracies, uncertainties and assumptions.

* Based on data published in SEEIM, issue 1/2005.