Electrical and Electronics market in Slovenia

Electronics IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2010

Slovenia’s electrical and electronics industry successfully competes in the global market offering a wide range of products. Educated workforce, continuing investment in research and development, intelligence to spot a market niche and a long track-record of staff and managers in the industry, have explain how local companies have been meeting demanding international standards and have won the most discerning buyers.
Innovative spirit and clever technical solutions are the qualities often found in Slovenian workforce. In the sector, there are approximately 34,000 employees in more than 500 companies. Some 5,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate courses for electrical and electronics engineers. The number of students in secondary schools for electrical engineering and computers is 9,000.
A cutting edge of Slovenian workforce is command of foreign languages. International studies rank Slovenians at the European top. 71% of population can communicate in at least one world language with the English and German being most widespread. Nevertheless, language schools are still busy year round and companies encourage staff to brush up on their language skills on a regular basis.

Quality link to regional markets
A central geopolitical position at the cross-roads of trade and transport routes gives Slovenia a cutting edge and accounts for its historical, cultural and economic profile - the key elements of its national economy.
By definition, Slovenia is an export-oriented country, and its electrical and electronics industry is a vital element of the country’s export mix with over 70% of sales earned in foreign markets. The companies held by domestic owners such as Gorenje, Iskraemeco, and Kolektor achieve excellent results in demanding markets under their own brands. The performance of the companies in foreign or mixed ownership as exporters is equally good with Iskratel and BSH Hisni aparati being among the high-fliers.
Over the past few years, the Slovenian electrical and electronics companies have been pro-active in exploiting investment opportunities in the markets of Southeastern Europe where Slovenia is one of the most important foreign investors.
Thanks to its position and decades of fostering economic links with its neighbors, Slovenia is in a pole position to serve the markets in the region. The number of international companies setting up their regional hubs in Slovenia is rising attracted by the expertise of local managers, sales force and field engineers and their in-depth knowledge of the regional markets.

Quality infrastructure
Slovenia lies at the intersection of the 5th and 10th pan-European transport corridors for road and rail transport. Its transport and IT infrastructure is well-branched. The Adriatic port of Koper  is the shortest maritime connection for cargo arriving from Asia to landlocked countries of central Europe through the Suez Canal.
Slovenia’s electrical and electronics industry successfully competes in the global market offering a wide range of products. Design, development and engineering of cutting-edge products in conformity with the leading international standards (ISO 9000, 14000, VDA 6.1 and QS 9000) coupled with continuous improvement of methods and systems throughout the business process, provide a key to a long partnership with renowned buyers of Slovenian products. Operating efficiency is backed by close cooperation with the universities, research institutions, professional associations on the one hand and successful domestic and foreign engineering companies on the other. Slovenian suppliers are best known on the business-to-business market, although there are several household names on the business-to-customer market.
Resilience and ability to cope with challenges demonstrated by the companies such as Gorenje and BSH Hisni aparati (electric household appliances) and Iskratel (telecommunications equipment) and many smaller companies inspire investor confidence. Iskra trade mark is as strong as ever and motivates new entrants and foreign companies. Among major foreign investors BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate, Hella, Siemens, Danfoss and Vogt electronic stand out.

Leading domestic and foreign-owned companies

Bartec Varnost - explosion protected electrical devices
Bartec Varnost was established in 1958. The company is engaged in development and production of explosion protected electrical devices. In 1997 the company became a member of the German holding corporation BARTEC who is now a full owner of the company. Today, together with BARTEC, Bartec Varnost is one of the leading European company in the field of development and production of explosion protected electrical devices. Its main products-activities are electric motors; electro-technology for the mining industry; electro-material and engineering and services.
Company provides products and services to companies in the petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, machinery and equipment manufacturers, and mining industry. All Bartec’s products and activities fulfil the required ATEX directive 94/9/EC standards.

Elrad International -electronic devices
ELRAD International d.o.o. was founded in 1996 with main activity development and production of electronic devices. The company employs a little over 300 workers. Its exports to the EU markets represent 63% of the sales. Through its operations, company established business relations with partners in Slovenia and abroad.
For its customers Elrad develops and manufactures electronic assemblies for end-products encompassing kitchen appliances, electric tools, household appliances, automotive industry and other product groups.
ELRAD International has also been sucvcessful in expanding its operations abroad.
Two daughter companies operate within the mother company framework - ELRAD Serbia d.o.o. (founded in 2004) and ELRAD ShenZhen Co., Ltd. China (founded in 2005). Together with its development partners - SL Elektronik Mechanik GmbH, MDL Modulus digitales lavado SA and HFB Elektronik GmbH - company develops and manufactures electronics in accordance with the expectations and demands of its customers. The company’s closest cooperation is with its external representative office R. Faude Consulting GmbH in Germany, especially in the fields of consulting and customer technical support.

