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IndustrySouth-East European INDUSTRIAL Мarket - issue 1/2007

Even in the SEE region most of the biggest producers of Electric, Water and Gas Meters from all over the world are presented, there is also local production - more or less developed in the different countries. There are producers with long tradition and strong positions not only locally. We present just some of the manufacturers from several countries from South-Eastern Europe and few products in the field of Electric, Water, Gas Meters.


Among the most popular manufacturers of Electric, Water, Gas Meters in Turkey are: FEDERAL ELEKTRIK, ENTES, EAS (Electronic Advanced Systems) Electronics Industry and Trade Inc. (see product review). Also, among the market players are ELECTROMED, producer of domestic and industrial electric, water, gas meters, AMR systems, etc.; Baylan Water Meters Co. with wide product range of versatile water meters with various diameters and flowrates, wet/dry, single/multi jet types; Oz-Kar Energy (Part of Oz-Kar Group), producer of electronic single- and three-phase electricity meters under the trade mark Odessa; Pavo Co., producer of pre-paid Water Meters with smart card reader; Makel Group, producer of electronic and mechanical single- and three phase electricity meters; Teksan – producer of wide range of different types water meters, including tropical and prepayment meters; and many others.


The production of Electric, Water, Gas Meters in Romania is presented by several manufacturers, most of them with long history, back in socialistic times. For example the start of ELECTROMAGNETICA, based in Bucharest, is beyond as it was founded in 1930. Nowadays it produces wide scope of products in different sectors, one of that is electric power distribution and measurement equipment with 20.5% of the overall production. Other interesting producer of Electric, Water, Gas Meters is AEM Timisoara. It was set up in 1970 as a manufacturer of electric energy meters, single phase and three phase and measuring instruments. Currently AEM manufactures electric energy meters, gas meters, water meters, heat energy meters, lighting luminaires, measuring instruments, electrotechnical and electronic instruments. After its privatization in 1998, AEM became a member of Luxten Lighting Company Group.

We should also pay attention to the private company established in 1991 ACK srl., producer of gas, steam and thermal power (water) meters with flow transducer of different types – orifice plates, ultrasound electromagnetic turbines with rotating pistons, among the impressively rich measurement product program. Important Romanian producer of Electricity Meters, Water Meters and Gas Meters is also Electro Exim srl, Romania.


In addition to the parent company in Kranj, Slovenia, Iskraemeco Group has further nine production and seven trade companies. Founded in 1945, nowadays it is presented in more than 100 countries worldwide. It produces wide range of residential, industry and electric utilities electric meters, data loggers, AMR systems, equipment for testing and production, etc.

Other Slovenian company, specialized in the production of electricity meters is Elektro-Mer d.o.o., and in the manufacturing of water meters - Jordan d.o.o.


Company Termotehna Co., based in Cacak, Serbia, is one of the most popular Serbian producers of thermo elements and digital electricity meters: single and three phase, and MTK receivers.

Elektro Elit d.o.o is a producer and service of electric meters and component, selling also other producers products. We should also mention EI PROFESSIONAL ELECTRONICS (EI PE) – founded in 1966 manufacturer of measuring, metering and regulation equipment, control and automatization equipment for use in industry and transportation.


Sofia based Multiprocessor Systems (MPS) Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturer of electronic energy meters and integrated systems for remote data collection. It was founded in 1990 currently it is operating successfully in providing outsourcing services and designing and manufacturing of embedded systems.

Very popular in Bulgaria producer of water meters is BELASSITSA AD company. Located in the town of Petritch, close to the border with Greece and Macedonia, it manufactures water meters for the household and industrial needs; also electrical actuating mechanisms; servomotors; DC electromagnets and starter relays.

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