EBRD promotes innovation at the Macedonian drawn-wire and metal manufacturer Brako

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EBRD promotes innovation at the Macedonian drawn-wire and metal manufacturer Brako

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is promoting innovation and supporting energy potency enhancements at Brako, a number one Macedonian engineering and metal process company. Brako is based in Veles and over the past decade has been investing in the development of a new product range that includes high value-added metal products, for example health mobility systems, metal accessories, conveyor belt systems, hydro power plants equipment and telecommunication equipment.

The company will receive a loan of up to EUR 2 million, which will enable it to invest in new energy-efficient instrumentation for drawn wire production and to acquire metal processing instrumentation, which in turn will enhance production efficiency and quality for the other metal engineered products as well. The Bank’s investment will support the growth of the higher value-added and export oriented products the company manufactures.

"We’re pleased to support Brako, one of the leading drawn-wire and metal manufacturers in the Western Balkans. Using the most innovative tools available in the market in an energy-efficient way is an important component for a competitive and successful business. We’re certain that this financing will help Brako to further strengthen its product portfolio and exports," explained Anca Ioana Ionescu, EBRD Associate Director and Head of Skopje office.

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