Eti Elektroelement -fuses, circuit-breakers, surge switches
Since the year 1950 till now, ETI has grown into a world’s leading provider of products and services in the field of electrical installations, and into an important manufacturer of technical ceramic products, tools and equipment, and plastic and technical rubber products. A substantial element in the company’s growth strategy are its subsidiaries in Slovenia and abroad, and close cooperation with selected strategic partners. ETI employs today more than 1600 people, and its products are sold in more than 60 countries all over the world. The company is investing a lot into research and development and innovative activities. It is one of the first Slovenian enterprises which have acquired the quality certificate ISO 9001 and environment management certificate ISO 14001. The quality of products and services is constantly aimed at achieving customers’ satisfaction and corresponding business excellence.
ETI provides high-quality and integral solutions for protection of electrical installations in buildings. Company supplies all kinds of type D, D0 and C fuse-links, as well as MCB’s and various types of residual current protection switches from ASTI group. In its sales program are also included various types of switches and supervision and control devices of EVE group.
In its industrial portfolio ETI offers high-quality protection of installations and devices ensured by wide selection of fuse-links and circuit breakers. Particularly important is the wide range of NV/NH fuse-links and switchgear combinations, i.e. fuse blocks and switch disconnectors. The manufacturer also offers MCB’s and power circuit breakers ETIBREAK, ETICON contactors, plug-in outfit and line-up terminals SPOJ and overvoltage protection devices ETITEC.

Gorenje -domestic appliances
Gorenje’s main activities are manufacture, sales, maintenance and repair of electric and non - electric domestic appliances and electro - thermic appliances separeted into three groups: Cooling program (refrigerators, feezers and cooling equipment), Wet and Dry program (washing and drying machines) and Cooking program (electric cookers, gas cookers and ovens).
The company was established in 1950 in a tiny village that bears the same name. Initially the company was involved in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and the provision of building materials. In 1958 it expanded its operations to the production of solid-fuel cookers. This was followed by a relocation to the nearby town of Velenje and the construction of new assembly facilities. Between 1961 - 1970 the company expands its production to washing machines and refrigerators and becomes the leading household appliances manufacturer in Yugoslavia.
Later its product range extends to the manufacture of kitchen units, ceramics, medical equipment, telecommunications devices, TV sets and other electrical goods - indeed a complete range of products for the home.
In 1997 Gorenje, d.d., becomes a public company and started investment in new products and technology: opening up of new markets, ecologically-sound and cutting - edge technologies. As to its strategic plans Gorenje has infused new life into its business doctrine familiarly known as: "Everything for Home".
Nowadays Gorenje has a wide spread net of companies and of offices in 32 countries worldwide.

Hella Saturnus - vehicle lighting electronics
The automotive parts supplier Hella develops and manufactures components and systems for lighting technology and electronics for the automotive industry. In addition, joint venture companies also produce complete vehicle modules, air conditioning systems and vehicle electric systems. Hella has one of the largest aftermarket organizations in the world for automotive parts and accessories, with its own sales companies and partners in more than 100 countries. The consolidated turnover of the Hella Group is around 3.9 billion Euro. Hella is one of the top 50 automotive parts suppliers in the world and one of the 100 largest industrial companies in Germany. More than 25,000 people work in 70 manufacturing facilities, production subsidiaries and joint ventures all over the world. More than 3,500 engineers and technicians work in research and development throughout the company group. Customers include all leading vehicle and system manufacturers, as well as the automotive parts aftermarket.
The Hella range of electric products is particularly wide: from A for "acoustic signal unit" to W for "wiper pump". The market cover of these ranges is very convincing: e.g. 97% for starters and alternators (for European and Japanese vehicles) or 90% for relays, regulators and ignition modules.
The portfolio of this global company includes lighting, electrics, electronics, thermo management and diagnosis. The key to its success lies in technological know-how.
Therefore the transfer of its expertise to new sectors is a logical step. Over the past few years Hella has continuously worked on its development potential and possible positioning in the non automotive market. The company is now ready to enter a new era with its in-house know-how and innovative products.

