Electrical and electronic components industry in Slovenia

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Electrical and electronic components industry in Slovenia

The Slovenian electrical and electronics sector is the workplace to nearly 28,000 people in over 600 corporation, states data acquired by the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (AJPES). Close to 2,100 students participate in collegian courses for electrical and electronics engineers, whereas the number of students in secondary schools for electrical engineering and computers is around 2,900.

The report on the electrical and electronic components business conducted by AJPES outlines the strong export performance of the sector - a total of 76 percent of the revenues earned in foreign markets dented by volatility in economic performance of its trade partners. A number of the native Slovenian companies within the sectors such as Gorenje, Kolektor, Iskra, Hidria, Elektroncek, and many others, displayed great resilience of their brands even throughout the Financial crisis of 2007-09, and the companies in foreign or mixed ownership followed suit. The household appliance maker Gorenje Group has also held its position as the second biggest Slovenian exporter in 2014.

Electrical and electronic equipment for the automotive industry, commutators for electrical motors, vehicle lighting, thermal management, electronic components for household appliances, explosion-protected electrical devices and wireless designs are all among the products developed and manufactured most in Slovenia.

The Slovenian electrical and electronics companies have a robust presence in Europe’s east and southeast markets because of substantial outward investments. In addition, there is an ever-increasing number of international companies with regional head offices in Slovenia, attracted by the easy access to quality staff, supplier chains, research institutes and a variety of supports to foreign investors and export-oriented firms.

As a big advantage for foreign investors situated in Slovenia AJPES points out the ability to compete in the global market more efficiently. According to the agency’s research, the products manufactured in the country are in conformity with the specifications and criteria to be applied consistently in the classification of materials, the manufacture of products and the provision of services leading international standards and EU directives.

Operating efficiency is backed by close cooperation with the universities, research institutions, and professional associations. Slovenian suppliers are well known both on the business-to-business and on the business-to-customer markets.

The capabilities of Slovenia’s leading manufacturers to design, verify, test and produce sophisticated electrical and electronic components, sub-assemblies and equipment continue to inspire investor confidence in an environment fine-tuned to delivering products, services and information supported by innovation and research.

Slovenian innovators often return with medals from international trade fairs for ideas, inventions and new products and as long as the Slovenian knowledge-based companies prosper, they will drive the country’s economy.

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