Hidria AET -electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehiclese
Hidria AET is part of global Slovenian corporation Hidria. Hidria AET company’s main activites are planning, development, production and sale of: systems for cold start of diesel engines; electronics to support ignition systems; hybrides and electonic flywheel magnetos; ceramics components for automotive program; tools and devices.
The company is supplier of two industrial branches: automotive industry - 85% and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) - 15%.
The company exports most of its products. About 90 % of the products is exported to 40 states all over the world, most of it to the markets of European Union (85 %, including Slovenia) and 80 % of it to the most demanding markets of western European markets. The eastern markets of the Union are also gaining their importance.Today the AET trademark, oriented to the global market, has been known in 38 countries worldwide and established on the French, the Italian, the British, the Austrian, the German and the American markets.
The products of three product lines: Diesel Program, Flywheel Magneto and Technical Ceramics have also been known on the markets of the former Yugoslavia, in the Czech Republic, Finland, Turkey, Lithuania, Iran and Algeria. With its products from the Diesel product line, precisely with the cooling liquid heating plugs, AET covers as much as 95% of needs of the whole French market, hence of Peugeot, Citroen and Renault car manufacturers. Besides, Ford corporation covers 100% of its needs for the above plugs by purchasing AET made plugs through Visteon.

Hidria Rotomatika -electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles
Hidria Rotomatika has been engaged in the development, production and marketing of four basic programs: aluminium components, special electric motors, fans and external rotor motors, laminations, rotors and fine blanked parts. Its main production site and its headquarter is located in Spodnja Idrija. A part of Lamination Production is located in Jesenice and Kranj and a part of Aluminium Components Production is located in Koper. All programs of the group share the Hidria trademark that the purchasers of electric motors, fans and components view as a symbol of reliability and good quality.
Hidria Rotomatika’s business unit motors has been engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of electric motors for numerous industrial devices and systems. The design and the development of motors use modern computer-aided systems allowing for simulations that shorten the development periods significantly. The modernly equipped electric laboratory is, however, indispensable for analyses and checking of electric characteristics.
The key applications of Hidria built-in electric motors are: hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors, pumps and oil-burners belonging to the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating Division. A considerable share of electric motors is used for special equipment, e.g. medical and laboratory equipment, paper cutters, concrete mixers, plate cutters and grinding machines. Different models of electric motors are of different design, their output power ranging from 40W to 38 kW.

Hyla - vacuum cleaners
HYLA is founded in 1991 in Ljubljana. Two years later company signed its first contact with the German entrepreneurs and experts in networking marketing, Wilfried Metzger and his Partner. They join the team as partners and begin to set-up a worldwide sales and marketing system. Later HYLA was divided into two divisions, Development & Production, managed by the Managing Directors Doro Erjavec and Janez Pogacar, and Marketing & Sales, managed by the Managing Directors, Wilfried Metzger and Partner. HYLA Trade d.o.o. is founded for the division Marketing & Sales.
In 1997 Hyla has a new production factory in Ljubljana and sales partners in 15 countries. In 1999 HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG was founded and constructions for the HYLA Sales Headquarters are started. Due to constantly increasing sales figures, another piece of land in Ljubljana/Slovenia is purchased to expand production facilities. HYLA gets ISO 9001 Certificate. In the meantime, HYLA is successfully represented in more than 30 countries.
A milestone in HYLA history is set by the construction and official opening of the new HYLA Production "HYLA II".

Iskra Avtoelektrika - automotive devices
Iskra Avtoelektrika was established in the 1960 when production of first automotive electric parts started. This was followed by a period of rapid growth caused by the fast increasing needs of the domestic automotive industry and by the company’s simultaneous entry into foreign markets. The rapid growth in production and sales was accompanied by development of other activities. From an initially small range of automotive electric products, a wide product range has been designed to cover the customers’ needs in the fields of alternators and starter motors.
Through development of DC motor drives Iskra Avtoelektrika has entered a completely new market segment, the production of electric motors and controllers covering the needs of the material handling equipment producers. Its technological knowledge enables to introduce to the market various components produced on the basis of selected technologies, tools, and special equipment.

Iskra Kondenzatorji - foil capacitors, filters
Iskra Kondenzatorji, d.d. specializes in marketing, development and production of electronics capacitors, components for radio-interference suppression, power capacitors and devices, metallized foils, tools and equipment. The market orientation of the company is dedicated to establishing and maintaining close contacts with business partners. In addition to standardized products and services, Iskra Kondenzatorji d.d. prides itself on its ability to adapt to the customer’s technical (electrical and mechanical) parameters and specific requirements (Custom Design), continually striving to bring its products in line with the European and international standards. Quality of products is the guiding principle of Iskra Kondenzatorji. Its products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

Iskra Mehanizmi - electric domestic appliances
Iskra Mehanizmi d.d. , from Lipnica near Kropa is a supplier company with 50 years of tradition in the fields of automotive industry, mechatronics, counter technology and electric appliances. Company also has experience in other technologies, which are part of its production processes: resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, laser welding, tampoprint and laser print.
Iskra Mehanizmi’s production facilities are equipped with modern machines and working equipment that ensure the highest quality standards. Company is a manufacturer of electromechanical hour meters and pulse counters. Hour meters show run time of machines, equipment and other devices for testing, maintenance or warranty purposes, while pulse counters are used to keep record of repetitive operations.

Iskratel - telecommunication equipment
Iskratel is one of the top-ranking providers of state-of-the-art communications solutions, with more than 50 years of experience in the world of telecommunications. It develops telecommunications solutions for rural and suburban areas and provide complete solutions for the communications requirements of the information society.
In addition to products for access networks, Iskratel develops products for fixed networks. Great emphasis is placed on upgrading mobile GSM networks with GPRS and UMTS technologies. It is taking part in the intense process of network convergence by developing new products from the field of data/IP networks, where our main aim is to guarantee a secure, evolutionary upgrade of our customers’ existing networks. The company is building a network of representative offices, affiliated and partner companies in the markets in Europe, the CIS, and in the Near and Far East.

ITW Metalflex - components for household appliances
ITW Metalflex is a private company owned by American multinational corporation ITW Appliance Group. The main activity of ITW Metalflex is production of components for household appliances, supplying a large range of products to important producers of white goods in Europe and worldwide. High quality level of products is based on over 40 years of experience in research and design, continuous adjusting to new requirements of the market places. Production of its products starts with the production of semi-products from raw materials. Almost all of them are provided by sub-suppliers; only the most complex and crucial ones are made in ITW Metalflex. The long term strategy of ITW Metalflex is to concentrate on the assembling and inspection processes. ITW Metalflex plans to remain one of the leading manufactures of components for white goods with bigger market share and stable position on the market.

Kolektor Liv - commutators for electrical motors
Trust Kolektor is a global company boasting widely spread net of companies and subsidiaries in Europe, USA, and in Asia. The core of its operation comprises fields of development, production, and marketing of commutators.
Beside the field of commutator production, its program extends to electronics, soft ferrites, wound and plastic components. Acquired know-how, experiences of employees, and existing equipment are elements on which Kolektor Liv bases the development of products for future. In spite of its wide production program the company acts as a tightly interconnected entity with unique development, technology and programs. Companies of the Group are of vital importance for they contribute to successful operation of the entire Group thus target our long-term goals.
The production program of Kolektor Liv includes: commutators and slip rings; ferrites and wounds; electronics; duroplasts and termoplasts; mechatronics.

Ydria Motors -electric motors
The company Ydria Motors d.o.o. produces small electrical motors and fans and is one of the leading players in the industry of motors for home appliances in Europe and in the world in terms of quality, quantity and flexibility.
The company was first located in the vicinity of the 500 years old town Idrija, known as one of the largest mercury mine in the world and famous for the Idrija lace. It developed from the former plant of Iskra from Zelezniki, which later became Iskra Rotomatika, then Rotomatika, part of which finally became Ydria Motors. Due to problems with space, the company decided in 2002 to find a more suitable location and moved to Podskrajnik, the Municipality of Cerknica.
The company is wholly owned by the company EBM-PAPST from Landshut with a wide spread sales network all over the world. Ydria Motors d.o.o. exports as much as 95% of its production and only 5% is sold on the domestic market. In 2006 it established a new international logistics centre which is in charge of accepting materials and dispatching equipment from the parent company in Landshut and Mulfingen and distributing products directly to end buyers. It is also a system supplier of electrical motors and fans for key large customers - producers of top-class home appliances such as Miele, Bosch-Siemens, Gorenje, AEG and Electrolux.
The company manufactures more than one thousand different end products, differing in terms of appearance and integration options (drying and washing machines, refrigerators, fan and microwave ovens, independent fans).

Source: JAPTI - Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments, listed companies web-sites.

Number of companies: 539
Number of employees: 34,231
Revenues (in EUR): 4 billion
Exports (in EUR): 2.8 billion
Key export markets: Austria, Croatia,
Denmark, France, Germany, Italy,
Russian Federation, UK
Key products:
 • Electro motors and machines
 • Household appliances
 • Telecommunication equipment
 • Electronic measuring systems
 • Medical and optical equipment
 • Power distribution facilities
 • Electrical components
 • Electronic manufacturing services